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If you’re like me, you probably always have a growing list of stuff that needs to be done that’s not particularly urgent, but you can never really seem to find time to get around to. I tend to operate in a state of disorganized chaos anyway, so I’m perpetually behind that way pretty constantly. It’s always nagging at me, and it can really be kinda draining and soul-sucking as time goes on and things are still waiting to be done.

Well, if you’re a lot or a little like me in that regard – have I got some great news for you!

My very good friend Marian Gurowicz is holding her second annual Freedom Day event on Wednesday, June 24th. This event is organized specifically to help people get those energy-draining tasks done, and it sounds like it’s gonna be great and a whole lot of fun! Some other friends of mine participated in Freedom Day last year and nothing but terrific things to say about it.

The Freedom Day event will run all day on Wednesday starting at 8:30am Eastern. You’ll be able to get that problematic stuff that’s been bugging you done, with other participants cheering you on and helping you stay motivated. There will be frequent brief group calls and conferences and check-ins throughout the day to help you keep going!

There will also be loads of prizes given away from various sponsors (including some prizes from my Commission Scoop and Win 10 With Lynn programs). It appears that Marian’s still in the process of updating this year’s prize list, but no doubt there will be bunches of cool prizes just like there were last year.

In addition and new for Freedom Day this year, my other half Brian Cullen will be on hand as the live DJ for the event, spinning tunes to work to and taking requests. If you’ve ever been around for any of Brian’s random shows, you know he’s pretty fun to listen to.

You can still sign up for Freedom Day (and I would assume you can up until when the event starts). So head on over to the special site Marian has set up for the Freedom Day event and get registered – and then look forward to getting organized and caught up this week, and having a whole lot of fun while doing it! I’m participating this year myself & highly encourage you to join us.

Read more about Freedom Day HERE – and go register today!

So, here’s some news – Eric Goettman’s done it again!

Today Eric’s launched PayItKOREward, which is a brand new affiliate program designed to help build your online business – especially your Kore4/CTP business – with all the best and most essential tools.

It’s kinda like putting your Kore4 and ClickTrackProfit efforts on steroids, so to speak, and I think it’s going to become a very valuable resource that way.

PayItKOREward also comes complete with training on how to use essential tools that you may already have or have seen, but may not be using correctly.

I always say a person in this business can never get enough or too much training, so more training is a really big plus as far as I’m concerned!

You can join PayItKOREward at zero cost and still enjoy a whopping 50% commissions – or, with the (very inexpensive) upgrade, you get the same 50% commissions plus NO minimum cashout threshold, and some other perks.

All in all, PayItKOREward looks to become another super valuable tool in my toolbox, and since it’s another Eric Goettman product, you know it’s going to be top quality and just fantastic!

Check out PayItKOREward right now, it’s really cool! And it’s from Eric, and you just can’t go wrong with Eric. :-)

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