So you probably noticed something extra creeped into Eric Goettman’s program Traffic Exchange Brand this week, if you’ve been surfing or reading Twitter the last couple of days:

MascotWars June4 614

Yep indeed, the Mascot Wars are on! (I took that screenshot Wednesday night right after Petey, the brand new mascot at my brand new program Commission Scoop, was added and it’s no longer relevant as Mister Face is back sitting in the top spot again, but anyway.)

I had been sort of instigating this kinda thing ever since Dr. John and Leo returned to TE Land. Here’s a dramatic interpretation (i.e., nowhere near verbatim, but more or less correct mostly) of a fairly recent conversation I had with Sunny Suggs:

Me: “So, Dr. John and Leo have new XP prize pages and they are super cool and cute and hilarious!”

Sunny: “Oh really?”

Me: “Yeah. You better tell Mister Face he better step it up with his XP prize pages. Leo’s making him look bad.”

Sunny: “Who do you think gave Leo that XP prize page code?? MISTER FACE!!!”

(Again, a dramatic interpretation, but you get the drift.)

And that wasn’t the only time in the past few months I’ve meddled in mascot affairs and tried to stir up a mascot insurgence. So needless to say, I was just tickled pink when Traffic Exchange Brand’s Mascot Wars went live!

And lately Mister Face has also been talking a bit of trash about his new partner, Zedgar, on Twitter:

Anyhow, the other day, apparently Sunny told Eric about the Mister Face vs. Leo thing and all that stuff and such… and, Eric being the brilliant genius he is – well, the next thing you know, Mascot Wars was born!

Besides Petey, Mister Face, and Leo, all the usual mascots are thereMelvin, Buck, Tez, Henry, Flipper, Milo, and many more. There’s also Zedgar (who’s even younger than Petey, by a week) and Doodles, who may not yet be as familiar as some yet but you should be starting to see all over the place lately.

Petey will only be a month old this coming Monday but he’s holding his own with all these veteran mascots. He could, however, use all the votes he could get, so feel free to help him out (he says he wants to be even MORE famous than Mister Face, but I don’t think that’s really possible… don’t tell him, though).

So, is there a lesson here? Of course there is!

You already know if you have a business, you need a good logo (and preferably one from a good designer) – y’all have all heard that umpteen million times by now. But it also doesn’t hurt to have a cute and/or funny and/or memorable mascot too!

Branding is key in this business, and having a good logo AND a cool mascot (or a combination of both) is like DOUBLE coverage in the branding department!

Anyway, head over to Traffic Exchange Brand daily to check out the status of the Mascot Wars! (Not only is it fun to watch and vote, but you’ll also get brander credits daily for logging in.)

Happy Friday, everyone! :-)