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So the marketing genius wizard that is Eric Goettman just launched something new today – and you likely already know that’s always, always a great thing!

I don’t know where this guy got his superpowers or what magical miracle vitamins he takes, but you know pretty much everything Eric releases is just plain magic and top quality stuff that lasts.

List Grab is Eric’s latest venture. It’s a new and super rewarding viral list builder, and you are definitely gonna want to check it out:

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The more you use the system, the greater the rewards you’ll receive – and the more signups, sales, and leads you’ll be able to grab.

One of the coolest things about Eric’s new system is the Bonus Grab. With the Bonus Grab, you can win stuff like:

  • Loads of free advertising
  • Heaps of mailer credits
  • Real cash rewards (yep, you read that part right…)

You’ll also get some great bonus advertising and a cash bonus when you sign up. What’s not to love about all of that?

(As usual, upgraded members get more and really giant benefits, so be sure to watch for the offer when you log in after joining to grab yourself a really big discount on your membership. Don’t skip it and miss out!)

OK, that’s all the news I’ve got for today, so stop reading this and go check out Eric’s cool and awesome List Grab right now – you’ll be happy you did!

Fair is Fair – Period.

This has been on my mind all week, and for a variety of reasons I decided to post these thoughts here instead of taking up space with it on the Lucky 13 blog… mainly since this is my own personal view of something that happened (although I can’t say most of the team doesn’t agree).

As most probably know, I stepped down as team leader of the Lucky 13 team at CTP Teams this past week after having been leader since the first of the year, passing the torch on to another original Lucky 13 member, Boris Petricevic. The only other leader there’s been of the Lucky 13 is Tom Wacker, the creator and original leader of the Lucky 13, one of the finest persons I know (and now on our Lucky 13 Too team led by Winter Perkins).

I made my decision in early September to step down after the season ended the first week of October and after the season prize was sorted out, because I needed to devote more time to Sound Surf Live and other things, and being a CTP Teams leader can get pretty time-consuming.

And then TimTech decided to add post-season playoffs to Season 3, and the prizes weren’t going to be distributed ’til after the playoffs, so I stayed on as leader a little longer. (In retrospect now, I guess I wish I had gone ahead and made the switch with Boris pre-playoffs.)

Let me tell you something important about the Lucky 13, and something all Lucky 13 members know and are made aware of and is made clear from the start – every member of the team is considered equal, and we share all winnings equally.

It’s been that way since Day One that the Lucky 13 and CTP Teams began. No one member is more important or more valuable than another, and, again, everything is always shared equally.

Many have already heard what happened so this won’t be anything but old news to some.

There is a now-former and apparently disgruntled Lucky 13 member who felt that the team policy that has been effect since Day One of all winnings shared equally be set aside and ignored for them.

This person spent a large amount of money in order to ensure that Lucky 13 went to the finals, but without consulting anyone on the team beforehand – not me the leader, nor anyone else – before spending that money.

Then, when the semifinals were over, this person requested they be given $400 of the $500 prize since they spent that money (but again, without consulting anyone on the team or telling anyone on the team that they were considering spending that kind of money),

In short, after the fact and after the money had already been spent, this person expected us to put the team policy that always has been in place of equally shared winnings aside.

I’m sorry. If they’d asked me or anyone else on the team BEFORE making such a large investment, perhaps we’d have agreed and said sure. Perhaps (and most likely) we would have said no, this is just a game, it’s not that important.

But they never asked beforehand, and no amount of explaining over and over that just because they chose to spend an exorbitant amount of cash, without consulting ANYONE else on the team, to help get us in the finals… that choice this one person made, on their own and alone, does NOT change the team policy of equally shared winnings. Especially when no one else was asked or consulted beforehand.

And it’s also a slap in the face to everyone else on our team, many of whom worked awfully hard themselves from the beginning of that unbearably long season. Maybe it wasn’t up to that one person’s standards, but certainly a lot of folks put in a lot of long hours and hard work (and many of them their own money for various things, without ever demanding to be “reimbursed”).

Come on, $500 split between 25 people is only $20, and the demand was to remove 4/5th of that prize for one person that made a choice by themselves without consulting anyone else? No.

In any case, no amount of explaining what the team’s policy of equally shared winnings had always been and that one person’s choice they made on their own by themselves doesn’t change the team policy helped.

(I offered to have the team vote on the situation as well, but it was pretty clear to me immediately how the vote was going to go, and pretty much everyone that responded said this person should have asked first or told someone what they were thinking of doing.)

I was actually going to give this person the portion of the playoffs prize that would have otherwise gone to two team members that had been inactive for months – so they would have at least gotten $60 back, plus their $12.50 share of the season prize – but this person quit the team before the finals started.

And in the very end, after the playoffs were over, this person refused to give me their PayPal address and therefore refused any of their share of the season and playoffs prize. They could have at least gotten some money back of what they spent, but chose not to.

Lucky 13 may not have always been the most successful teams in CTP Teams, but we do well enough and have remained one of the top teams from the start because we are a team of team players and excellent action takers.

Our kind of team playing and action taking may not suit others, and especially those who are not really team players and choose to make all decisions and strategies on their own – but we play fair and we play honest, and all our members are treated equally as are any winnings shared the same.

And I can personally sleep at night knowing I stuck to the team policy that has always been part of Lucky 13 from Day One the teams began, and didn’t try to screw the rest of the team members out of their fair share of winnings as has always been Lucky 13 team policy.

The former member in question has gone on to another team, and I wish them all well. I can only hope that whatever their team policy is and team expectations are (and certainly their policies could be completely different from Lucky 13’s), that it has all been clearly outlined to this person from the start so as to avoid a similar nasty surprise (and which quite frankly shocked, disappointed, and saddened us all) later on.

In any case, wishing all the teams playing in Season 4 the best – and a good rest of your weekend to you all.


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