So we are having our biggest sale of the year at Sound Surf Live this week, in conjunction with our big brother site TE Racing League and another of our partner sites, Downline Kreator, for Black Friday festivities.

The sale started at 12:01am today and will last until the end of the evening on Cyber Monday, so that’s five days’ worth of deals with a new deal every hour.

Bookmark the Deals page to stay on top of what’s on sale each hour (you’ll also find banners for the Deals in the Member Areas at SSL & TERL):

==> (click here for our Black Friday Super Sale Deals)

Now, let me share an important bit of info here…

Some of the deals there will be this week for Sound Surf Live are VERY rare, so to speak. A few of them are likely to never be offered again… or at least not for a very, VERY long time.

(This may be true of the other sites too, but I can guarantee you won’t see some of the SSL deals again for a while.)

All of our Black Friday deals should show up multiple times while the sale is on, so if you miss one you wanted early on, don’t worry ‘cos it should show up again (and possibly several times). But don’t wait too long!!

I’d also recommend considering some of the deals offered on Audio Ads at Sound Surf Live when they come up. If the concept of Audio Ads confuses you, stay tuned ‘cos I’m planning an informative post here about Audio Ads @SSL on Friday or Saturday that should explain it all.

Anyway, there ya go, there’s my big news for the week… the Deals page is out there in the wild so you’ll find it surfing many places as well!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S., and happy Thursday to all!