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Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably are quite aware that ClickTrackProfit kicked off yet another of their famous badge hunts on Monday – this time being the Bigfoot Badge Hunt.

That said, everything in TE Land is pretty much wild and crazy, as usually goes with such badge hunts, and nobody’s getting any sleep this week much, inluding myself.

I haven’t even been able to do all that much badge hunting myself as yet – and I’ve usually done a majority of it by now, but not this time. I’ve been here all morning trying to re-remind myself what day it is (or what day it is not) and don’t really have a clue what I’ve done or not done in the past 24 hours, ‘cos I’ve been so busy with other stuff that mostly doesn’t even have much to do with the badge hunt!

And on top of all the other four million things going on all across the TE community this past week, my dear friend (and one of the sweetest people I know) and Lucky 13 teammate Elina Balashova, along with her partner/slash/surf slave Pat vd Toorn, launched Sunshine Surf Club in the middle of the night last night.

Now TE Land’s undisputed surf queen and badge queen has her very own traffic exchange! And I ask you this – who better than a super-active surfer and active affiliate knows better what surfers and advertisers want, and what they need? How great is that?

There are several things very much still under construction right at the moment so please excuse any construction “dust” at present, but Sunshine Surf Club is indeed open for business and it’s already rocking like crazy – especially since it’s the CTP Teams Daily Challenge today.

Sunshine Surf Club is also one of the several options on my CTP Bigfoot Badge Hunt badges #127 or #128, if you join and upgrade through my referral link. AND I’m giving away CTP XP if you join and/or upgrade (5000 XP for upgrading or 1000 XP if you join as a free member. (Please contact me with your CTP username if you join and want your XP.)

So there’s that. I have had another blog post in my head that’s been trying to get out for weeks, maybe I’ll get back here sooner than later this time.

In any case, happy hunting if you’re Bigfoot badge hunting this week, and good luck with the hunt!

(Oh, and P.S. … I heard a rumor that maybe Bigfoot might show himself and make an appearance at Russell Stockley’s Cuppa Time game tonight, so you might wanna be there! It’s at 8pm ET.)

So hiya, hey there, and hola and all that. I wish I had something extraordinarily earth-shaking to post about this week, but I got nothing, as they say, really.

I think I am still experiencing the after-effects of an extended CTP is 3 badge-hunting hangover – that last day of the hunt just about killed me. I wound up with 170 badges out of 203, and by my calculations probably could have made it to somewhere between 190 and 196 if I had really gone for it.

I started out the first week thinking I’d try to go for the win, then decided I wasn’t gonna fool with any of the lengthy/difficult badges the second week, and then the third week decided I’d try to keep going for it again – too late in the game, though. Ah well, I wouldn’t have passed the grand prize winner even if I had stuck with it the whole three weeks tho (congrats Elina!).

And I am living in an iceberg this week, apparently. My little part of the South which rarely sees much snow in the winter got slammed with 4-5 inches of solid ice this week, then topped with about an inch or so of snow. Since we rarely get such things, the community’s mostly still paralyzed except for the main roads.

I owe Janelle Pineau a t-shirt, and have been a slug about getting it to the post office to ship to Canada, but it definitely is not going to make it through our little river of ice and slush this week. Maybe this weekend!

And my back door is stuck, which has ticked off my dogs immensely as they can’t understand why they have to squeeze through it to get in and out of the house. Everything should have melted today, but since the sun never really came out, I’m still surrounded by more or less and enormous block of ice. Awesome!

What I do have worth sharing today is this super fantastic awesome wrap-up post from Tom Wacker at the CTP is 3 blog. Many thanks and much admiration to Tom and Sunny Suggs for all the hard work they do with the badge hunt blogs every time a hunt comes around – the daily updates are always a tremendous help for badge hunters to keep on track, and not miss stuff!

The other reason I don’t have much Dot Net-wise to post about this week is because I’ve spent a good bit of the last couple of days making some cool new additions and modifications and changes to that other little project I got going last month called Win 10 With Lynn.

If you are tired already of seeing all those video prize pages around in the surf, I hate to tell you this… but there are more coming! Bwahahaha… :-)

So feel free to check out what’s new over at W10WL for now (like credits prizes, new cash prizes, and there may be even more coming soon). And hey, if you don’t enter, you can’t win anything!

I’ll be back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (and hopefully fully recovered from CTP is 3) next week!

Yeah, so I borrowed the stranger part of the title of this post from an old David Bowie tune… for lack of coming up with any better post title that made sense. (LOL.)

And now for something completely different, as they say…

I was probably last “fashionable” in the middle of the Eighties, during my last couple of years of high school and first couple of years away in college. Those were the days when hair was big and full of mousse, and all clothing, jewelry, and makeup came in just about every color and shade of bright garish neon imaginable.

Esprit was stamped on well over 50% of the pieces of clothing I owned at the time, and the only jewelry I had that wasn’t big and clunky and bright neon were those hundred-odd little black rubber bracelets made famous by Madonna. Because even if you didn’t particularly care for Madonna (just wasn’t my kind of music), you still owned a few dozen of those silly little bracelets.

So me writing about anything fashion-related now, when I’m a couple of years away from being half a century old and the best I can do most days is pull on a clean pair of sweats or shorts (depending on the season) and a sweatshirt or t-shirt (depending, again, on the season) that doesn’t match, is both pretty ironic and somewhat tragic, really.

But now that today is the last day of the CTP is 3 birthday badge hunt at ClickTrackProfit, and I’ve been meaning to go after Badge #101 ever since the badge hunt started and just hadn’t gotten around to it ’til today, here goes…

Virginia Herron (better known as Ginny to many TE Live and CTP folks) runs this little jewelry boutique called Poshperity, an online business that has one of the coolest logos ever. Ginny had another badge available during the hunt for purchases from Poshperity, so I went shopping last week, mainly looking for a potential gift for a relative.

Poshperity has a really excellent selection of jewelry and accessories, and all at very reasonable prices. I had just about settled on a pair of dangly red earrings (it’s kinda a family in-joke that this particular relative wears a lot of red and black), when I ran across a silver owl pendant and decided to snag that instead, seeing as how this same relative collects – yep, you guessed it – owl stuff.

First things first – shipping from Poshperity is super duper quick. My purchase arrived from California within only a couple of days, so that was the first big plus regarding my experience with Poshperity.

Then I went about opening the package. Now, if you do much online shopping (and I do as much online as I can to keep from having to shop offline because I hate shopping offline with a passion) – you know there’s always that question in your mind about whether something is going to be as good when you have it in your hand as it looks on the web page, right?

No worries here. I was highly impressed with the item I purchased from Prosperity, and the quality and appearance was even better than expected. I expected the owl necklace to be pretty great anyway, but it was even better than I expected and hoped when I actually had it here and in my hand.

At such a low price, I kind of expected it to be just fine, but nothing terribly extraordinary. Instead, for one thing, it was heavier than I expected – it feels like excellent quality jewelry, instead of something light and cheap – and it really is rather stunning and sparkly in person (and looks much better than my crummy photo below came out).

What Does The Owl Say? :-)

(Please excuse my seriously crummy picture-taking skills here.)

To sum up, I’m very, very happy with my purchase – extraordinarily so! – and the relative the little owl will soon be going to is gonna love it too, no doubt. From the quality of the item to the extra speedy shipping, my experience with Poshperity has been super excellent all the way around, and I can highly recommend Poshperity to anyone and everyone.

As for Ginny Herron, Poshperity’s owner, I’m really excited for her, because now especially since I’ve personally experienced doing business with her directly, I feel more certain than ever that she has the potential to really take her business to the proverbial top.

Ginny is also just the nicest and a super sweet young lady (as anyone around the TE Live and beyond sphere well knows), and she is one sharp cookie. I fully expect that she will probably be able to take the larger part of her business far beyond our little TE Land community someday and be tremendously successful out in the world, and we’ll all be able to say we “knew her when”!

So thus ends the probably blessedly brief fashion portion of Lynn M Dot Net for 2014. I can’t imagine there would possibly be any reason I would have a reason to write about fashion again this year (or ever, and probably that’s a good thing), but there ya go.

And as I mentioned up yonder, today is indeed the very last day of the CTP is 3 birthday badge hunt, so if you haven’t grabbed all the badges you meant to yet, you better hurry and do it today! (I snagged another badge with a special 50 cent prize behind it early this morning, so they’re still out there!)

Happy final day of badge hunting, and have a great weekend, y’all! :-)

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