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Let’s take a short break from business talk for a little bit, and let me tell you about Tojo, one of my cats.

Tojo has become an veritable expert in mouse annihilation. Where we live, we’re surrounded by a heavily wooded area that is full of mice, raccoons, and deer – all of which frequently wind up visiting our yard.

Unfortunately the mice like visiting our house as well as the yard… which is why we’re glad we have Tojo. He has become an absolute expert serial killer of mice. Very few, if any at all, mice get past his watch.

The mass mousicide really got underway last fall when the weather started turning cooler and the mice were obviously looking for a warmer place to nest than the woods. Tojo’s first kills, compared to more recent ones, were rather tame. He’d play with the mouse until it was too tired to move, and then he’d make his big move and BAM. No more mouse.

In his first few weeks of serious mouse extermination, he ended the little rodent lives of about two dozen mice. He became a mouse-killing MACHINE.

Lately Tojo’s mouse destruction has somewhat, as my friend Sunny Suggs likes to say, escalated. We find the mice in pieces, or – like the one I discovered earlier this afternoon after he was done with it – mangled and fairly unrecognizable as a former mouse.

Whereas before Tojo seemed to be shooting for becoming the Ted Bundy of cats, nowadays he’s somewhat disturbingly more like the Hannibal Lecter of cats.

In all this mouse-hunting and mouse annihilation activity, I have discovered a few things about Tojo.

He is patient. He’s persistent. He’ll hunt a mouse for hours, or days – or weeks – without giving up. He’ll sit in one place and stare at the same spot for hours and hours, never making a move until he gets what he’s waiting for.

At one point in time last winter, I kept telling him he was out of luck, he’d done away with all the mice. Within a few days, he proved me totally wrong when he deposited a fresh kill in his food bowl.

He just never gives up, ever. It may take a while, sometimes a long while – but inevitably, eventually, he gets what he’s waiting for. Which leads me to my next thought…

So many people give up in this business we’re in ALL the time. I see people promoting one thing, and before a whole month’s gone by they’ve given up on that and moved on to something else.

Or they promote something for a few weeks or months and then disappear from the horizon altogether, only to return five or six months later promoting something else – then doing the same thing over and over and over again, for years.

Then there are the folks I tend to think of as serial opportunity bloggers/websiters. They build a blog or website around one single opportunity and present themselves as experts and/or super successful in that opportunity.

Then when you go back to their blog or website two or three or four months later, they’ve wiped the site clean of the previous opportunity they were promoting (which obviously didn’t work in that whole two or three or four months they gave it) – and are now promoting something else and presenting themselves as successful in the new thing. (And over, and over, and over again.)

Probably nine out of ten people in this community give up before they ever have a chance to get anywhere, I’d guess. Maybe you are or have been one of them.

That said, if you’re one of those folks, I would recommend you at least try this before giving up yet again. I wrote about it the other day.

Plus One Success is brand new, just launched this week, and it will give you a 30-day plan of action of things you can do to try to improve on your efforts and make things better. Most of them are bigtime easy, most don’t cost a penny, and it’s stuff anybody can do.

It won’t cost you a dime to download it, read it, and try out the suggestions inside. Grab your copy here and give it a go.

(Tojo would approve.) :-)

If you’re like me, you probably always have a growing list of stuff that needs to be done that’s not particularly urgent, but you can never really seem to find time to get around to. I tend to operate in a state of disorganized chaos anyway, so I’m perpetually behind that way pretty constantly. It’s always nagging at me, and it can really be kinda draining and soul-sucking as time goes on and things are still waiting to be done.

Well, if you’re a lot or a little like me in that regard – have I got some great news for you!

My very good friend Marian Gurowicz is holding her second annual Freedom Day event on Wednesday, June 24th. This event is organized specifically to help people get those energy-draining tasks done, and it sounds like it’s gonna be great and a whole lot of fun! Some other friends of mine participated in Freedom Day last year and nothing but terrific things to say about it.

The Freedom Day event will run all day on Wednesday starting at 8:30am Eastern. You’ll be able to get that problematic stuff that’s been bugging you done, with other participants cheering you on and helping you stay motivated. There will be frequent brief group calls and conferences and check-ins throughout the day to help you keep going!

There will also be loads of prizes given away from various sponsors (including some prizes from my Commission Scoop and Win 10 With Lynn programs). It appears that Marian’s still in the process of updating this year’s prize list, but no doubt there will be bunches of cool prizes just like there were last year.

In addition and new for Freedom Day this year, my other half Brian Cullen will be on hand as the live DJ for the event, spinning tunes to work to and taking requests. If you’ve ever been around for any of Brian’s random shows, you know he’s pretty fun to listen to.

You can still sign up for Freedom Day (and I would assume you can up until when the event starts). So head on over to the special site Marian has set up for the Freedom Day event and get registered – and then look forward to getting organized and caught up this week, and having a whole lot of fun while doing it! I’m participating this year myself & highly encourage you to join us.

Read more about Freedom Day HERE – and go register today!

My apologies for not having posted an update here in a little while. As you may or may not be aware, I’ve been just a little bit busy.  ;)

Hop on back here come Monday. There’s something really cool coming next week that I wanna tell you about, and you’re probably not gonna want to miss it.

Have a great (holiday, for U.S peeps anyway) weekend, folks!

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