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Hey! I am unbelievably behind** in virtually everything I had planned to do today (including finally replying to the comments on Monday’s blog post, argh, sorry!), but I wanted to hurry up and get a new blog post up today because, well, time is running out.

On what, you say? Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of weeks, maybe?

TimTech’s 12 Days of Christmas, of course! Which, as I type, is about to start in just under nine hours from now (midnight EST Wednesday night/Thursday morning).

(EDIT: Wow, I wasn’t too bright yesterday, it starts at midnight Thursday night/Friday morning, i.e., December 13th. However, when I wrote this post yesterday the countdown clock on TimTech’s page was perpetuating my confusion about the day as it did say just under nine hours. LOL, but whoops!)

I know, right? You think you haven’t recovered from the fun and chaos of TimTech’s epic Black Friday event and the mayhem of that 102-hour Spreecast yet, right? (I’m still tired myself after all that Spreecasting, LOL.)

But have no fear – the 12 Days event will be a little less hectic, but still just as epic – as well as good for you! (Just like your mom said carrots were good for you, except this will taste a lot better. I hate carrots. Heh.)

This time around there will be one ( just one!) awesome TimTech deal a day, and the deal will be available the entire day. I expect each day’s deal will be crazy good, and Jon’s already dropped a hint that the deal on Friday, December 20th will be one for the TE Land history books. (I have the date starred on my calendar already.)

I am going to be watching the deals like a freakin’ hawk and encourage you to do so too. I grabbed some fantastic TimTech goodies during the Black Friday event, but here’s a sad story – I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not taking one deal in particular when it came up (the three CTP badges for $27, which are normally $97).

I am not holding on to any big high hopes that that particular deal will come around again during the 12 Days of Christmas event, but I’ve been kicking myself so hard over that one I can pretty much guarantee I’m not going to let another super opportunity like that pass me by again if I can help it.

So don’t be like me and let something really super crazy awesome slip by you this time – get in on the fun and grab yourself some great deals, from now (well, tonight) right up until Christmas!

If you’re not a member of ClickTrackProfit yet, I urge you to sign up to CTP here and look for the 12 Days of Christmas banner once you’re inside (you can’t miss it). Otherwise you can also just go here and subscribe to get the daily e-mail updates once the event begins tonight.

I hope whatever’s been on your TimTech wish list comes up for you, and me too! Good luck to us all and Merry Awesome Sauce Christmas! :-)

** (Oh, and the reason I’m so behind and have done absolutely none of my usual daily to-do list all day? I hate*** Jon Olson because he made this post at Hit Exchange News yesterday and it gave me this idea that won’t go away, and now I’ve been taking action and planning and researching this idea all day long since before sunup. Go read it and maybe it will motivate you to do something potentially awesome too.)

*** (Not really. I mean yes, all of the above is true except for me hating Jon. Although ask me again in a day or two when I’ve had zero sleep because I’ve DONE NOTHING BUT PUT TOGETHER THIS THING his post put the idea for in my head. LOL.) :-)

So unless you’ve been living under a rock the last week or two, you probably already know that TimTech is about to kick off some epic Black Friday sale festivities beginning Thursday (November 28th) at 6:00pm EST. There’s to be a new deal offered every single hour right through the weekend until Monday.

I missed their similar event last year, which I’ve heard a lot about and sounded like there were just some crazy good deals, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I have also heard some fun stories about all the Spreecasting that went on during the event last year, so I wish I hadn’t missed it, but I won’t be missing much this year!

Word is that Jon and/or someones will be starting a Spreecast at TE Live right at 6pm EST when the sale starts, so you’ll want to try to get by there Thursday evening and see what’s up. (Unfortunately I will be missing the start of everything myself on Thursday, since the sale is to start just about the time I’ll be sitting down with my family for Thanksgiving dinner and I won’t be around at all to be able to take advantage of anything until probably midnight or later, but hopefully I’ll get to grab some good deals when I am around again.)

The Legacy Team also plans to offer some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals upcoming throughout the weekend and Monday at their traffic exchanges and the Legacy Team Ad Co-Op. I’ve also seen that Tezak Traffic Power will be having some Black Friday deals all weekend, and John Bell has some Black Friday deals planned for Traffic Swirl, Fast Cash & Traffic, and I’m sure his other sites too. I’m sure there are plenty of other traffic exchanges and other programs that will have some good deals this week as well.

So it looks like it’s going to be a gigantic weekend for awesome deals, in any case. If you’re in the States, once you’ve finished gobbling up all the turkey and dressing you can stand, be sure to get online and look to see what great Black Friday deals are out there to gobble up!

If you’re not a member of ClickTrackProfit yet (I can’t imagine that anyone much isn’t, but maybe there are a few of you out there), be sure to sign up since CTP is sort of the Grand Central Station of the TimTech sites and will be a start down the path to grabbing some of what I have been hearing will be the best deals there have been all year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the States, in any case. And to those of you who will be having Thanksgiving dinner earlier than I will be, don’t let the turkey coma make you sleep through and miss the beginning of Thursday evening’s Black Friday deals! :-)

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