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As you already know if you read yesterday’s post, hopefully I am already on my way headed towards the mountains of East Tennessee as you read this (or almost).

And if I’m not… well, there’s going to be trouble in River City, so to speak (or, seeing as where I live, the Bluff City, rather)… I’m just sayin’.

Meanwhile, two of my four dogs, Petey and Bruiser (and my beat-up-by-dogs back door that, yes, badly needs painting), are waiting on something that’s coming on Monday…

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

What are they waiting for?

Come back here on Monday and find out!

(P.S. It’s really, really cool…)

Have a great weekend, everybody! (I hope I am… all I know is I better be…)

KREATE STUFF ‘COS THIS ROOOOOOOOCKS: So you might have seen some of my new pages I whipped up for my traffic exchange, Traffic Pro-X, around and about the traffic exchanges lately. The old pages were a little out of date and had some now-incorrect info on them and that was kind of bugging me and I wanted to make some changes.

Thanks to the fabulous and generous (and fantastically funny) Justin Ledvina of AdKreator, I am now seriously hooked on Kreating splash and squeeze pages and banners and all kinds of stuff over there. In fact, I went so wild over there one night last week, I also made new squeeze pages for the blog here too that you’ve probably been seeing around.

When it comes to making new graphics, I am impatient and I don’t like to have to read a lot of docs (although AdKreator has very good ones), and the system there is just so drag-and-drop easy and with so much awesome stuff to choose from, you can Kreate really nice and professional-looking squeeze pages, splash pages and more in just no time. (Even if you’re blonde like me!)

So my advice is to check out AdKreator today and browse around and mess with stuff and see what you can Kreate – you’ll love it!

No matter how long you’ve been at this online marketing thing, there’s still plenty of room to make a “newbie” mistake here and there. We all do it.

I won’t say I do it all the time, but I have made probably more than my fair share of them just because I’ll get in a hurry, not really be paying close enough attention to whatever I’m doing as I should be, etc.

I just made one today, matter of fact, while sending out my usual daily run of e-mails through safelists, viral list builders, and other viral advertising.

While most of my mails are saved in whatever program I’m using’s system, there are a few viral advertising outlets where you have to make sure to put the URL for the link you’re promoting in the mail yourself every time.

And I forgot. I didn’t waste credits on this one (thank goodness, and for a change), but I can’t mail again for three days so I lost a whole day’s worth of mail there. Eh.

But there’s nothing more annoying than realizing you did something like that – especially when you realize it right at the second you hit the “submit” button (which is usually what happens to me), but it’s too late to do anything about it.

(Fortunately there are a couple of venues – ListJoe is one – where you actually can go in and fix it before it goes out, but not many have that option.)

I don’t make the screwup too often anymore of using [FIRST_NAME] tags where I can only use {FIRSTNAME} or vice versa, or keeping the [FIRST_NAME] tag in a mail somewhere my membership level isn’t high enough to send personalized mail… but I still do that too sometimes.

Jerry Iannucci’s awesome Safelist Marketing Tactics certainly sped up my learning curve in how to deal with safelists and viral list builders and such, and decreased my margins for error overall.

I have often said SMT saved my sanity – it certainly made me stop hating using safelists and viral list builders (and boy, did I used to hate them) and made them not seem like such a chore.

But we all still make mistakes sometimes anyway. Case in point – me, as above, today.

What newbie mistakes and screwups do you make occasionally – be it in traffic exchanges, safelists, or the WWW in general? I’d love to hear about somebody else’s trials and tribulations so I don’t feel so stupid today for my dumb mistake.

And don’t tell me you’re perfect and never make ANY mistakes, or I might have to smack you.

GIANT GIVEAWAY COMING UP: There’s a great big huge giveaway coming up in mid-December (so you have plenty of time to prepare) – the Apsense Countdown First Annual Christmas Gift Give Away Event starts on December 13th and runs through Christmas Day.

If you are a member of Apsense (I actually have been for years and since long before I ever got heavily involved in traffic exchanges and related marketing), then you’ll understand why this one is going to be a huge one and should be very, very heavily promoted. Apsense is a huge marketing network with thousands of members and has been around for years and years.

Which is good news for you if you sign up as a contributor, because that means LOTS more people who will be able to view and download your free gift and be subscribed to your list.

(P.S. You can also grab a copy of Jerry Iannucci’s other big e-book, JV Giveaway Tactics, that can help you prepare for being a contributor to giveaways.)

So if you’re still working hard to build a list (or even if you’ve already got a big one), I highly recommend joining the Apsense Countdown Give Away – like I said, you still have tons of time to prepare since it’s a month away from opening – and build your list in what’s one of the fastest and easiest ways there is.

Pssst, a little newsy bit for y’all today…

So Jon Olson unleashed a big hint about something apparently super secret in Traffic Exchange Live yesterday that you missed if you weren’t there. Check this out:

(Scribbled with The Most Famous Marker on the Internetâ„¢, of course.)

“Pony Surf” was – as many will probably remember – the Secret Code Nameâ„¢ for Sweeva for about a month before Sweeva was launched… so with that in mind, take what you will from “Pony List”.

I’ve been ragging on Tim Linden in Traffic Exchange Live about him being gone this week and “busy”, but apparently he really HAS been busy… with whatever “Pony List” is.

What we know… not much, well, other than if “Pony List” sucks, then Jon, Tim, and Justin Ledvina are to blame, heh. But it won’t!

(Tim said Jon is as bad as his wife about Christmas presents and can’t hardly stand to keep a secret.)

So what is “Pony List”? When will we see it?

I don’t know, but keep checking back here because you can bet I’ll be posting what I can when I can, and when I know – and whenever I’m allowed to (really I don’t know anything at all yet though other than the above).

Stay tuned!

SWAT CONFERENCE TONIGHT: Don’t forget that the weekly Wednesday night SWAT Conference, which started up again recently, will be tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm EST here:

==> SWAT Conference room link

I don’t know what SWAT Traffic owner James Holmes has planned for tonight, but he always has a really good, educational and informational presentation to start and then it’s a free-for-all, “town hall meeting” type atmosphere afterward where people can meet and greet, ask questions about traffic exchanges and marketing or whatever.

And many traffic exchange owners are usually in attendance with credit deals and other specials ready to spring on the public, so it’s always a good idea to show up!

You don’t have to be a SWAT Traffic member or an upgraded member yet as the conferences are currently all open to the public – James will probably be instituting a monthly closed conference for upgraded Captain members only soon – but if you’re not a member of SWAT Traffic yet, you should check it out!

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