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Just something I was thinking about this week… file this under “things that make no sense to me”.

I’ve told parts of this story before. Almost eight years ago, I lost my full-time offline job, like many did at the time when the economy was tanking. Around the same time my best part-time freelance gig dried up, and not long after that I discovered the traffic exchange community.

After a few false starts and hits and misses, things started going really well. Exceptionally well, even. 2009 and most of 2010 were pretty good years for me and my affiliate and TE stuff.

Then in late 2010, I found myself dealing with a catastrophe of rather epic proportions – i.e., the human tornado that was my ex, and what was in the beginning his dormant (and later his rampant and rampaging) drug addiction – and spent the better part of another year picking up the pieces left after that disaster.

A good bit of that disaster was financial – in 11 years, my ex had blown through not only my entire life savings (and the only pension I ever had), but had outright stolen a pretty large amount of money from me too. I absolutely had nothing left, and barely a penny to my name.

I ended up relocating back among family and friends, and basically had no choice but to live 100% on family charity in the beginning of the next chapter of my life. As a little time went on, I picked up another freelance gig that didn’t pay that great but at least it paid some, and kept trying to put my life back together.

The last time I had any health insurance was in 2007, when I was still working in an at home, but still traditional “non-online”, job. Though there have been a few times it would have been really good to have had insurance, fortunately there have been no epic urgent situations demanding it.

So I relocated and things settled down a bit, but I still had no real income to speak of and, again, no health insurance. Around four years ago, and after about the fourth or fifth time a well-meaning relative made yet another intentionally pointed remark about being sure that I qualified for our state-run health services, I finally made a point of looking into it, just to hush that relative up.

I already pretty much suspected I knew the answer, but even I was a little surprised at part of it. I qualified for our state healthcare (and oodles of other government assistance) only under these conditions:

  • If I was under 21 years of age (I am, and was then, in my forties);
  • If I had minor children (I have no children);
  • And if I stopped working altogether and was bringing in NO income whatsoever.

Yep. If I ceased doing any work to bring any income in at all, then I qualified for ALL KINDS of government assistance. Even though I didn’t get paid all that much (and certainly not a full-time living) with the freelance work I was doing at the time, I would have had to stop doing that too.

Hence the filing under “things that make no sense to me”. The first two qualifying points I kind of expected, but the part about not working at ALL threw me for a loop. It was more or less “we won’t give you anything if you make any money at all, but hey, if you just quit working completely or trying to work at all, we’ll give you all KINDS of benefits!”.

I wasn’t planning to ask or apply for any help anyway, but that, among some other incidents around the same time four years ago, was probably a real turning point in me deciding I was just going to have to work towards making sure I didn’t ever need anyone’s help and could do whatever I needed myself.

And about a year after that when my freelance gig disappeared because the company chose to let all their American workers go and give all those jobs to folks in the Philippines, then it was REALLY time to put that plan into action, though I wasn’t sure how or what exactly.

A month or two after that I wandered back into TE Live one day, joined CTP years after most of my old colleagues had, looked around and found out I still had bits and pieces of the business I’d worked so hard on from 2007-2010 left. I started putting those pieces back together little by little, with a new improved business plan, and y’all know the rest of the story (at least the rest to date).

You CAN come up with something out of literally nothing. The potential is there. Any success all depends, quite literally, on how bad you want it, and how important it is to you to see it be successful, and the “why” behind why it’s important to you. And how much work and effort and time you put into it. Or, semi-mathematically:

X amount of Work + X amount of Effort + X amount of Time = ANY Success.

It’s pretty much that simple… but there is that one thing. You have to put in the amount needed to get what you need, to get what you need and want out. If you don’t do something, you’ll likely see nothing – or at least nothing much.

Do something today. ANYTHING. Just do SOMETHING.


In closing, it was no surprise to me at all that I immediately blew what I guess was my New Year’s resolution a couple of weeks ago of blogging at least once a week, seeing as how I missed last week completely. Seems like every week, before I know it, it’s Friday, and I’m like, “Whoa, where did this week go??”

At least I finally got to it this week before the week was through. Have a super weekend!

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This will be a quick one today. I’ve been struggling with a bit of basic writer’s block kinda sorta – lots of posts in my head lately that just won’t seem to come out through my typing fingers. I’m trying to get myself back on a little bit less scatterbrained level, but – well, you know, I’m blonde, so. (shrug) :-)

What I really did want to jot a quick note about though, before any more time passes, was something you may already know – or may not – about Sunny Suggs’ new mailer – the one I wrote about a few weeks ago when it launched.

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Even cooler than that – if you upgrade (and the upgrade options are incredibly inexpensive), you can mail lots and often and get lots MORE XP. (And not only that, but if you’re upgraded you can mail to a whole lot more people, and thus have more eyes on whatever you’re promoting).

So, it’s an XP win-win, yeah? Some of the easiest XP you can get, no doubt.

And even if you’re not a CTP Teams member or not the least bit interested in XP – My Free Resources is still a fabulous new mailer, and it’s just been growing and growing ever since it opened.

Now all that said – I know several CTP Teams members did already join My Free Resources under me, so if you are one of those wonderful and lovely folks, I do hope you’re taking full advantage of gaining the XP through mailing with it, as well as taking advantage of what’s a great opportunity to promote your program or opportunity.

And if you haven’t joined yet, why not just go ahead and join now? Take a look at My Free Resources today and get to mailing your face off and getting more eyes on your promotions!

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Have a great weekend everyone – I aim to be back Monday with a fresh new post about I dunno what quite yet, but it’s probably going to be something that’ll make you laugh (and make me look even blonder than I already am)… stay tuned!

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