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TE Live generally mostly loses Jon for a week or two late in the year when the new Call of Duty game comes out. Or at the very least, TE Live gets cut short a lot or starts late a lot during COD week.

One day during one of those weeks in 2010, Jon was a little late making it into TE Live that day, which was okay because The Jon Olson Hand Puppet showed up in his place and on time, and said pretty much all the things Jon usually says in an eerily nearly-perfect Jon Olson voice.

(Jerry told me recently he doesn’t remember this, heh.)


  • POST TITLE: Even “Call of Duty: Black Ops” Can’t Stop TE Live… and There’s Pasta!
  • DATE: November 12th, 2010
  • HISTORIC FACT: Jon revealed a previously promised hint about Pony List without actually saying anything, because he instead scribbled it on a piece of paper with The Most Famous Marker on the Internet™. (What exactly that hint was I now don’t recall – pre-ListNerds? Pre-RocketResponder? But I can tell you that Pony Surf had previously been the Secret Code Name™ for Sweeva.)
  • JON OLSON FACT: For the first time in a long while, Jon cooked on cam for TE Live. (The recipe for Pasta a la TE Live is published on that day’s post here.)
  • FUN FACT: No fingers were amputated during the creation of Pasta a la TE Live, and someone in the room commented (during The Jon Olson Hand Puppet’s hosting stint) that Jon had lost an awful lot of weight.
  • WEIRD DISCUSSION TOPICS: All Things Pony Related, and Jon’s trip to the store at midnight to get the new Call of Duty and subsequent video of the trip.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I have no social life, so I will have no professional life this week.” – Jon Olson

*** Traffic Exchange Live is on Spreecast every weekday afternoon 4-5 pm EST ***


A typical day at old Traffic Exchange Live, with illustration provided by the  Previous Most Famous Marker on the Internet (R.I.P. – it’s since been replaced per Jon):


  • POST TITLE: Just In Time For Valentine’s Day, Cupid Is In The Air At Traffic Exchange Live
  • DATE: February 3rd, 2010
  • HISTORIC FACT: Tim Linden had an idea for ILoveHits that was discussed in length among everyone at TE Live that day, which eventually resulted in ILH’s Bracket Surfing.
  • JON OLSON FACT(S): We watched Jon open his mail live on cam. He worked out for 30 minutes the night before instead of just 20. Jon also sang a song about William Brant.
  • FUN FACT: Tim has a trick coin that never loses (Tim said he and Jon would have to flip a coin to see whether their then-programmer, Austin, would work for ILH or StartXchange that day).
  • WEIRD DISCUSSION TOPIC: Talk about banks, going to banks, robbing banks, etc. Tim told Jon he could get a good workout if he robbed a bank and had to run from the SWAT team. (groan…)
  • ALSO: Jon banned a UStream user who was kidding around with John Guanzon and calling him “Wonton”, thinking dude was a troll. Turned out to be a friend of John’s from high school.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “TE Live: Bring Your Friends, We’ll Ban ‘Em.” – Lynn M

“That was easy!”


  • POST TITLE: Jon Olson’s Got the Big Red Easy Button and You Can’t Have It
  • DATE: December 3rd, 2009
  • HISTORIC FACT: Twitter was over capacity (again).
  • JON OLSON FACT: HENry the Hitman, the living and breathing I Love Hits mascot in the flesh, paid Jon a visit and punched Jon in the head a few times on camera, all in the name of entertainment for all of TE Live. Jon spilled his coffee during one of the punches.
  • FUN FACT: Tim Linden has LOTS more toys than you do.
  • WEIRD DISCUSSION TOPIC: Two, actually – one about the work Jon was having done on his car, the other about the self-cleaning cat litter box the Lindens had recently purchased .
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Professionalism. I’m the master of it.”Jon Olson

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