A long time ago… in a different Canadian province far, far away…

And a home office without orange walls…


  • POST TITLE: A Very Tender Episode of Traffic Exchange Live
  • DATE: January 11th, 2010
  • HISTORIC FACT: Co-host John Guanzon announced that Thumbvu had been able to enter the Affiliate Funnel rankings (for the first time) the previous week, entering at #49.
  • JON OLSON FACT: Jon got insurance company fax spam again, and would rather be paid in Euros than American money because money from France was (is?) worth more.
  • FUN FACT: It only takes Tim Linden 18 minutes to eat dinner with his family.
  • WEIRD DISCUSSION TOPIC: The word lingerie doesn’t sound the way it looks and should be pronounced “lin-jerry”. (Or as Tim added, Lynn Jerry, and then things just got weird…er.)
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Am I on TE Live or the Food Network?” – BartenderMo


PS: So I had intended to do the retro “Throwback Thursday” – or Tuesday – thing anyway, moving forward, with what few old TE Live photos I had been able to locate.

Then wonder of wonders, because I have looked and looked before with no luck – I found all the others last night, too.

So I’ll be restoring the old pics to their respective posts eventually, it’s going to take some time tho since there’s almost 300 of them and it’s going to take a while to upload them all into their proper places since right now they’re all in one single directory on my hard drive.

Will hopefully be able to get to that sometime this month or at least pretty soon, so stay tuned…