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Today’s a pretty special day. Let me tell you why…

As you probably know, Jon Olson and I go back a pretty long way now. Even back before TE Live ever existed.

Before I stumbled across TE Live on its inaugural day in 2009, a while before that I was stumbling, like the silly starry-eyed newbie I was, into places like the old SWAT and Affiliate Funnel conferences nearly eight long years ago now. Soaking up all the information I could like a sponge from folks like Jon, Tony Tezak, Paul Kinder, Mike Paetzold, Tim Linden, John Guanzon, Jerry Iannucci, the late great (and always funny & loud) Jerry Reeder, and so many others.

I’ve probably heard every single Jon Olson “nugget” there is umpteen hundred bazillion times by now, over all those years. Still, I go listen to what he has to share most every day, even sometimes still learn something new. Most definitely I often get reminded of things I forgot about – or things I do know and did learn long ago, but should be paying more attention to.

Jon’s been working on a secret project for a little while now, but it’s something he’s been wanting to do for a decade or more, and something he’s super passionate about and always has been. When he told me what it was all about – and especially some of the extras you can get access to in addition to the basic product – I was just like, “Wow, that is just SO you!”

If you know anything about Jon Olson, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that what Jon and TimTech are launching today is called +1 Success.

+1 Success is based around a concept Jon talks about and encourages others to do all the time regarding improving daily, doing something better the next day than you did the day before – and rinse and repeat. He not only believes in “+1 daily” and walks the walk, but he talks the talk about it ALL the time and tries to motivate others to improve daily too.

The base product of Plus 1 Success will give you a 30-day action plan of really simple, tried and tested things you can do daily to improve your business and get better results day by day. It’s literally stuff that anyone can do – and most of it’s not only easy to do if you just decide to do it (some super easy!), but most don’t even cost a thing.

And if you really want to get serious about improving and learning, there are some extras you can grab that will totally blow you away – including an exclusive private networking and learning experience with other like-minded people in the community that is truly unlike anything there’s ever been before, in this community anyway.

Depending on just how serious you want to get about your business, there are several opportunities available – some very low or no cost, some higher, but there’s several varied opportunities within. (Oh, and there’s the potential of up to 100% commissions too.)

But the 30-day action plan inside +1 Success costs nothing – zip, nada, zilch. So hey, that part’s a total no-brainer to check out.

(Word of warning: If you’re interested in any of the first offers you see once you log in, you’re NOT going to want to skip them. I know we all sometimes skip past them sometimes thinking we can probably get the same price later – yeah, I’ve done it too – but that won’t be the case this time. If you pass the first time on something you’re interested in, it’ll be significantly higher later.)

Anyway, I’ve held you here long enough.

Go check out +1 Success right now, it’s really cool! And my challenge to you is to find something in the action plan inside to do today that you can do to make your business better – and just do it!

Seems I let nearly the whole month of January go by without a new post – oops – didn’t want to let the month end without something. I’ve sorta set a new goal for the rest of 2015 to try to write something new at least once a week, knowing full well that I’ll probably slip up a time or two or three (or more) before year’s end, but hey – that’s human nature, I suppose.

I’ve kinda had sort of a writer’s block lately, but it’s not exactly that, either. More like I’ve had a couple of posts bouncing around in my head for a month or two that have been simmering in the pot on the back burner, but are just not quite ready to be plated yet.

One in particular is about people who make money online vs. people who don’t make any, and it seems really important to me to scratch that one out soon. Mainly because I pretty much see the same mistakes that generally lead to NO money making, over and over again, every time I surf.

So, maybe that post will finally be fully “cooked” come Monday or Tuesday. It’s been baking in my head so long I feel like it’s about time to get it out of the oven!

For now, though, I did want to help spread the word that my pal Russell Stockley’s excellent and super valuable daily show, Fresh, has moved to a new time slot at 5pm Eastern, just after TE Live usually ends. It’s currently on Vokle every weekday except for Thursdays (when Russell holds his Cuppa Time game show at 8pm Eastern).

Fresh usually lasts around 15-20 minutes, sometimes a little more, and is centered around learning in the industry, especially about four of the more important aspects of online business in the traffic exchange industry. Mondays are devoted to marketing in general; Tuesday is about branding; design talk happens on Wednesdays; and Friday is all about list building.

It’s a huge opportunity to learn new things or better ways of doing them as well as just hanging out with others from the TE community, and often there are opportunities to win something (login spotlight ads, startpages, squeeze page design & more). Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to check it out.

I’ll be back here in the new week and new month of February next week with new thoughts, new posts, and a renewed motivation to do so, fingers crossed. January just kinda flew by without me really realizing it.

’til then, have a great weekend, and hey… feel free to go Click Your Face Off while you’re at it!

(Sunny Suggs did not pay me to say that – however, a happy Sunny is a happy Lucky 13 team room, so please feel free to help me keep Sunny happy, and Always Vote Sunny. Otherwise unicorns cry and that would be bad.)

Can you believe it’s August already? Christmas is going to be here before we know it (I know, ugh). Where has this year gone? The months have just zoomed by.

And I have been a really lousy blogger the past month or so, sorry about that. I really did have somewhat of an excuse for at least the first half of July.

As many know, I very nearly blinded myself (not by choice), having gotten down to the last pair of contact lens I had on hand, with no current prescription (and no backup eyeglasses) – a pair of contacts that should have been thrown away literally years ago. (Don’t EVER do the same. I promise you that you’ll likely be sorry, in constant pain, and miserable. Not worth it.)

The rest of July was just super busy. Anyway…

I really wanted to post this no later than yesterday and then didn’t get around to it, but I didn’t want to let another day go by without mentioning what was somewhat of a proud and happy anniversary for me:


I took that screenshot a couple of weeks ago. You probably can’t see what is says very well, but this is what it says:

Lynn logged in 367 days in a row…

I really meant to take a screenshot on Day 365, naturally … but (naturally) I forgot. I was determined for the past year to log in for the next 365 days, however, if it killed me. Nothing short of a natural disaster or fatal accident was gonna stop me on that quest.

I actually had come back to the traffic exchange community a couple of weeks before that – roundabout July 3rd or 6th or somewhere around there – before I joined ClickTrackProfit (finally), so my “first year back in the trenches” after being away so long had already come and gone now almost a month ago.

And CTP, well… of course, it’s a little bittersweet for me, having come so late to the party. ClickTrackProfit launched maybe a month, maybe even mere weeks, after the last day or so I was at TE Live before I got so tangled up in what was, at the time, my offline personal life and all the catastrophe and near-destruction that ensued, and it took me the next two and a half years to find my way back to TE Land.

I should have, of course, been there from the beginning. But there’s a time and place for everything, and apparently my time for CTP was last summer.

And what a whirlwind ride it’s been ever since. There’s a lot I would change about 2007 thru 2011 if I could, yep.

But I wouldn’t change anything about the past thirteen months for the world. The past year has just been remarkable and awesome, and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else than where I am right now.

In any case, I couldn’t let that milestone pass without mentioning it, so there ya go.

(And now I can actually take a day completely off if I wanna! As if…)  :-)

Anyway, be sure to watch this space on Tuesday ‘cos I’ve got something really cool to share that you are almost definitely going to wanna know about (or at least quite a few of you).

’til then, have a supercool awesome great excellent weekend!



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