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If you’re like me, you probably always have a growing list of stuff that needs to be done that’s not particularly urgent, but you can never really seem to find time to get around to. I tend to operate in a state of disorganized chaos anyway, so I’m perpetually behind that way pretty constantly. It’s always nagging at me, and it can really be kinda draining and soul-sucking as time goes on and things are still waiting to be done.

Well, if you’re a lot or a little like me in that regard – have I got some great news for you!

My very good friend Marian Gurowicz is holding her second annual Freedom Day event on Wednesday, June 24th. This event is organized specifically to help people get those energy-draining tasks done, and it sounds like it’s gonna be great and a whole lot of fun! Some other friends of mine participated in Freedom Day last year and nothing but terrific things to say about it.

The Freedom Day event will run all day on Wednesday starting at 8:30am Eastern. You’ll be able to get that problematic stuff that’s been bugging you done, with other participants cheering you on and helping you stay motivated. There will be frequent brief group calls and conferences and check-ins throughout the day to help you keep going!

There will also be loads of prizes given away from various sponsors (including some prizes from my Commission Scoop and Win 10 With Lynn programs). It appears that Marian’s still in the process of updating this year’s prize list, but no doubt there will be bunches of cool prizes just like there were last year.

In addition and new for Freedom Day this year, my other half Brian Cullen will be on hand as the live DJ for the event, spinning tunes to work to and taking requests. If you’ve ever been around for any of Brian’s random shows, you know he’s pretty fun to listen to.

You can still sign up for Freedom Day (and I would assume you can up until when the event starts). So head on over to the special site Marian has set up for the Freedom Day event and get registered – and then look forward to getting organized and caught up this week, and having a whole lot of fun while doing it! I’m participating this year myself & highly encourage you to join us.

Read more about Freedom Day HERE – and go register today!

As you probably are aware if you’re very active at all in the TE community, I give away stuff regularly – credits and other free advertising from bunches of traffic exchanges, as well as some cash prizes (thanks to very generous sponsors like the TimTech gang and Tony Tezak) – via my other site, Win 10 With Lynn.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know…

If you enter for the Daily Prizes via Twitter very often, or have played or attended the weekly Traffic Break Trivia much, there’s a very good chance you have inadvertently wound up with some extra credits or banners and texts at one time or another at any number of traffic exchanges in our community that rotate external prize pages for their TE in the surf.

You know the ones – the Legacy group of sites, TE Racing League, Cup of Traffic, Surf Skeleton, Hit Funnel, DoubleNice Traffic, Bondsman, and others show external prize pages that give away credits, banners and texts in the surf at other traffic exchanges, and you’ve probably entered your username in them plenty of times while surfing and gotten those prizes.

Well, what happens sometimes is that I’ll be surfing after I’ve distributed usernames to my various sponsors for prizes from Win 10 With Lynn, but I’ll forget that I still have one of those winners’ usernames in my copy/paste cache…

And instead of pasting MY username in the box to get the prize from whatever TE’s external prize page I’m on, without realizing it I’ll paste the username of some person who won one of my prizes in the box, ‘cos THEIR username is still in my cache… and usually don’t realize I’ve done it until it’s too late and I’ve already clicked the submit button.

And if their username at that TE is the same as their username at whatever TE they won through me from (which it probably usually is the same name, most people have the same usernames everywhere), they’ll get the external prize page prize instead of me. Which is, you know, fine, just one of those happy accidents for the unknowing prize recipients, I reckon.

Usually when I start surfing, the first time I come across an external prize page and put my username in the box, I’ll highlight and copy it so I can just paste it in again and again every time I come across another external prize page. But yeah, sometimes I forget.

This phenomenon also occurs sometimes with CTP XP, now that several traffic exchanges have XP prize pages in the surf as well – Click Your Face Off, Cup of Traffic, Bondsman, and probably some more I can’t think of off the top of my head all have XP pages in their surf these days.

If your CTP username is the same as most of your other usernames, and you enter or play for any of my Win 10 With Lynn prizes very often – then yeah, you’ve probably gotten some XP accidentally from me for the same reasons as above.

It’s not a big deal to me, really – I correctly log in for most of those prizes with my own username plenty enough – but I get a chuckle sometimes when I realize what I’ve done, having someone else’s username in my cache when those external prize pages and XP pages come around in the surf.

And then I wonder sometimes if the “accidental recipients” ever wonder where that extra 250 or 350 or 500 banners and texts, or extra 10 or 50 or 100 or whatever credits came from that they didn’t know they had.

And if you did ever wonder – well, now you know!

P.S. So have you joined Lords of Lothar yet?

This new traffic exchange (and the ONLY one that is not only a TE but also an RPG) is the latest thing from the Goettman brothers and hottest thing around the TE community these days, and my Brian is now completely and totally HOOKED on it.

If you’re not a member yet, check it out now (you’ll technically be joining under Brian, but it’s our account) and prepare to enjoy your new addiction!



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