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So if you’ve been following the Black Friday deals we’re having at Sound Surf Live (in conjunction with our partner sites, TE Racing League and Downline Kreator), then you’ve probably seen the Audio Ad package deals pop up several times since our sale started Thursday.

Right now during our Black Friday super sale, all of the Audio Ad package BF deals are 70% off regular price. Since September or so I’ve several times offered Audio Ads at 2-for-1, 3-for-1, and even 4-for-1 deals… and probably will continue to for a while at different intervals.

People seem to be somewhat confused about the Audio Ads though, so I was hoping to clear some of those mysteries up here while this weekend’s sale is still going on, and give you an idea of why they could be such a valuable advertising tool for anyone who makes use of them.

If you’ve surfed at Sound Surf Live with the sound on, then you’ve heard the Audio Ads plenty. The Audio Ads play about every 5-6 songs on each of our five channels.

Every hour, the random picker picks a set of Audio Ads to play – either one 60-second ad, two 30-second ads (usually), or four 15-second ads – and the picked ads are aired on all five of our channels at SSL for the entire hour.

Yep. The ENTIRE hour, on all five channels. For every 50 Audio Ads you purchase, you in all actuality get 250 (50 x5) spots aired total among all five channels.

Maybe you’re starting to see now why these Audio Ads could be really, REALLY powerful. Your ad would be getting heard, repeatedly, throughout the day every day (especially right now when we don’t have many in the system – anyone who buys and uploads Audio Ads right now would have a near-monopoly on them!).

And you basically have a captive and fully-engaged audience listening to your ads. The Audio Ads are heard by all who are listening to the radio stream (and most of our surfers do), and people have to keep surfing to keep the stream going – if they pause for more than a minute, the stream shuts off until they click again.

I’ve fielded some questions and comments here and there since we opened about whether or not SSL’s Audio Ads interfere with ads in the surf that have audio, and my answer to that is nope, not really. Between the varied volume levels and the fact that either can be paused to listen to the other, neither really distracts from the other, in my experience anyway.

I hear both at the same time all the time surfing and I really never have any trouble differentiating between the two (and I can always start the video in the surf page over again if need be).

When an Audio Ad plays at SSL, a highlighted link pops up in the surfbar that surfers can click and follow to your intended target URL and check out your site or opportunity. Sweet, no?

Who can purchase and submit Audio Ads? Anyone! They’re not just for program owners, literally anyone could make and submit an Audio Ad for, well, anything they want to promote!

What seems to confuse people the most is how to go about making and setting up hosting for an Audio Ad. Believe it or not, that part’s pretty easy.

You could always make your own if you have a microphone – and in these Skype and cam days most of us do. If you don’t have the software yourself or the know-how about how to record yourself, if you just Google “record an MP3”, you’ll get a veritable ton of results for online MP3 recorders (many of them free of charge) or easy instructions on how to DIY it.

You can also go to Fiverr and get one made for you, and professionally and very inexpensively. In case you didn’t know, a very large majority of the audio and video stuff you hear and see around the traffic exchange community on sites, in ads and more, came from Fiverr.

And there are other avenues for getting things made online too, but Fiverr’s probably the most popular (and probably the most inexpensive generally).

Once you have an audio ad finished or made for you, all you have to do is go to Sound Surf Live and purchase an Audio Ads package – either 15, 30 or 60 seconds (and the Audio Ad needs to be an MP3 in one of those three time allotments). You buy the package, then enter the URL where the Audio Ad is hosted, and enter the target URL you want people to go to if they click on the ad’s link in the surfbar. After we manually approve the ad, it’ll run until it runs out of spots.

How long should your Audio Ad be? Most people that have submitted them in the past have gone for 30-second spots, though 60-second spots are just as welcome.

15-second spots are also fine, though they tend not to get played as often (if there are not at least four 15-second spots in the system, the picker won’t pick 15-second ads that hour). The more 15-second spots that are submitted, however, the less that should be a problem in the future.

So where can you host your Audio Ads? Also easy. If you have your own website and domain, you can upload your ad there and just give us the URL directly to the ad.

Or have Sunny host it for you! That’s the easiest option, especially if you don’t have your own website and domain – Sunny Suggs made audio ad hosting available a while back at Your Splash Hosting for an incredibly low cost. All you have to do is click here and set your account up and you’ll be ready to upload any audio ads you make or have done for you. Easy peasy!

I think I’ve addressed most of the things I think have had people confused or unsure about Audio Ads, but if you have questions, feel free to leave them in a comment here on the blog and I’ll respond (or find someone who knows the answer if I don’t).

In any case, I wanted to get this out there while we still had our Black Friday sale going with all of our Audio Ad packages marked down 70%. So while the sale’s going on, next time you see one of our Black Friday deals on Audio Ad packages, give it some serious thought. Anyone can have an Audio Ad at Sound Surf Live – and the huge benefits that can come with them!

So we are having our biggest sale of the year at Sound Surf Live this week, in conjunction with our big brother site TE Racing League and another of our partner sites, Downline Kreator, for Black Friday festivities.

The sale started at 12:01am today and will last until the end of the evening on Cyber Monday, so that’s five days’ worth of deals with a new deal every hour.

Bookmark the Deals page to stay on top of what’s on sale each hour (you’ll also find banners for the Deals in the Member Areas at SSL & TERL):

==> (click here for our Black Friday Super Sale Deals)

Now, let me share an important bit of info here…

Some of the deals there will be this week for Sound Surf Live are VERY rare, so to speak. A few of them are likely to never be offered again… or at least not for a very, VERY long time.

(This may be true of the other sites too, but I can guarantee you won’t see some of the SSL deals again for a while.)

All of our Black Friday deals should show up multiple times while the sale is on, so if you miss one you wanted early on, don’t worry ‘cos it should show up again (and possibly several times). But don’t wait too long!!

I’d also recommend considering some of the deals offered on Audio Ads at Sound Surf Live when they come up. If the concept of Audio Ads confuses you, stay tuned ‘cos I’m planning an informative post here about Audio Ads @SSL on Friday or Saturday that should explain it all.

Anyway, there ya go, there’s my big news for the week… the Deals page is out there in the wild so you’ll find it surfing many places as well!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S., and happy Thursday to all!



Hey! I am unbelievably behind** in virtually everything I had planned to do today (including finally replying to the comments on Monday’s blog post, argh, sorry!), but I wanted to hurry up and get a new blog post up today because, well, time is running out.

On what, you say? Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of weeks, maybe?

TimTech’s 12 Days of Christmas, of course! Which, as I type, is about to start in just under nine hours from now (midnight EST Wednesday night/Thursday morning).

(EDIT: Wow, I wasn’t too bright yesterday, it starts at midnight Thursday night/Friday morning, i.e., December 13th. However, when I wrote this post yesterday the countdown clock on TimTech’s page was perpetuating my confusion about the day as it did say just under nine hours. LOL, but whoops!)

I know, right? You think you haven’t recovered from the fun and chaos of TimTech’s epic Black Friday event and the mayhem of that 102-hour Spreecast yet, right? (I’m still tired myself after all that Spreecasting, LOL.)

But have no fear – the 12 Days event will be a little less hectic, but still just as epic – as well as good for you! (Just like your mom said carrots were good for you, except this will taste a lot better. I hate carrots. Heh.)

This time around there will be one ( just one!) awesome TimTech deal a day, and the deal will be available the entire day. I expect each day’s deal will be crazy good, and Jon’s already dropped a hint that the deal on Friday, December 20th will be one for the TE Land history books. (I have the date starred on my calendar already.)

I am going to be watching the deals like a freakin’ hawk and encourage you to do so too. I grabbed some fantastic TimTech goodies during the Black Friday event, but here’s a sad story – I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not taking one deal in particular when it came up (the three CTP badges for $27, which are normally $97).

I am not holding on to any big high hopes that that particular deal will come around again during the 12 Days of Christmas event, but I’ve been kicking myself so hard over that one I can pretty much guarantee I’m not going to let another super opportunity like that pass me by again if I can help it.

So don’t be like me and let something really super crazy awesome slip by you this time – get in on the fun and grab yourself some great deals, from now (well, tonight) right up until Christmas!

If you’re not a member of ClickTrackProfit yet, I urge you to sign up to CTP here and look for the 12 Days of Christmas banner once you’re inside (you can’t miss it). Otherwise you can also just go here and subscribe to get the daily e-mail updates once the event begins tonight.

I hope whatever’s been on your TimTech wish list comes up for you, and me too! Good luck to us all and Merry Awesome Sauce Christmas! :-)

** (Oh, and the reason I’m so behind and have done absolutely none of my usual daily to-do list all day? I hate*** Jon Olson because he made this post at Hit Exchange News yesterday and it gave me this idea that won’t go away, and now I’ve been taking action and planning and researching this idea all day long since before sunup. Go read it and maybe it will motivate you to do something potentially awesome too.)

*** (Not really. I mean yes, all of the above is true except for me hating Jon. Although ask me again in a day or two when I’ve had zero sleep because I’ve DONE NOTHING BUT PUT TOGETHER THIS THING his post put the idea for in my head. LOL.) :-)

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