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I’ll make this one short and sweet, because (as some are already aware) I am in the midst of preparing to get away for a VERY much-needed long weekend with my Prince Charming, whom I haven’t gotten to see in person in a very long time… maybe.

(Actually, as I write this, plans are appearing to be a little more up in the air and less solid than they were a few days ago, though I think it’s still on. That said, if I should show up at Affiliate Funnel conference on Saturday… I’m just saying it probably would not be a good idea to ask me what happened to my weekend plans. Heh.)

Anyway – today is Thursday, so that means tonight Mike Paetzold and Jerry Reeder are up to their usual expert marketer tricks and tips, teaching people how to build a solid foundation for their online business at the weekly (and free, did I mention free?!?!) Get Referrals Fast training conference at 8pm EST tonight.

This week is Part Two of the four-part series that they do over and over again, so this week’s topic, I believe, should be about getting results.

So you really probably don’t want to miss this one, especially if you’re NOT getting results with what you’re currently doing.

As always, these weekly conferences are free and open to the public, you don’t have to be a member of Get Referrals Fast (though I certainly recommend the program highly), you don’t have to talk or type and can just listen, you can ask any and all questions about online marketing and such you want, and anyone can come.

Just show up here at 8pm EST tonight (Thursday):

==> Get Referrals Fast Conference Room (sorry, no longer available)

And Mike and Jerry will do the rest and teach you everything and more about getting results than you’d ever hope to find out on your own. Valuable, useful information… and it’s all free.

As for me and here on the blog, I have some posts lined up for a couple of days so just because I’m posting doesn’t mean I didn’t leave for my getaway as intended (and my four large dogs will be guarding the house of course, not that I have anything anyone wants to steal anyway, lol). I will in any case be hitting Traffic Exchange Live today as usual (hopefully!) and be back on Monday in time for TE Live, or close anyway.

TAKE OFF, EH… WITH TOP FLIGHT: I gave some well-deserved props last week and in yesterday’s post – and I’m gonna do it again – to my friend and fellow TE Live regular Randy Ritter’s crib, Top Flight Traffic, after noticing while making my weekly rounds checking on my traffic exchange credits that traffic was moving at a righteous speed over there.

And as was also mentioned, Jon Olson has called Top Flight Traffic one of the most well-managed traffic exchanges out there and he ain’t lying. If you need something or have questions, Randy won’t just contact you in e-mail or whatever – the man’s liable to just pick up the phone and CALL you! He’s pleasantly surprised LOTS of his members that way. Randy’s just a darn all-around good guy.

So seriously, and again, if you’re not a member of this awesome traffic exchange, I encourage you to join Top Flight Traffic today ‘cos it just rocks, and especially is rockin’ the traffic right now here lately!

Lots of stuff going on in TE Land and thereabouts this week… let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Today is Thursday, so that means Mike Paetzold and Jerry Reeder are having their weekly training conference for Get Referrals Fast on business building… but you don’t have to be a Get Referrals Fast member to learn how to build a business from the experts as the weekly training is free and open to the public.

And it just so happens tonight re-starts their four-part series, the first session tonight being about Creating the Big Red Easy Button (you know, the one everyone who’s trying to make money online is looking for).

They’ve also addressed some of the occasional questions and doubts people sometimes have about the GRF training this week on their blog, so if you’ve been wondering some of the same stuff, you might want to give this post at the Get Referrals Fast training blog a look-see (sorry, post is no longer available).

In any case, feel free to drop in and join the conference tonight (Thursday) at 8pm EST here:

==> Get Referrals Fast Conference Room (sorry – link no longer available)

Again, it’s free, totally open to the public, you can just listen and watch if you want – and if you have any questions at all just about online marketing in general or the program itself, bring them – Mike loves to answer questions! And… there are turtles! (For real!)


A DOWNLINE BUILDER HERE, A DOWNLINE BUILDER THERE, DOWNLINE BUILDERS EVERYWHERE: I mentioned the other day that new SWAT commish James Holmes had added a new downline builder to SWAT Traffic – well, it’s grown pretty huge since I first looked at it early in the week, and James said last night at the SWAT Conference that he’s got even MORE programs to add. So again, if you’re a member, you should probably go check it soon (Friday would probably be a good day) and update your own downline builder at SWAT.

Cookie Jar Hits also recently added a new downline builder to their site, so you’ll want to check that one out as well, especially since you can add your OWN choices of programs to it. I’m not entirely sure how many programs you can add as a free member (probably just one) but if you’re upgraded, depending on your upgrade level, have several options – 3 programs for Sugar Cookie Basic upgraded members, 6 programs for Chocolate Chip Pro members, and 10 programs for Fortune Cookie Elite.

Owner Marcy McManaway is a TE Live regular (though we haven’t seen much of her in a while and we miss her!) and Cookie Jar Hits is sweet (pun intended), so check it out!


YOU GOTTA HAVE FRIENDS: Last night’s SWAT Conference in the SWAT Traffic room was wildly interesting, by the way – and a very informative presentation by owner James Holmes and some really good discussion afterwards and I think we were there for nearly two hours almost, which, among other things, included Jerry Reeder asking Tony Tezak if he could bring his imaginary friends to Tezak Traffic Power conference next Wednesday. Ha!


BRING A FRIEND… OR TWO… OR THREE! Speaking of which, Tony Tezak has put up a challenge to anyone planning to attend Tezak Traffic Power conference next Wednesday – he wants everyone who attends to try and bring a friend, and if you bring a friend with you to the conference, he’ll add 100 credits to their TTP account AND 100 credits to the friend that brings them’s account.

In fact, if I’m not mistaken (Tony, please correct me in comments if I’m wrong and I’m sorry if I am!!) – I think he originally said he wanted to see everyone try to bring THREE friends and that he would honor the credit deal for up to three friends and their sponsor. (And if I totally got that wrong, please disregard that… my mind and my hearing may not be what they once were in my advancing age!)

So bring a friend to TTP conference next Wednesday night and get credits! It’ll be right here at 6:30pm EST on Wednesday, November 17th:

==> Tezak Traffic Power Conference Room


THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK ARE HOPPING: Word on TE Street is that activity and traffic is really hopping at two of TE Land’s newest traffic exchanges, John Bell’s Traffic Swirland Eric Holzwarth’s Lucid Leads. Traffic Swirl also has surf chat for those of you who are into that. If you’re not a member of both, you should be, because both of these TEs seem to be really growing fast and super active!


OK, well, my offline life has once yet again taken a sudden and unexpected crazy turn so I’m really not sure how much I’m going to be around and posting the rest of this week and next (though probably most of next week except for the weekend).

Have a good Thursday, everyone, and don’t forget to come by Traffic Exchange Live this afternoon! Ask Jon to say “Polish sausage” for you (that’s exactly what he’s saying here):

*** Traffic Exchange Live broadcasts live weekday afternoons from 3-4 pm EST ***


ATTRACT PEOPLE TO YOUR LIST WITH THE LEAD MAGNET: Unless you were hiding under the ol’ proverbial rock again, you probably know that Stefan Berg’s new program The Lead Magnet came out yesterday.

Now granted, there have been several viral list building/mailer programs that have come out on this same script in the last six or so months (and actually, just about all of them have been performing extremely well for me), but The Lead Magnet has some really cool stuff that’s all its own. Stefan is big on making helpful informational videos and there are a BUNCH of them in the site, as well as several other goodies you won’t find anywhere else.

(Oh, and be sure to watch the video on the first page when you log into the site in its entirety too – you can get some MORE bonus credits on top of the bonus credits you get on signup if you watch the video!)

Check out The Lead Magnet today and get some magnetizing mojo going for some new leads!

Pssst, a little newsy bit for y’all today…

So Jon Olson unleashed a big hint about something apparently super secret in Traffic Exchange Live yesterday that you missed if you weren’t there. Check this out:

(Scribbled with The Most Famous Marker on the Internetâ„¢, of course.)

“Pony Surf” was – as many will probably remember – the Secret Code Nameâ„¢ for Sweeva for about a month before Sweeva was launched… so with that in mind, take what you will from “Pony List”.

I’ve been ragging on Tim Linden in Traffic Exchange Live about him being gone this week and “busy”, but apparently he really HAS been busy… with whatever “Pony List” is.

What we know… not much, well, other than if “Pony List” sucks, then Jon, Tim, and Justin Ledvina are to blame, heh. But it won’t!

(Tim said Jon is as bad as his wife about Christmas presents and can’t hardly stand to keep a secret.)

So what is “Pony List”? When will we see it?

I don’t know, but keep checking back here because you can bet I’ll be posting what I can when I can, and when I know – and whenever I’m allowed to (really I don’t know anything at all yet though other than the above).

Stay tuned!

SWAT CONFERENCE TONIGHT: Don’t forget that the weekly Wednesday night SWAT Conference, which started up again recently, will be tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm EST here:

==> SWAT Conference room link

I don’t know what SWAT Traffic owner James Holmes has planned for tonight, but he always has a really good, educational and informational presentation to start and then it’s a free-for-all, “town hall meeting” type atmosphere afterward where people can meet and greet, ask questions about traffic exchanges and marketing or whatever.

And many traffic exchange owners are usually in attendance with credit deals and other specials ready to spring on the public, so it’s always a good idea to show up!

You don’t have to be a SWAT Traffic member or an upgraded member yet as the conferences are currently all open to the public – James will probably be instituting a monthly closed conference for upgraded Captain members only soon – but if you’re not a member of SWAT Traffic yet, you should check it out!

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