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So, two things I learned from my fun interview with James Holmes for the Discover Traffic Exchanges project yesterday…

  • I say “…and stuff” way, way, WAY too much.
  • Wow, I haven’t lost my accent nearly as much as I thought I had living in the city all these years, huh?

Heh. Even though so many people said such wonderfully kind and generous things after it was over – both in the chat room and in messages I got throughout the rest of the day and evening – I really was hesitant to go back and listen to it because I felt like I came off as a goofy giggling dorkette and maybe less of a “traffic exchange evangelist” (as James Holmes likes to call me) than a “traffic exchange cheerleader” (not that that’s a bad thing either, I suppose).

Plus really, doesn’t almost everyone hate to hear themselves on tape? I know it’s always made me cringe, ugh.

But I finally did go back and listen to it anyway and was overall satisfied with it, other than thinking, “Whoa, what is up with my accent?!?!?! I thought I mostly lost that?!?!?!?!”

See, I’ve been living in the city so long now (over 20 years) that people back home in smalltown Northwest Tennessee don’t think I sound like them anymore. Actually, most of them never thought I did (some of you who have listened to me in TE Live and Affiliate Funnel and elsewhere will laugh when I tell you that I was once accused of being “a Yankee” when I was in high school).

But yep, I reckon that I still sound kinda like I’m from Tennessee after all. And that’s okay. It was just somewhat of a surprise, heh.

In any case, it was great fun to do, and heck, I probably could have gone on for another hour (!!)… and in looking at all those nice notes I had made before the interview and got lost trying to follow while it was going on, I see I did indeed leave out a few large chunks of stuff I really did intend to address during the interview yesterday, though nothing all that important I guess, and probably some of those little things I’ll just save for future upcoming blog posts. I probably also forgot to give thanks and props to a few people I meant to, though I think I managed to get most of those in too. All in all, I think I probably did manage to touch on most of the more important things I wanted to.

A few things come to mind, though…

I meant to say some things about how I have considered TE Live – and all the other available conferences and networking gatherings – kind of like my job to be there every day (or at least try), because I just wouldn’t really have much of a business foundation going at all were it not for all of that. It wouldn’t be for everyone, but it sure has been a huge benefit for me. It’s hanging out and socializing for an hour or two a day mostly, yeah… but it’s valuable, valuable socializing in the long run.

That said, if TE Live disappears tomorrow, I’d still have plenty to do and just keep doing my thing. Over time even the blog here has evolved past “just being TE Live updates” into a much more broad spectrum of traffic exchange and general marketing stuff, and I’ve worked hard to build my name and my business and my “brand” over the past year, and it’s paid off in lots of good and positive ways. TE Live is still a very important part of the mix, but Lynn M Dot Net has become more of a big melting pot of TE industry and related stuff now PLUS TE Live stuff… and that’s cool.

And I can sure tell you some horror stories about what happens when I don’t attend TE Live and the usual conferences like I should, and when I don’t keep my pages rotating in the TEs like they should be, etc. I’ve had a couple of really difficult months this year with a lot of not-good stuff going on offline, when I sort of took a bit of a break from a lot of things, and man, oh man – were those bad months all the way around, financially and otherwise. When you are not consistent (or at least mostly) and just don’t keep at it and do what you should every day? Yep, bad things happen.

I also talked a bit about why my blog tends to be my primary focus, but I think I left out an important point about that in the telling. My blog points to virtually everything I do and feeds everything I do and own, including my traffic exchange. What’s beneficial about that, I think, is my blog tends to get a lot of traffic and attention not just from TE people, but from the marketing world outside of the traffic exchanges too (and more and more as time goes on).

Which is, as I’ve said a couple of times this week, always a good thing. Traffic exchange owners and active users are constantly trying to bring in “new eyes” into TE land, ’cause when it comes down to it, really we’re kind of a small piece of the big pie of online marketing. The more outside and new people we bring in, the better, and my stats tell me I’m reaching people not only in TE Land but outside of the traffic exchanges, so I’m certainly going to keep doing so.

(Personally, my plot to take over the world includes turning every Internet user into a surfer, bwahahaha…. shhhh, don’t tell anybody!!!)

Anyway, yeah, I think I covered or at least touched on most things I wanted to yesterday, though I probably could have talked for another hour or two (and Paul Kinder did! – the recording of his interview yesterday went to about 120 minutes or so). It was great, great fun, I appreciate all the many folks who showed up in the chat room (that was such a nice and pleasant surprise and a very humbling and grateful experience, thank you ALL) – and thanks to James for having me on the show. It was awesome!

My pal, TE Live regular, fellow music & movie enthusiast and all-around super cool guy Jerry Iannucci wrote an awesome post at his crib last night about the Discover Traffic Exchanges interviews that includes links to each individual interview  РI encourage you to go check it out:

==> Interviewing the Traffic Exchange Leaders

In other news…

There was no Traffic Exchange Live today, and I’m sorry I didn’t get a post up this morning about that (though I did manage to slap something up on Twitter), but admittedly I’ve been a little distracted today by the fully remodeled and spiffy brand new v5.0 version of Net Marketing Forum today.

If you haven’t been there in a while (or in the last 48 hours), I’m warning you now – it’s COMPLETELY different! All accounts were moved over and are the same, though – you won’t have to re-register if you were a member already.

After changing it over to the fabulous vBulletin software (which I have years of experience with and know what cool things it can do, so I’m super excited about it), Tim has been tweaking it and putting the finishing touches on it all day and we’ve all just been having mad fun with it. It’s going to be as addictive as Facebook, I guarantee it… but even better because it’s jam-packed with all your favorite traffic exchange and marketing people, lol.

And Tim Linden and John Guanzon and Jared Silver and I are already fighting over all the awards, which are just one of dozens of cool “extra” features that have been added.

It has a “Groups” function too… and overall this will kinda work out better, I think, than what we had hoped to do with the old TE Live Ning group last year (which went all but dead, basically).

There are “Premium User” and “Premium Owner” memberships available now which get you extra access to areas of the site (and Premium Owners can form new groups).

Anyway, it’s super cool and going to be a lot of fun – NMF is starting over from scratch content-wise, so it’s a whole new era over there – check the new Net Marketing Forum out when you can.

I might or might not post this weekend – I’ve been running kind of at full speed all week and holding it all together up to the interview and I’m kind of in need of a break for a couple of days – so I might disappear off the radar ’til Monday, but who knows. In any case, have a great weekend!

CONTRIBUTORS STILL NEEDED! – BUILD YOUR LIST FAST: I have been poking some of my fellow marketers that are still in the early-ish stages of their marketing efforts about getting into JV giveaways, and there is a HUGE one coming up, so I’m just going to keep poking people until they take action and DO something.

This is NOT just any other JV giveaway – this one is one of Traffic Witch owner Guido Nussbaum’s (with partner Stephanie Mulac) and it will be humongous and promoted like mad when it opens to the public October 28th.

If you don’t have your own product to promote, grab some of that PLR you have collecting dust on your hard drive, anything with giveaway rights – anything you can give away –¬† and just jump in.

I more than tripled the number of subscribers to one of my lists during Guido’s last giveaway pretty much without lifting a finger, other than the process of adding my gift to the giveaway.

I’m gonna keep on nagging about this until I start seeing some names I recognize from TE Live, AF, etc. on the contributors list because this is something that’s just so easy to do, it’s really kind of ridiculous that so few people in the community are not taking advantage of it when it’s SO super easy.

You can do it for free, so seriously, what have you got to lose? Sign up as a contributor to the Halloween JV Giveaway here:

Today’s the day! My postponed-from-last-week interview with James Holmes for the Discover Traffic Exchanges project is today (Thursday) at 1pm EST. You can listen in here:

==> Listen to My Interview at Today

If you can’t make it to listen in live, it’ll be recorded and in the “On Demand” section on James’ main page there afterward. The chat room on the page will be open during the interview, so I hope you can make it!

If you were at SWAT Conference last night (VERY full house, good to see!), you already know this too…

Paul Kinder of Traffic-Splash is the “mystery guest owner interview” James and I’ve been hinting about for a week, and his interview with James will also be today at 3pm EST.

==> Listen to Paul Kinder’s Interview at Today

Let me tell ya – every time Paul speaks there are usually a dozen or more golden nuggets of great and useful marketing and traffic exchange marketing information being dropped… so you for sure don’t want to miss his interview! The Dolphin Dude also has said he has big announcements today, so there’s that too.

So tune in at 3pm EST at (the chat room there will be open again during the interview), it’ll be great stuff!

AND ABOUT TRAFFIC EXCHANGE LIVE TODAY: We didn’t discuss it yesterday, but since today was kind of an “extra” day tacked on to the Discover Traffic Exchanges project, I’m going to assume that we’re probably going to do much like last week and encourage everyone to meet up over in the chat room at at the usual TE Live time of 3pm EST, and that normal TE Live shenanigans will resume tomorrow on Friday in the Traffic Exchange Live conference room.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, & THANK YOU: Just a quick shout-out of thanks to those who have joined (or re-joined, as it were in some cases) Easy Surf Exchange following my A Nightmare on Traffic Exchange Street post yesterday and in the past week or so.

That kinda thing is one thing I love about this business and the traffic exchange community as a whole. We’re all here to make money, or there would be no reason for it to exist – but I think the traffic exchange community has something special that other areas and participants in online marketing don’t really have in that so many people active in traffic exchange and related marketing go far and beyond the call to try and help others – be it through education or otherwise – and there is a constant flow of helping each other out in all kinds of different ways, but especially when one of our own is down.

We are certainly a much more cohesive unit than most groups of marketers I’m aware of, and yeah – we’re kind of like a dysfunctional family sometimes – but all families are dysfunctional one way or another usually, and I think we do pretty great and are much more of a real “community” than most groups of marketing peeps as a rule.

So hooray for us! Now have a great rest of your Thursday, and don’t forget to come listen to me babble about goodness only knows what all, and Paul be his expert self, on James Holmes’ radio show today!

GET YOUR BIG RED EASY BUTTON RIGHT HERE: Everybody’s looking for the big red easy button to make their online marketing efforts work, no?

Mike Paetzold will GIVE you an easy button tonight if you just show up to his and Jerry Reeder’s weekly training conference tonight.

You don’t have to be a member of Get Referrals Fast, don’t have to join anything, don’t have to pay anything, and don’t even have to talk or type if you don’t want to. You can just listen.

All you have to do is just show up at 8pm EST tonight (Thursday) – that’s IT.

For more info, check out this post at Mike & Jerry’s Get Referrals Fast blog – hope to see you there tonight!

In the spirit of Halloween approaching, here’s a little horror story for you…

Anyone who reads here very often knows that I’m, like, the queen of Murphy’s Law and whatever can go wrong will most of the time. I’ve long come to terms with the fact that where most people get the proverbial “monkey wrench” thrown into whatever they’re doing occasionally, there’s usually a whole arsenal of monkey wrenches waiting for me. When something actually goes right or perfectly or fabulously, it’s usually a pleasant surprise.

Things just happen sometimes, and often without us having any control over them at all.

You may have already heard about this, but my buddy (and TE Live regular) Ian Bakewell and his partner Robin Bouwhuis recently experienced what’s got to be one of the biggest nightmares of all nightmares for any traffic exchange owner, losing their entire database at Easy Surf Exchange while trying to improve the exchange by transferring the system from the Ventrino script to the LFMTE script.

If you can imagine what it’s like to have to start an established TE that had thousands of members over again and starting from the ground up with nothing – that’s exactly what they’ve had to do.

Easy Surf Exchange as it was is gone. The new version of ESE is up and running on the new script very nicely and even just at a glance, it’s an obvious huge improvement from the previous version. It’s coming back to life and I am certain it will be bigger and better than ever before, in time.

I have much respect for the way the guys have handled this – as soon as it happened, they came out with it immediately and were completely honest and upfront about it and about what the resulting problems were. Some other people would have probably tried to keep it as quiet as possible and as long as they could and downplay the damage done, but Ian and Robin have been perfectly straight up and forthright. (As the Aussies say, good on ya, fellas.)

I have recommended ESE, among some other TEs, to many I network with closely over the past year because one of several pros about this exchange is that Ian gets out of the box and advertises ESE profusely outside of the “usual TE market”. Much as I said yesterday, the more new faces there are to see your sites, the better… and the more that haven’t already seen every page under the sun rotating in TEs already, even better.

If you were a member of Easy Surf Exchange before this tragedy, you’ll need to register again.

All of the old referral links are broken so if you had any links out there wandering the Internet, you’ll need to register again and change the links to your new referral link. I still have to do that here myself in lots of old posts, as Ian and ESE have frequently gotten linked here, whether in TE Live updates or directly promoted.

If you are a TE or safelist or other program owner and would like to help, perhaps you could toss some extra ESE banners or pages with your referral link into rotation. That’s what I’ve done, as well as setting ESE as the default start page on several days. Any little bit anyone feels like doing will certainly help.

And if you weren’t a member of Easy Surf Exchange before, please do consider joining many of us owners and surfers in this effort to help ESE get back up on its feet, build up its membership base again, and get active again as it was.

Get your sites in rotation and give it some time to build back up again and I feel certain – as it always was in the past – you’ll be seeing future positive results. If I know Ian, he’s already busting his butt to get the membership base flowing and growing again, so I expect there’s already lots good starting to happen there again, and much more to come.

P.S. Don’t forget – my postponed interview with James Holmes for the Discover Traffic Exchanges project is on for tomorrow (Thursday) at 1pm EST. The chat room there will be open at interview time and you can listen in here:


RENEWED SWAT CONFERENCE IS TONIGHT: Yep, don’t forget also that the SWAT Conferences are starting up again tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm EST! New owner James Holmes and former owner Jon Olson will both be on hand for the conference tonight (it’s going to be held in the TE Live conference room tonight).

For now, SWAT is open to the public and everyone, will probably continue to be for a while, and in time there will probably be at least one open & public conference a month and upgraded members of SWAT Traffic the rest of the time.

Hope you can make it! Join us for SWAT Conference tonight at 8pm EST right here:

==> SWAT Conference, Wednesday 8pm EST

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