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Today’s a pretty special day. Let me tell you why…

As you probably know, Jon Olson and I go back a pretty long way now. Even back before TE Live ever existed.

Before I stumbled across TE Live on its inaugural day in 2009, a while before that I was stumbling, like the silly starry-eyed newbie I was, into places like the old SWAT and Affiliate Funnel conferences nearly eight long years ago now. Soaking up all the information I could like a sponge from folks like Jon, Tony Tezak, Paul Kinder, Mike Paetzold, Tim Linden, John Guanzon, Jerry Iannucci, the late great (and always funny & loud) Jerry Reeder, and so many others.

I’ve probably heard every single Jon Olson “nugget” there is umpteen hundred bazillion times by now, over all those years. Still, I go listen to what he has to share most every day, even sometimes still learn something new. Most definitely I often get reminded of things I forgot about – or things I do know and did learn long ago, but should be paying more attention to.

Jon’s been working on a secret project for a little while now, but it’s something he’s been wanting to do for a decade or more, and something he’s super passionate about and always has been. When he told me what it was all about – and especially some of the extras you can get access to in addition to the basic product – I was just like, “Wow, that is just SO you!”

If you know anything about Jon Olson, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that what Jon and TimTech are launching today is called +1 Success.

+1 Success is based around a concept Jon talks about and encourages others to do all the time regarding improving daily, doing something better the next day than you did the day before – and rinse and repeat. He not only believes in “+1 daily” and walks the walk, but he talks the talk about it ALL the time and tries to motivate others to improve daily too.

The base product of Plus 1 Success will give you a 30-day action plan of really simple, tried and tested things you can do daily to improve your business and get better results day by day. It’s literally stuff that anyone can do – and most of it’s not only easy to do if you just decide to do it (some super easy!), but most don’t even cost a thing.

And if you really want to get serious about improving and learning, there are some extras you can grab that will totally blow you away – including an exclusive private networking and learning experience with other like-minded people in the community that is truly unlike anything there’s ever been before, in this community anyway.

Depending on just how serious you want to get about your business, there are several opportunities available – some very low or no cost, some higher, but there’s several varied opportunities within. (Oh, and there’s the potential of up to 100% commissions too.)

But the 30-day action plan inside +1 Success costs nothing – zip, nada, zilch. So hey, that part’s a total no-brainer to check out.

(Word of warning: If you’re interested in any of the first offers you see once you log in, you’re NOT going to want to skip them. I know we all sometimes skip past them sometimes thinking we can probably get the same price later – yeah, I’ve done it too – but that won’t be the case this time. If you pass the first time on something you’re interested in, it’ll be significantly higher later.)

Anyway, I’ve held you here long enough.

Go check out +1 Success right now, it’s really cool! And my challenge to you is to find something in the action plan inside to do today that you can do to make your business better – and just do it!

One of the things I have always dug about the traffic exchange community is that competition is not really an issue, most people in the community are genuinely glad to see others succeed and do well, and not only that, there are many generous folks who will often go out of their way to help others succeed and do well.

That’s not to say competition is nonexistent and that jealousy doesn’t exist, but for the most part those issues seem to be mainly found among those who tend not to play well with others, so to speak, anyway; or for those for whom jealousy and/or bitterness tend to be recurrent knee-jerk reactions in many situations, be they online or off; or for those who live their lives as if they’re in competition with everybody over everything at all times.

There is certainly some occasional healthy friendly competition in the mix here and there, sure. But for the most part, folks are happy for others if they win a contest, gets lots of signups, or do well in other areas of the business.

At least it’s always pretty much been that way in most of the various areas of TE Land in which I hang out, though I’ve seen or heard of some of the opposite in recent months, and that troubles me.

There’s enough room for everyone in this business, pretty much.

Early on when I started hanging around traffic exchanges and the people in them, my pal and one of my major mentors, the late Jerry Reeder, said this during a community conference one time:

“Not everybody’s going to like you. Get over it.”

He then went on to say that what he really meant by that statement was that people (i.e., customers, downline members, subscribers, etc.) are going to be attracted to different people for different reasons. Sunny Suggs was in the room at the time, and Jerry used Sunny and me as examples (which was kind of funny, given that Sunny and I are both blonde, both live in the South, and have a similar sense of humor and style, but anyway).

Jerry basically said that one person might like the way Sunny wrote or talked about a particular product or service better, or feel more connected to her than me, and buy from her instead of me – or vice versa.

He then went on to say the next person might not feel a connection to either one of us and might buy from or sign up under him instead – which made sense, since anyone who knew Jerry knows he had a way-out-there style all his own, and about as opposite of me or Sunny as one could get.

But the main point was simply that there’s plenty of room enough for everyone, and people tend to gravitate towards different styles or those they feel or sense some connection with, even if it’s just something they feel they have in common. And then there’s others who may just sign up under the first person’s email or Tweet they see, no matter whose it is.

In short, it really doesn’t matter all that much. Just be yourself, and the rest will follow.

That all said, what you really probably don’t want to do in this business is give anyone a reason not to take an interest in what you may have to offer.

Most folks just aren’t drawn to negativity – on the contrary, it usually sends most people in another direction. If you are angry or bitter or jealous over something and you let that color your interactions with others or in the public eye, most likely that’s going to send your potential customers or subscribers or downline members either straight to your competition, or at least to the next person they find that’s not giving off all those negative vibes.

Nobody much is attracted to a “Negative Nancy” (or “Negative Nigel”, as it were). If most of what people see is you constantly complaining about something or being persistently negative about something, they’re most likely going to go elsewhere and not seek you out.

Or stuff like that may send people away from TE Land altogether, where they’ll never find you nor any of the other folks who are around the traffic exchanges. Think of all the newbies that are probably lurking in the various chats at any given time – if you’re in that chat complaining about that program or the program’s owners, do you think someone new is likely going to stick around?

Be yourself, but remember that how you conduct yourself in public (and how you conduct yourself towards others) is important in this business. If you are seen in TE-public places a lot and most of the time you are just griping and complaining and being negative or bitchy all the time, those that might have otherwise been interested in who you are and what you may have to offer won’t likely be interested further.

I personally have a very sarcastic sense of humor, and many of the friends and colleagues I surround myself with tend to share somewhat the same sense of humor. Sometimes my sense of humor probably puts some off a bit, but then again those that share much the same sense of humor or “get” that type humor, they get me and may be more attracted towards what I am offering than someone who doesn’t get it.

While a bit sarcastic though, and while I do tend crack jokes about pretty much anything and everything – I’m not necessarily being all negative and gripey when I make some sarcastic crack. Sarcastic wit doesn’t necessarily mean negative, and I’m more about being positive while still being funny (or at least attempting to be, LOL). And more to the point, I do know when to rein it in most of the time, especially if I’m on about something negative – I do have some filters.

Some folks, I think, don’t, though – have filters, that is. And if you’re just overwhelmingly negative and gripe and complain about everything all the time, or if you’re one of those folks that just has to be right about everything all of the time, or you’re so focused on being competitive that nothing else matters – I can’t think of quicker ways to send potential customers, downline members or subscribers in another direction fast enough.

As the old saying goes, one attracts more flies with honey than vinegar. There’s certainly no point at all in being outright mean – that at least should be a no-brainer.

But being negative and complaining all the time isn’t likely to do much more than send others in the direction of someone else. Or send them away from things like the TE community altogether, and then nobody wins – not you, not me, not any of us.

Does it mean you have to be happy and upbeat all the time? Of course not, no one is.

Just be yourself, but remember that positive vibes will draw a lot more people and interest in your direction than negative vibes. (And if being yourself does mean you are negative all the time because that’s just how you really are… well, you might need a little more help than anyone in the TE community can help you with there, I’d recommend seeking professional help! LOL.)

In short, don’t let your negativity or competitiveness get in the way of community – not just the TE and related community and all the wonderful things it has to offer, but any other community you may be involved in.

By doing so, you not only place an obstacle around yourself within the community but, in the long run, you likely wind up just hurting only one person – yourself.

While most of the folks that know me pretty well, and even some that didn’t, have been nothing short of kind and welcoming since I returned to the TE neighborhood (and granted, many of them sorta knew what all had happened in my personal life to take me away, even if only vaguely), and really virtually everyone I’ve run into has been nothing but nice and mostly very welcoming as well, I guess a fair amount of people that were around when I was active before have wondered “Why is she back?”… at least that’s an elephant in the room I’ve perceived on occasion, though maybe it’s just me, I dunno.

The short answer is mainly because TE Live and everything about it and everything about TEs and related such stuff just feels like home to me, and I missed it all and everyone in it. But of course there’s more, though that’s mainly about why I was away rather than why I came back.

Unexpected catastrophes of epic proportions sounds pretty dramatic, but that’s pretty much how it was. Within a span of a few months, virtually everything in my life I had been planning on and working towards, as well as most of what I had, was gone and I just had to start my life over from scratch, basically.

Just about the time my online business activities had gotten a major boost and things seemed to be progressing very fast, my significant other at the time (now ex) and his lifelong struggles with drug addiction reared its ugly head again, in a big way, and soon after more unforeseen disastrous stuff occurred, and time pretty much just stopped for me.

By the time I finally had a chance to breathe again and take a look at what was left as far as my online stuff, it was months later and I had fallen so behind that it just seemed hopeless to try to fix everything. Shutting down my traffic exchange wasn’t something I did intentionally, either, although admittedly I had been considering taking it offline and focusing my efforts elsewhere for a while, but had I had the opportunity, I would have closed it properly per my standards rather than it just disappearing as it did. I was still paying the server bill and then the next thing I knew, I received notification that my payment had been canceled and returned, with no explanation included, and that was that.

I had just made a major move and didn’t have time to breathe at the time, so I just didn’t investigate further at the time, especially since activity had been so low anyway and I had been considering closing it for some time at that point. Only one person was owed a very small commission, who I wasn’t able to make contact with but would like to, and there were virtually no other commissions outstanding. It was just as good a time as any, really, to shut it down… I’d have just rather have had some notice so I could have closed it properly instead.

My PTC and related efforts never really went away though – PTC is where I came to TE Land from, and where I still continue with a blog that’s been online since 2008 and another site that’s been up almost as long. There were times the blog was inactive, but both sites were always static and are pretty evergreen so to speak, and continued pretty much as normal. I started focusing on them more in the early part of this year simply because I noticed there had been a pretty major increase in activity and hits… it seems that the worse the economy gets, the more people are looking to find ways to make more or extra money (which, of course, is good for all of us in both PTC/PTR/GPT land and TE land as well).

Two major things occurred recently that were the catalysts in my reappearance at TE Live last week. First, while I haven’t had a traditional “job” in many years now and have done a lot of freelancing in a lot of different areas, the only freelance work I could absolutely count on from month to month (and had been doing for over four years) unexpectedly got pulled out from under me, as well as virtually all of my colleagues here in the US.

Long story short, this particular organization which has a customer base that is entirely made up of Americans, Canadians and Brits decided to 100% outsource the work the Americans were doing to the Philippines. They’d been doing it increasingly for a couple of years, but decided to outsource 100% this year. Brilliant business move for a company with customer base that’s 100% in the US, Canada, and the UK, no?

The second thing that happened was that Jon and Tim and Justin opened Nerdbux. Heck, I wouldn’t have even known about it until probably days or weeks later except for the fact that some member of Apsense just happened to send out a credit mail that I normally wouldn’t have opened, but did, and was so glad I did. In the interest of downline integrity I went ahead and signed up under that person since that was the first I’d seen of it (so whoever my upline is, thank you!).

I had pretty much kept my PTC/GPT/PTR activities separate from my TE and IM activities before, since at that point in time PTC and the like was, not totally but somewhat, discouraged within TE land and I wasn’t really all that interested in trying to mix both at the time anyway.

But now, finally I had an opportunity to mix both of my passions, both things I have a fair amount of knowledge and experience in, PTC/GPT/PTR and TEs/etc. And I had been working on something since March or April anyway that is both PTC/GPT/PTR and TE related, so even better.

Will there be a traditional launch? No, not really. It just won’t be that big a deal, and in reality it’s just a natural progression from what I’ve already been doing since 2008 with my PTC/GPT/PTR blog and site, and just like those, it won’t cost anyone to use it, and won’t ever. Sure, I could probably make a big cash grab at launch and make some bucks by making it a paid or upgraded membership site (and if he were here, Jerry Reeder would probably want to wring my neck for not including paid memberships and/or upgrades, no doubt).

But that’s not how I roll. Never has been. When I started investigating ways to make money online years ago, I eventually had a mentor of sorts, but initially I had to seek out and learn everything on my own. I created my other sites so other people would have the roadmap right there in front of them, and wouldn’t have to do as I did on my own.

What I have planned is just a natural progression of what I’ve already been doing in the PTC/PTR/GPT arena since 2008, and I’d rather point people in the right directions instead of having to hassle with PayPal and the like, and if I wind up making some commissions down the road, great. I love promoting other people’s quality stuff and programs, but I’ll also have something of my very own, which if I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times since the first day I ever attended an AF conference – promote your own stuff, not somebody else’s – this way, I get the best of both worlds (and let the Olsons and Tezaks and Kinders and Bells and etc., etc. have the PayPal and Payza hassles, not me). :-)

Speaking of the late great and funny as heck Jerry Reeder, he once told me (besides telling me I needed to just shut down TPX and let it go) that I couldn’t just keep making my thing being reporting on Traffic Exchange Live forever; and then he backpedaled a little and said well, I could, but that I really just needed to find something that I wanted to do and that was my very own, something I created myself, and make that my “thing”, just promote that and nothing else.

And like I said above, yeah, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. The last thing in the world this industry needs is another TE or another mailer, IMHO, and I wasn’t interested anyway. And what I’m working on is something I originally wanted to make things easier for my PTC/etc. people anyway – and was going to include some TE related stuff anyway – but now, with the successful launch of Nerdbux, I feel like I can take it a step further and include more about TEs and some other related areas than I had originally planned.

TE Live has grown far too large and active for me to do what I did before here (though no doubt I will be taking notes about funny stuff and any exceptional occurrences or screenshots and important information to share regularly). It was verging on getting too big to keep up with like that even before I left, now it’s just huge. When I took it on, I was a newbie in TE land without any real planned purpose or anything specific to promote; that said, someone who finds themselves in that same position might consider taking that path and taking up the baton.

But the simple truth of it all is that even if I wasn’t working on a project? I’d still be back here, and in the TEs, and especially TE Live. It was just time, and especially after I saw my only stable and reliable work get handed over to a foreign country, it was really time, but any financial aspect of it is totally secondary. I just wanted to come back home.

And with the changes there have been as far as PTC vs. TEs – plus money badges and cash surfing and whatnot in the TEs –  it was an especially good time, and not only that, but those changes have made it far, far easier for me to be able now to focus on both worlds, PTC and TEs, at the same time, whereas before I think it would have been a little more difficult. Like I said up yonder, a good time to be back here and be able to mix both passions, and the knowledge and experience from both.

So yeah, I’m back, but there’s no huge reason behind it, other than it just seemed like the right time again, and I wanted to be among “my people” again. TE Live started out as what was originally only going to be a week of promotion for the former TE Toolbox (now, with people and program owners in and out since it was a big promotion, and then when the promotion was over and there were only five or ten or a dozen of us still hanging around besides Tim and Jon and John, it just kept going. Jon and Tim never planned on doing it past that first week, and apparently I inadvertently and unintentionally told them why they shouldn’t, and here it is now nearly four years later.

TE Live’s a little different now (though not much, thank goodness), and the second I set foot in there it felt like I was home again, finally. Everything just felt right again, and many other things have happened since that have reminded me that TE land is literally one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.

I definitely have gained some brand new perspective to share in future posts that hopefully will motivate anyone to stay the course and not quit or take a long break, as well as some definite new opinions (boy, do I now) regarding what program owners should and/or should not do about their members that go inactive for a while, and why (hint: think twice before you ever hit that “delete” or downgrade button, amigos)… but those are posts (and rants) for another time. :-)

So there’s all that, the “why are you back” post is done, got that all out of the way. Onto new and other things.

Know any good jokes?

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