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A typical day at old Traffic Exchange Live, with illustration provided by the  Previous Most Famous Marker on the Internet (R.I.P. – it’s since been replaced per Jon):


  • POST TITLE: Just In Time For Valentine’s Day, Cupid Is In The Air At Traffic Exchange Live
  • DATE: February 3rd, 2010
  • HISTORIC FACT: Tim Linden had an idea for ILoveHits that was discussed in length among everyone at TE Live that day, which eventually resulted in ILH’s Bracket Surfing.
  • JON OLSON FACT(S): We watched Jon open his mail live on cam. He worked out for 30 minutes the night before instead of just 20. Jon also sang a song about William Brant.
  • FUN FACT: Tim has a trick coin that never loses (Tim said he and Jon would have to flip a coin to see whether their then-programmer, Austin, would work for ILH or StartXchange that day).
  • WEIRD DISCUSSION TOPIC: Talk about banks, going to banks, robbing banks, etc. Tim told Jon he could get a good workout if he robbed a bank and had to run from the SWAT team. (groan…)
  • ALSO: Jon banned a UStream user who was kidding around with John Guanzon and calling him “Wonton”, thinking dude was a troll. Turned out to be a friend of John’s from high school.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “TE Live: Bring Your Friends, We’ll Ban ‘Em.” – Lynn M

So I found this screenshot the other day while looking for something else, and it made me laugh and I just had to share:

TeamTrafficNumberOneTeam Traffic was the name of the team I captained during the era of TE Teams, something Jon Olson and I were talking and laughing about at TE Live, shortly after my return to TE land, as “the great failed experiment”.

Was it truly a failed experiment? Not really, since it was actually kind of the precursor to ClickTrackProfit. If not for TE Teams, there might not have ever been CTP.

TE Teams begat the (currently for sale, according to Jon) Sitizens, and from both of those experiments basically sprang ClickTrackProfit.

The surfing teams at StartXchange were a precursor to TE Teams as well, and “bracket surfing” at ILoveHits (still today) was also somewhat spawned by all the teams and socializing and gamifying business.

TE Teams was the brainchild of Jon Olson and Tim Linden and John Guanzon, was thrown together kinda quick, and was great fun while it lasted and got off to a really good start. There were several teams in the mix and a lot of competition between them as far as number of members on each team and activity within the team (marked by activity points for various things).

You could work on building your downlines in several of the large traffic exchanges through TE Teams, so there was that somewhat similar aspect. It was also a social community of sorts with a forum, and with individual team forums and websites within.

Aside from the forum and teams themselves (which all worked for a while, but then just didn’t), it was kind of like CTP without the valuable training program within, and without the gamifying, sort of. The things that didn’t work for the long term in TE Teams are not part of ClickTrackProfit, while some of the aspects that were really good are, plus cooler additions like the training and games and badges.

As you can see, Team Traffic had its own logo that was designed by pro designer Winter Perkins (who was a member of Team Traffic as well, hehe), and Winter made our team our own splash pages and banners to use along with the TE Teams program designs.

Brenda Broyles was my right hand on Team Traffic and such a rock star, recruiting more new members than anyone else (I know, no surprise there!). There were several other action-takers and movers and shakers from TE land and TE Live at the time that were on Team Traffic as well.

And it was super duper competitive – as you can see, during the week of that screenshot, Team Traffic was on top, while Team Excelsior, captained by Jerry Iannucci, was in third place that week. There was always a lot of fun smack talk and teasing going on between the teams as well, and I really didn’t care what place our team was in as long as we were staying ahead of Jerry’s team, heh.

Team and Team Success we weren’t really all that worried about – Team was captained by Austin Hallock, who was the resident programmer at the time, so that was basically the Timtech-before-there-was-Timtech team, and with Team Success captain John Guanzon being one of the three owners – nah, I wasn’t concerned with them, and though the pre-Timtech team had more members, we stayed ahead of them consistently in activity within TE Teams. I was mainly gunning for Jerry and Team Excelsior, but they did slip past our Team Traffic many times on the top as things progressed.

TE Teams was one of those things that was a really good and brilliant idea at the time, and again, it was an idea that eventually bred ClickTrackProfit, so it wasn’t a total failure by any stretch.

There were some things that just didn’t work very well on a long-term basis and under the umbrella of a team structure, though, and basically the TE world just kinda lost interest overall.

TE Teams was a lot of fun in the very brief time that it lasted, in late 2009 and early 2010. It came and went, but now we have CTP and it’s 100,000x way better.

R.I.P. TE Teams, and hooray for ClickTrackProfit!

A long time ago… in a different Canadian province far, far away…

And a home office without orange walls…


  • POST TITLE: A Very Tender Episode of Traffic Exchange Live
  • DATE: January 11th, 2010
  • HISTORIC FACT: Co-host John Guanzon announced that Thumbvu had been able to enter the Affiliate Funnel rankings (for the first time) the previous week, entering at #49.
  • JON OLSON FACT: Jon got insurance company fax spam again, and would rather be paid in Euros than American money because money from France was (is?) worth more.
  • FUN FACT: It only takes Tim Linden 18 minutes to eat dinner with his family.
  • WEIRD DISCUSSION TOPIC: The word lingerie doesn’t sound the way it looks and should be pronounced “lin-jerry”. (Or as Tim added, Lynn Jerry, and then things just got weird…er.)
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Am I on TE Live or the Food Network?” – BartenderMo


PS: So I had intended to do the retro “Throwback Thursday” – or Tuesday – thing anyway, moving forward, with what few old TE Live photos I had been able to locate.

Then wonder of wonders, because I have looked and looked before with no luck – I found all the others last night, too.

So I’ll be restoring the old pics to their respective posts eventually, it’s going to take some time tho since there’s almost 300 of them and it’s going to take a while to upload them all into their proper places since right now they’re all in one single directory on my hard drive.

Will hopefully be able to get to that sometime this month or at least pretty soon, so stay tuned…

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