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Sigh. I’m a lonely little CTP is 3 birthday badge hunt badge that nobody’s claimed, because my Badge Master hasn’t added the hints to claim my badge yet.**

I don’t think my Badge Master understands what a HUGE opportunity he or she is missing out on. I wonder if he or she has any idea.

The birthday badge hunt at ClickTrackProfit is more than half over now, and my Badge Master could have added well over 100 new subscribers to his or her list by now. Probably more like 200 or 300.

Or if my Badge Master owns a program, he or she could have brought in literally hundreds of new members already.

If my Badge Master is an affiliate of a program, he or she could have probably added a hundred, or a couple hundred, new people to their downline by now.

There are SO many wonderful and awesome things that can be done with me. But if I just keep sitting here lonely and without any hints on my badge so lots of those nice CTP members can claim me and keep me company, then I’m afraid my Badge Master has wasted the money they spent to own me.

There’s still time to get some great results, if my Badge Master hurries up. But there’s not much time left, if he or she doesn’t fix up my badge hints soon.

I’m so very terribly sad and lonely. Oh, Badge Master, won’t you add my hints today?



… (sigh.)


** (This doesn’t apply to John Novak, Russell Stockley, and Lisa Woods, all of whom I am certain have plans to unleash theirs soon. But everyone else… YES!!!)

I have a confession to make: This post isn’t about actual Cheerios.

Not because I’m too cheap to buy the brand name Cheerios product (actually I kinda am, though I personally prefer the term “thrifty”), but my taste buds actually prefer the generic versions of Honey Nut Cheerios to the real thing. Kind of unusual for me to have such a major preference for the generic over the brand, but in this case I do.

So what in the world does cereal have to do with PTCs, you ask?

Well, I’ll get to that, but let me start off by saying I pretty much got my start making money online around seven years ago using Paid to Click and related sites (Paid to Read, “Get Paid To” do offers, etc.). I was in a few affiliate programs (mostly crummy ones) as well, and hadn’t at that time discovered the traffic exchanges quite yet – that came about a little later.

Many of you reading already knew that, that I started out in PTCs and PTRs and GPT sites. My activity on them has waxed and waned at various times over the years, but I’ve pretty much never stopped using them. When I lost my full-time offline job several years ago, and again later on during that really dark and gloomy first couple of years I was away from TE Land, sometimes those earnings were what put food in the fridge and such.

In any case, I’ve pretty much always been able to eke out a nice chunk of change annually clicking on PTCs and doing things on related sites. Some years it’s just been a couple or few hundred or so extra, last year quite a bit more (especially now that I’ve delved into the whole rented referral thing at a few sites), but right now I’m mainly just talking about my own clicking habits.

Nowadays since things aren’t quite so dire and dismal as they were a couple of years ago, I don’t really need that extra change as much as I sometimes have in the past, but I continue to actively work the sites I’ve found to be worthwhile..

Why not? It’s practically free money. And it’s money I can use towards other things, like advertising. Upgrades. Cheerios (or the generic version thereof).

OK, so it’s not really “free” money, because you do have to spend something – TIME – to do it.

At this point in time (and really most of the time all these years), I probably don’t spend more than ten or fifteen minutes a day on Paid to Click sites. I often work them when I’m doing something else, like listening to someone’s recorded Spreecast from earlier in the day.

I spend maybe a little extra time past that 10-15 minutes daily on another site (FusionCash, which is not really a PTC but sort of like ClixSense in that it has PTC and paid offers, plus they also have a daily paid email) to meet their daily requirements.

And then there’s the Paid to Read sites like Hits4Pay and its sister site, Deals ‘n’ Cash, which don’t necessarily send emails daily, but pretty often. Another few minutes there.

But none of that clicking and reading is terribly intrusive or disruptive to my day, especially since I fairly regularly multi-task and do it all while doing something else, like listening to a recorded Spreecast or the news or whatever. It’s just not that big a deal.

And all of those sites wind up generally paying me at least two or three or four times a year (three of the four have pretty high cashout levels) – and much more often with ClixSense, which I could have pay me weekly if I really wanted to (I have one hugely active referral there that does a lot of that work for me). If I wanted to spend a little more time regularly, they’d all be paying me even more and more often.

I can tell you without hesitation that if I was a millionaire, I’d probably still do it, the PTC/etc thing.

Why not? It’s a pittance of time (very much a pittance) out of my day, and that’s all money I wouldn’t otherwise have. And if the sites you’re working are worthwhile to do so – it all adds up, sometimes in a big way.

I withdrew a couple of bucks each a couple of weeks ago from Legacyclix and Dr Clix, mainly because I just wanted to be able to post some payment proofs in a couple of places.

A box of the generic version of Honey Nut Cheerios at the store down the street costs $1.95. I eat like a bird anyway and usually don’t eat but once a day, and sometimes I’ll just eat a bowl of cereal and that’ll be it for the day.

So essentially, I could eat for a week on that $2 I earned and withdrew, if I wanted, and still have come out a nickel ahead.

Or I could spend it on advertising to further build my list, and go buy some PTC ads at NerdBux or something. Or I could put it towards one of my monthly upgrades somewhere. Or lots of things – the possibilities are endless.

Do I really need to spend time on PTCs anymore? No, not so much, and if I cut out such activities altogether from my usual routine, I probably wouldn’t miss the spare change that much.

But to me, it’s like finding a couple of bucks on the sidewalk, the street, a parking lot somewhere, wherever. Obviously I’m not sitting in front of my computer doing work to build my online business if I’m somewhere that I’m finding a dollar of two on the pavement or concrete, so I’m already spending however much (or little) time away doing whatever, presumably doing something or on my way to somewhere and not wasting time.

So, to me, the time spent with PTCs and such is much like “found money” on the sidewalk, and not a waste of time either. Plus I get to see what other people are advertising, which is always interesting, and yup, sometimes I sign up or buy if it really grabs my attention and sparks my interest.

It’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned. I can pretty much withdraw two bucks at most anywhere I’m a member at any given time, and that two dollars will feed me (with my admittedly awful hardly-ever-eating habits) for a week.

Or buy ads that gain me some signups, and that may lead to commissions and therefore even more money. Or whatever else I wanna do with it. Win-win, I tell you.

Probably the #1 thing I hear and read around TE Land and other related arenas is that folks feel they can’t afford this or that, whether it’s an autoresponder, tracking, an upgrade, a splash page maker, or whatever. And probably somewhere else in the top five of such things is that they feel they don’t have time for things like clicking on PTCs.

And sometimes it’s the same people saying both.

A few minutes out of my day isn’t going to make or break me, and probably not much of anyone else. And that few minutes spent on PTCs and such is pretty much a sure thing and a done deal in that I’ll earn some extra cash doing it… unlike the chances of me finding a dollar or a five-dollar bill on the sidewalk if I go for a 10, 15, 20-minute walk this afternoon. Possible, but not too likely.

Now, excuse me while I go multi-task and eat a bowl of generic Honey Nut Cheerios while doing my daily clicks and earning more money. Time management for the win, woohoo!

GET A HEALTHY DOSE OF SPARE CHANGE HERE: My friend, fellow Tennesseean, and one of the nicest people on the planet, John Novak, opened up the new PTC Dr Clix a few weeks ago and it is awesome. If you’re not a member yet, you should be!


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