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So I think it’s about time for a Traffic Exchange Live update, don’t you? I think I’ve put one off long enough.

I’ve fallen so behind with those (and knowing how behind I was, haven’t been taking many notes lately, other than about who showed up most days), most of these photos and notes are so old now and going back to when we were still on UStream and hadn’t moved permanently to the TE Live room yet. Oh well.

That said, let’s see what all I had saved up to share with you, and then we can just move on from today and maybe I’ll do some updates a little more often – at least weekly or better is what I’m shooting for these days.

So without further ado, here we go…

Catching Up with Oodles ‘n Oodles of Traffic Exchange Live:

  • As usual, we’ve had usually Jon Olson in the TE Live house, mostly but not always with Tim “I’m Busy” Linden, and John Guanzon has rejoined us for most of the last month or so. And with Baby Guanzon too!
  • Of course, now that we’re in the TE Live room, anyone can pick up the mic and/or cam. I do sometimes if I’ve bothered to get out of my pajamas and brush my hair that day. Marketing talk radio ace and new SWAT Traffic owner James Holmes is also on cam quite often, as are some others from time to time.
  • Here’s Jon jamming to some reggae:

  • Jon is all organized and being a good role model.
  • At least that’s what my notes say. I have absolutely no idea what that was about.
  • The Most Famous Marker on the Internet was back on TE Live for its first viewing since Saskatoon:

  • One day Jon was very excited because his house is all wired now, instead of wireless.
  • He was also talking to Tim that morning and there was a big bird apparently quacking outside Tim’s window. Why I took notes about that, I have no clue.
  • Here is Baby Guanzon’s fuzzy head:

  • Jon had 13th pick in his Fantasy Football League, he informed us.
  • John’s already putting Baby Guanzon to work:

  • On Labor Day in the USA last month, Jon declared it “Positive Thinking Labor Day”.
  • Kevin Bailey replied that we should all do “Shiny happy marketing” in honor of Positive Thinking Labor Day.
  • It wouldn’t be TE Live without Jon bothering EasyHits4U (“Hiiii EasyHits4U!!!”):

  • One day Jon’s friend Corey (sp?) in New Brunswick was watching TE Live and texted Jon saying he was watching.
  • Tim banned Jon’s friend, not knowing it was Jon’s friend. We laughed that it was a “false positive dume alert”.
  • TE Live Fun Fact of the Day: Jon doesn’t usually shower, but he did on one particular Monday last month.
  • Not only does Jon sing on TE Live, but he also does the Hula (“I’m exercising my abs of steel right now”):

  • The day I found the “another guru lemming” comment (mentioned during my interview with James Holmes last week) on one of my pages in Sweeva, we had a long discussion about that in the room. (There will probably be a post upcoming here on the blog about that whole subject soon too.)
  • Jon reacts to something Tim said in the usual way:

  • Jon expounded one day on the diet-y food he’s been eating, and racquetball.
  • Football talk: Jon doesn’t like the New York Jets or the New England Patriots. We all know Mike Paetzold loves the Eagles.
  • Below, Jon laughed at Tim while Tim talked. I know that’s a shocker.

  • The being known to TE Live viewers as HENry the Hitman (I Love Hits mascot and offline life pal of Jon’s) has been staying at Jon’s new home in Edmonton pretty much ever since Jon moved there from Saskatoon. Jon informed us that HENry always wakes up late and goes out and buys Tim Horton’s coffee for everyone.
  • On apparently what was September 11th, we had a long discussion in the room marveling that it had been ten years since 9-11.
  • One of the reasons we left UStream is because the co-host windows were always pixelated and blurry after UStream did it’s remodeling a while back. One day all of a sudden, John wasn’t blurry anymore but Tim still was & we dunno why:

  • Another friend of Jon’s who is a caterer has opened up an awesome promotional website, with recipes. We all spent a day looking at that and talking to her about other things she could do to promote it.
  • Informing us it cost $1K to put in 16 fenceposts, Jon watched his fence being built outside at the new homestead:

  • First Jon got grass, then a tree, now a fence. Progress.
  • Tim talked for a while one day last month about Amazon Payments.
  • Jon is going to get Molly Maids to come to his house.
  • Jon is a dog nap destroyer. This pic’s right before the latest dog nap was destroyed:

  • Jon also talked to the UStream Bot one day. The Bot didn’t answer.
  • We listened to Jon canceling his utilities in Saskatoon live on the phone.
  • Discussion of mobile advertising: “Mobile is the wave of the future.” – Jon Olson
  • Jon showed us the Twitter app on his iPhone:

  • Tim drank Simply Orange live on air, branding himself yet again.
  • Long convoluted TE Live trivia quiz about USA state capitals. John missed New York (Albany) and took an incredible amount of ribbing over it.
  • Pixelated Baby Guanzon:

  • And there’s been a whole lot of stuff that’s happened since the last time I really took notes and since we moved off of UStream, but I don’t have any notes from the newer stuff so this is what ya get for now. More and more regular updating will now commence now that I finally caught up again!
  • GIVEAWAYS: Ha! Actually I think some marketing books were given away one day last month but obviously I didn’t take any notes…
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: James Holmes, Kevin Bailey, Mike Paetzold
  • ALSO SEEN ON THE SCENE (over many many days): Anthony Shenberger, Diane Merriam, Stephen Whittle, Paul Brown, Jared Silver, Charles Smith, Ellyn Weber-Bynum, Bill Jordan, Brenda Broyles, Jerry Reeder, Ian Bakewell, Dorena Begonia, Lynne Sherman, Carl Bailey, Ian Bakewell, Blain Jones, Jon’s friend Tanya, Cat Heiter, DA Riley, Faith Brooks, Kaye Towne, Marilyn Martin, John Cheshier, Brian Schilling, Ram Kumar, Ed Tyner, Neil Grippa, Sean Supplee, Faith Brooks, Christopher Burkhouse, Jack Schafer, Karie, Marcy McManaway, Brett Phillips, Angel Valenciano, Darrell Whiston, Justin Ledvina, Richard Girard, Judy Dodd, John Cheshier, Alexandre Brisacher, Darren Olander, Eric Goettman… and of course, Jerry Iannucci, Winter Perkins and Randy Ritter.
  • QUOTE OF THE WHATEVER: “I’m exercising my abs of steel right now” – Jon Olson

*** Traffic Exchange Live is live every weekday afternoon 3-4 pm EST ***

QUICK LIST PROFITS ADDED TO RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: I’m adding Kym Robinson’s awesome new viral list builder, Quick List Profits, to the Recommended Resources section today, as I was so inundated with offline stuff at the time I wasn’t able to promote when it first opened.

If you like advertising on sites like Instant Profit List and List Effects, you’re going to love this one too! And we all know Kym is an ace traffic exchange owner with Traffic Showdown as well.

Check out Quick List Profits today – it’s bound to become a valuable tool in your advertising arsenal!

So I have to ask, Traffic Exchange Users… do you really want to make money online, or not?

I’m waxing a little philosophical today because I was really surprised that there was not a larger turnout at a recent (and free) online seminar that I knew had been pretty highly publicized (including by myself). It was okay, but a small turnout and pretty much mostly the same faces I see at such things week after week, give or take a few I hadn’t seen before.

I guess I’ve now been actively involved long enough in this industry that, now that I personally am mostly past the “learning curve” – don’t get me wrong there, there are new things and concepts out there to be learned by everyone making a living online every single day, no matter how long you’ve been at it – but I guess I’ve been actively involved for so long now that I too have hit the frustration level I’ve seen in my colleagues and peers regarding how few people actually take action and DO something, even if it’s just showing up to learn and network at various conferences and seminars.

It’s kind of odd to me, too, because a lot of folks who are still in the “early” stages of building their business started out about the same time I did, and as a whole we’re the “core group” that shows up to all these free and available online seminars and conferences still. I keep wondering where is that next group of newbie marketers ready to learn, like we all were a year ago.

Next month, it will have been a year since I really started putting 100% into actively building my online business – and again, most of the same people I see that are taking any action at all are the same people I saw doing this a year ago.

So I just have to wonder, given the fact there are literally thousands of traffic exchange users out there who mostly appear to have at least some interest in making money online – and others online who are hoping to make money – where are you?

Why aren’t you taking advantage of all the available and completely free resources out there to learn how to build an online business, build downlines, and make money online?

Are you aware that you can pick up tips, get all the advice you could ever really need, and ask all the questions you want of some of the most successful Internet marketers in traffic exchanges and otherwise – for free?

The only cost is your time… and a couple of hours a week, that ain’t much.

People pay “marketing mentors” big chunks of money for the same (or probably in many cases a lot less) advice that’s available from many sources for free, every single week, month after month.

All you gotta do is show up. I’m talking about conferences and seminars like:

  • Affiliate Funnel (every Saturday, 12 noon EST and presumably soon starting up again on Mondays)
  • Get Referrals Fast (every Thursday, 8pm EST with advanced training for upgraded members on Wednesdays)
  • SWAT conference (about to restart next week on Wednesdays)

And those are just the “officially educational” and more general ones, because you can also get plenty of golden nuggets of advice and ask questions and seek help (in one case, every single weekday usually) at:

And those are not even counting all the TE Town Hall Meetings that Jon Olson holds out of the blue all the time.

For that matter, take it one step further – at Get Referrals Fast, Jerry Reeder and Mike Paetzold will not only teach you how to build your online business, for free – they’ll teach all your referrals too, week after week and directly, as much help as you or anyone else needs and answer every single question you can possibly come up with. No charge.

Why more people aren’t taking advantage of these – did I say free? Yes, FREE – opportunities is beyond me.

I know I’m preaching to the choir to many who read here regularly, and yeah, I do know the real answer to that.

Everybody’s looking for the Big Red Easy Button. Everybody’s looking for something that they can put as little work into as possible, like:

  • Hey, I’ll join this team, and THEY’LL build my business for me.
  • Hey, I’ll pay ($5, $10, $15, $20, whatever) to this opportunity and THEY’LL do it all for me.

Look, I’m all for taking the easiest route possible to anything, believe me.

But I hate to tell you this… if you’re going to be successful AT ALL – it’s still going to take some work, and especially some ACTION.

And by taking action, I mean taking action beyond joining a team or paying someone some money and hoping you’ll get rich or at least make an income with someone else doing all the work, and not you.

And one of the easiest and most low-cost (i.e., zero!) out there ways to take action in this business is to JUST SHOW UP at some of these free online seminars and gatherings that are held week after week, and absorb the kind of education and information that many people often end up paying hundreds of dollars for.

Not only do you get the education piece – by showing up and interacting and participating comes the networking piece, which is really the most important of all.

And granted, that’s probably a whole other post for another time – but I will say that networking opens up many, many doors and opportunities that are probably never going to up for you otherwise, or will take a lot longer to open up if you don’t get yourself out there, start listening and talking to people that have been successful online, and get yourself known. (I’ll probably be talking about that quite a bit in my rescheduled Discover Traffic Exchanges project interview next week.)

I see a lot of the same faces over and over again while surfing Sweeva, or while approving sites at Traffic Pro-X, or other places. They’ll be promoting one thing this week, and something else two weeks later, and something else the next month. Or promoting this team one day, and another team the next month, or every “team” out there.

I never see any of those faces at any of the free and available business building resources listed above. Or at least rarely do I see any of them at those.

Me, I’ve been at this online business hard, 100%, and full-time for almost a year now, and pretty much at all of those conferences and seminars and gatherings most every time the doors are open.

Am I rich yet? Pffft, hardly.

Am I in profit this year? YES.

Yep, as a matter of fact, I am. It’s small, yes, but I’m in the black and not in the red this year. Granted, I would have liked to have been a little further ahead than I am at this point, but as long as I do the necessary work I should every month, I see an increase every single month. The only months this year where that wasn’t true were – yep – the months I didn’t do much work (and should have).

It takes work. It takes time. It takes at least a little money – you are going to have to spend SOME money somewhere, even if it’s just the $75 a month budget Jon Olson outlines in The Pizza Plan.

It takes persistence, because I guarantee you it’s not going to happen overnight, or in a month, or in two months – you have to commit and stick with it for a while before you’ll ever see any real results. Might be six months, might be a year, might take even more.

But it especially takes ACTION.

And taking advantage of all the free resources that are out there and available to you to help you learn how to build your online business – like the ones I listed above – that’s a real good start at taking action.

Traffic Exchange Users – I just don’t think most of you are really interested in making money online.

Prove me wrong.

Stop looking for the Easy buttons that don’t exist and expecting them to make you money online, and instead start showing up at some of these free conferences that will teach you exactly how to make money online.

Take action and learn how to build a business that can actually make you money online. Or keep spinning your wheels hoping the teams and cyclers and whatnot will do it for you, and playing slot machine marketing throwing your affiliate sales pages into traffic exchanges hoping someone will bite and get you a sale.

It’s your choice.

DISCOVER TRAFFIC EXCHANGES STILL GOING: James Holmes’ Discover Traffic Exchanges project is still going on and today’s “officially” the final day of the week-long event, though there will be an extra day next week when my own interview is rescheduled as well as an interview with the special “Mystery Guest” TE owner the same day. Again, I’ll let you know what day and times when I know!

Today’s schedule:

As always, if you can’t listen in to the live broadcasts, have no fear – they are all being recorded (or in the case of the ones that have already been broadcast, been recorded) and archived for later listening.

You can sign up to get the link and a reminder about it (and all the other interviews for the week) here:

==> Discover Traffic Exchanges

Whoops! It turned out I was wrong, wrong, wrong yesterday about the upgraded members’ training conference for Get Referrals Fast, so my apologies to any upgraded members that showed up in the GRF room last night. The next advanced training conference will be in two weeks for the month of October. I’ll post about that more thoroughly when the time nears.

However, the open mic night and Downline Builders Town Hall Meeting that’s open to the public as well as all members of Get Referrals Fast, free and upgraded, that I wrote about yesterday IS tonight at 8pm EST and this should be really fun, so I encourage anyone who can to attend.

If you’re interested in building your downlines (in anything!) and want to:

  • Start profitable relationships
  • Discover what is working now
  • Expand of your sphere of influence
  • Find out what people want to buy and join
  • And enjoy whatever other things the discussion leads us to

… then you’ll want to be there tonight. Check out the Get Referrals Fast training blog for more information on tonight’s open mic night and Town Hall meeting.

SWAT CONFERENCES STARTING UP AGAIN: Last night at the bi-monthly Tezak Traffic Power conference (which was great with lots of people attending and tons of good convo!), a lot of discussion about the various weekly conferences that are available came up, and someone asked if SWAT Conference was ever going to start up again.

Well, new SWAT Traffic owner James Holmes was in the room at the time and after a fair amount of discussion and tossing ideas around, James announced the new SWAT room will be open for weekly conferences starting next Wednesday, October 13th.

So this will be cool and full of tons of good info and TE talk, especially when those Wednesdays fall where you can attend TTP conference, SWAT, and (if an upgraded member) the advanced training conferences for Get Referrals Fast all in the same night! Awesome!

AFFILIATE FUNNEL NEWS: I sort of was in my AWOL period and taking a break from blogging when all the big news hit about the Timtech LLC/KRM swap, where Tim Linden and Jon Olson became the sole owners of TE Toolbox and the KRM team of Paul Kinder, Tim Rash and associates took over sole ownership and administration of Affiliate Funnel.

I already posted a little bit about the new changes with TE Toolbox (and have some more upcoming ‘cos I keep finding new stuff added and changed that I’m having way too much fun with) but hadn’t really had a chance to post about the Affiliate Funnel end of it all yet.

If you’re an AF member and haven’t logged in in a while, do log in soon because there’s a member survey available you should add your input to. They are planning a lot of new changes and additions to AF in the near future, and this survey will help steer things towards what the membership would like to see, so it’s important! (And if you’re not an Affiliate Funnel member, well, you should be if you’re marketing your stuff in traffic exchanges and safelists!)

TRAFFIC EXCHANGE LIVE & DISCOVER TRAFFIC EXCHANGES: If by chance you’ve been looking for the Traffic Exchange Live crew this week, we haven’t been in our usual stomping grounds because the Discover Traffic Exchanges podcast marathon with host James Holmes is going on all week and we’ve all been hanging out in the chat room there during the broadcasts.

I expect we’ll all return to the TE Live room next week (well, except for maybe the day my interview is rescheduled & the TE owner mystery guest interview is scheduled) but we’re having loads of fun this week chatting while listening to the podcasts, which have all been excellent and full of useful and good info, and I keep learning things I never knew before!

I especially enjoyed TE Live regular Randy Ritter’s interview yesterday – good job, Mr. Ritter! We also think Randy could easily have a second income narrating audiobooks if he wanted to, he’s got such a smooth, soothing-sounding voice and just kinda has that audiobook thing going on (or hey, that said, he could probably make a pretty good extra career out of marketing voice-overs for sites and pages, hmmmmm?).

Here’s what’s on tap for the rest of this week, a schedule which includes a couple more famous TE Live faces (all times EST):

And again, my interview that didn’t happen the other day will be scheduled for one day next week, as will a twelfth interview with a “mystery guest” (who is probably not that much of a mystery, hehe) on the same day… so I’ll post when I know what day and time those will be.

As always, if you can’t listen in to the live broadcasts, have no fear – they are all being recorded (or in the case of the ones that have already been broadcast, been recorded) and archived for later listening.

You can sign up to get the link and a reminder about it (and all the other interviews for the week) here:

==> Discover Traffic Exchanges

I’ll kind of be looking forward to getting back to “normal” TE Live next week but this has been great fun this week. Still, Jon was gone all week until last night to Saskatoon, but is back now (welcome home, Jon!) so we wouldn’t have likely had “real” TE Live for several days this week anyway.

And I’ve still got a post on tap to update some of the goings-on of the last few weeks (probably will post either tomorrow or sometime this weekend), so I’ll leave you for now with another little preview…

PSSST…DOUBLE YOUR CREDITS, TEXT ADS & LIST ADS BUYS AT TTP: Pssst… so don’t tell Tony Tezak ‘cos I think maybe he forgot (hehe), but yesterday with the bi-monthly Tezak Traffic Power conference going on, he doubled the amount of credits, text ads and list ads you can get at TTP when you buy one of those packages… and guess what, they’re still doubled today!

So go buy some and get double your ads right now – and hurry up before Tony remembers to change it back!

Zip on over to Tezak Traffic Power right this minute!

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