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So I had a Traffic Exchange Live update post pretty much ready to go, but not quite, last Thursday. Then due to unexpected sudden and rather emergent circumstances, I kinda got pulled away from virtually all online activities mid-week and missed TE Live on Thursday and Friday.

So it just figures that apparently I missed the BIGGEST TE LIVE EVER on Friday… so I heard.

But lucky for you – and thanks to my other ear on the TE Live ground, ace cub reporter, friend and TE Live regular Brenda Broyles, who knew I’d be devastated at having missed the BIGGEST TE LIVE EVER – I have the 411 on what happened on the big day Friday too!

(By the way, I am feeling all productive today after having spent the last 12-15 hours or so doing some MAJOR catching up after getting so behind being away the last four days – and already having been behind to begin with – so unless I start fading and nodding off between now and 3pm EST, I might just get REALLY productive and take a shower and put my contacts in and brush my hair and all that today for TE Live. This doesn’t happen often ‘cos I’m really lazy about that kinda thing, so you might wanna stop by today just in case. Then again, now that I’ve said that, they’ll probably cancel or something before the day’s over…)

Anyway – so let’s pretend I only missed Thursday, and see what happened in the latter part of the week @TE Live last week, shall we…?

Wacky Wednesday and Freakin’ Awesome Friday on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • On Wednesday’s edition of Traffic Exchange Live, we had Jon Olson and Tim Linden on cam as usual, and also a few special guests… keep reading.
  • We had a long, long, long discussion about Jon’s post that day at Hit Exchange News, which was brought on by a current discussion going on at Net Marketing Forum. I dunno – while there seems to be a bit of a line in the sand between the pro-demographics folks and the pro-social networking folks, overall it seems that the majority are kinda for both.
  • Jon is REALLY excited about social networking:

  • Lots more talk ensued about how/whether online marketing in general needs to evolve to roll with the perceived coming changes regarding the importance of social media and networking.
  • Jon was talking about his days working in the music industry, and then Jon and Tim got into an argument about whether the current sorry state of the music industry is due to the record companies refusing to adjust to needed changes to suit consumer tastes and demands (Jon’s point) or people stealing and illegally downloading music (Tim’s counterpoint).
  • Then Justin Ledvina came on board for the discussion, and stuck around for most of the next hour:

  • Justin and Jon point/counterpointed (yes, I just made that up) for a really long time about marketing in general and it was a super interesting discussion. In a nutshell, a majority of the room was of the mind that it’s more valuable to build relationships, engage people, and build a business foundation that way that’s liable to last – and recommend products one believes in – rather than the whole cash grab/make as much money NOW as possible deal.
  • I think a lot of the “old school” marketers in the room felt they had evolved towards that (building relationships as their business foundation) from the past (like Jon and Justin), while the “newer school” ones (i.e., myself, Brenda Broyles, others) had mostly been that way from the beginning.
  • (I personally added that I figured I would have probably made more money this year if I’d been all full-tilt hardcore marketing every Clickbank product and every other product that came my way, but I felt like the efforts I was putting into building a business foundation I thought would last and grow were of more value than any money I didn’t make… if that makes sense.)
  • Anyway… hey, look, it’s Carl Bailey!

  • Carl always has something interesting and fun to inject into any conversation and did indeed the same on Wednesday. I could probably tell you what about if my notes from the day weren’t so terrible. It was about networking though, I can tell you that much!
  • (I was kinda disappointed he wasn’t in his tropical back yard like he usually is though.)
  • We may or may not have been talking about the general state of the traffic exchange industry overall at that point. I don’t know, I’m a little lost with these terrible notes I took on Wednesday because the ongoing conversation was so interesting (this, again, is why you should NEVER miss Traffic Exchange Live!!).
  • Justin and Jerry Iannucci made a deal that day while talking in TE Live and Jon pointed that out as an example of what we’d been talking about all day. “See? The power of social networking right there, folks.”
  • Tim was in that orange shirt that’s so bright it hurts your eyes again and insisted it was clean when I asked wasn’t that the same one he was wearing a few days before (of course I HAD to):

  • Sometimes I think it’s too bad Tim didn’t decide to brand himself and his businesses with a nice, calm, soothing ocean blue or sea green or something.
  • We watched some old squeeze page videos of Justin’s and all died laughing, especially the one where he tells people: “enjoy my package”. But they were all a total hoot.
  • Jon gave away a copy of the book he’s reading right now, UnMarketing by Scott Stratten – and I won it, but only after what HAD to have been about the most painful and longest-lasting trivia quiz session for a giveaway at TE Live EVER.
  • The question was who were the other two besides Jon who were the three original owners of Affiliate Funnel. Almost everyone in the room got Mike Paetzold pretty quick, but it took a REALLY long time – and at least two hints from Jon – before anyone (me first but barely) FINALLY came up with John Merrick. Whew!!
  • (I beat Jerry Iannucci to the punch, which is awesome ‘cos he’s always beating me at stuff.)
  • We were having so much fun on Wednesday we actually topped TE Live out at about an hour and 45 minutes! Even Tim stayed. Tim’s clock must not have been working right that day.
  • Jon’s final word about the whole social networking/media marketing thing: ” ‘It’ isn’t about money.”
  • Or it might have been Justin who said that.
  • (Like I said, my notes that day were terrible. It was one of the two.)
  • And here’s Tim and the littlest MiniTim, and Tim’s left foot (in an allegedly supposedly clean also, I’m sure he’ll insist, sock):

  • So on Friday at Traffic Exchange Live – one of the two days I missed (figures) – just before it was time for TE Live, apparently Jon and Tim decided to give away one-year upgrades at I Love Hits, StartXchange, and Sweeva that day, and e-mailed and Tweeted thusly.
  • So Jon and Tim get in the room and told the TE Live regulars, and Jon said he’d like to get at least 30 people in the room that day.
  • So all the TE Live regulars go out and email and post and Tweet about it too.
  • And before it was all over, there was a record (probably a record anyway) high of 72 people in the room that day!
  • And Jon also gave away a copy of his book – Hits, Clicks, and Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience – which he gives away frequently at TE Live.
  • AND while all these giveaways were going on, Justin Ledvina decided to give away a LIFETIME upgrade at AdKreator TOO! (I am kicking myself about having had to miss a chance at that one, grrrrrr…)
  • I’m told that Jon commented several times that I’ve been crabbing (heh) here on the blog about not having anything to put in the “Giveaways” section of TE Live updates because they haven’t been doing many lately, and that of course I would have to be away for the big one that day, LOL. (Brenda told him I’d have to be offline until after Sunday but wasn’t sure he saw that, but indeed I concur – grrrr – especially since I missed my chance at the AdKreator lifetime upgrade grrrrr…)
  • (Big thanks to Brenda Broyles for the 411 on the big day Friday since I unfortunately had to miss it all.)
  • GIVEAWAYS (Wednesday & Friday): Copy of UnMarketingLynn M (me!); copy of Hits, Clicks, and MissesNeil Grippa; 1-year Sweeva upgrade – Ben Fitts; 1-year I Love Hits upgrade – Catherine White; 1-year StartXchange upgrade – Tom Canzoneli (we hope we got your name spelled right!); lifetime AdKreator upgrade – Ian Bakewell
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: AdKreator (Justin Ledvina), Brenda Broyles, Instant Splash (Carl Bailey), Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci), Get Referrals Fast (Mike Paetzold), HitsConnect (John Merrick)
  • ALSO SEEN ON THE SCENE (Wednesday & a few on Friday – sorry I don’t have the full list of Friday’s attendees!): Jared Silver, John Guanzon, Anthony Shenberger, Beth Allen, Brett Phillips, Darrell Whiston, Dorena Begonia, Ed Tyner, Paul Caraway, John Bell, James Holmes, Kevin Bailey, Lynne Sherman, Matthew Roe, Paul Brown, Charles Smith, Diane Merriam, Nick Jones, Chris Thompson, Neil Grippa, Ben Fitts, Catherine White, Tom Canzoneli, Ian Bakewell – and of course, Randy Ritter.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY (Wednesday): “Enjoy my package!” – Justin Ledvina

*** Traffic Exchange Live with Jon Olson & Tim LindenĀ  is weekday afternoons 3-4 pm EST ***

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So today’s the big day – I’m being interviewed on James Holmes’ Traffic Exchange Owners Podcast Marathon at 1:00pm EST.

I keep thinking, “Yeesh, what in the world am I going to talk about for a whole HOUR…” – but James is an awesome interviewer so hopefully it will be at least kinda interesting (fingers crossed).

You can sign up to get the link and a reminder about it (and all the other interviews for the week) here:

==> Discover Traffic Exchanges

Yesterday’s interviews with Tim Linden (StartXchange and Sweeva) and Tony Tezak of Tezak Traffic Power were really great and interesting and informative, and the whole project is just really super cool, featuring two interviews daily with traffic exchange owners all week through Friday – and, as James mentioned yesterday, possibly another mystery guest to be added and announced (I’ve no idea who or when).

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week (all times EST):

If you can’t make the live broadcasts, no worries – they are all being recorded (or in the case of the ones that have already been broadcast, been recorded) and archived for later listening.

Tony & Tim both gave out some generous and terrific bonuses for members of their exchanges yesterday during their interviews and I’ll have a special for Traffic Pro-X members today as well, and I assume most of the rest of the participating owners will have some special offers on hand during their own interviews too.

So tune in live if you can, or listen later – if you follow me on Twitter, I will no doubt be Tweeting a reminder shortly before time to start as well.

By the way (and I think this probably goes for the rest of the week as well), there is probably no traditional Traffic Exchange Live the rest of the week since there’s a chat room open during the interviews at James’ BlogTalkRadio page, and we all seem to be congregating there while the interviews are going on (or as Tim said in the TE Live email yesterday, they’re forcing us all to do our networking over there this week in honor of the podcast marathon… lol not that we mind). So if you’re looking for the TE Live crew, that’s where we’ll be!

LISTJOE STILL GIVING OUT 2-5X CREDITS: I really did think it was just for August, but apparently it’s stretching out into October too because credit links at ListJoe are still resulting in two to five times the credits per link.

No complaints from me – I’m usually struggling to keep enough credits stocked to mail there, so if it goes on indefinitely that’s A-OK with moi.

It’ll probably be over before long, though, I’m guessing, so head over to ListJoe and stock up your mailing credits while you can!

Well, it figures that during a week when I’m too bogged down in offline matters to get much done, fifty million exciting things happen in TE Land, where nothing much new happens very often, and I get scooped on them by pretty much everyone!

Well, okay, maybe not fifty million, but quite a few changes and other big news around the past week or so. I’ll get to some of it as the week goes on (along with a real, honest to goodness Traffic Exchange Live update – I swear!).

There’s also something VERY cool and unique happening this coming week, which is what I wanted to tell you about today.

TE Live regular James Holmes (who recently acquired SWAT Traffic from Jon Olson & Tim Linden) has become pretty famous in the Internet marketing world over the past year or so, and is well-known for his weekly podcasts with many legends and movers and shakers in online marketing, including TE peeps but also many others.

Well, this week – starting on Monday, October 4th – James is hosting The Traffic Exchange Owners Podcast Marathon and featuring two interviews daily, Monday through Friday, with ten TE owners – including yours truly – and it’s bound to be a lot of fun and very interesting to anyone who surfs TEs or has an interest in the industry.

Here’s the schedule (all times EST):

So there ya go. I think this is going to be a huge amount of fun and really looking forward to listening to them all… especially Tim’s because James has been trying to get Tim on his podcast show forEVER and Tim’s been a scaredy cat (oh, I’m just kidding!!). James is a great interviewer so hopefully I won’t make myself look too stupid since I’m not the world’s greatest public speaker in my opinion (lol), but I’m super excited about listening to everyone else’s.

And if you miss the live broadcast, have no fear – they will all be recorded and archived for later listening.

There are also going to be some special offers at hand at some of the traffic exchanges that will only be available through this event – I know of at least two specials, and there will probably be more – so another good reason to check it out!

There’s more info here at James’ Discover Traffic Exchanges page – fill out the form at the bottom to get the link to listen to the live calls, and you’ll also be eligible for some premium gifts and bonuses from some of the participating traffic exchanges when you do!

So mark the dates down in your calendar this week for the interviews you don’t want to miss while the TE owners take over the podcast world all week!

THERE’S A NEW COMMISH IN TE TOWN: As mentioned above and already been talked about all over TE Land in my brief absence last week (ha!), marketing podcast wizard James Holmes is also the brand new owner of SWAT Traffic traffic exchange, formerly owned by Jon Olson (and briefly co-owner Tim Linden).

Jon mentioned last week that if you’re an upgraded SWAT member, be sure to cancel your current subscription with Jon and re-upgrade at SWAT, as James has some cool stuff coming down the pike with that along with lots of other great things afoot for the future @SWAT.

Not a member? Join SWAT Traffic now!

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