So you probably already know that these days in online marketing, you really need to have a blog. Maybe you’ve been thinking about blogging, or already have a blog of your own – and that’s great if you do. You should!!

Blogging is easy… for some people. Don’t hate me because I’m one of them! Part of the ease for me comes from coming from an academic and literary writing background, and part of it’s just because I’ve been doing it so long, since back when I started writing about personal stuff nobody really cared about except for a few friends and family – back before blogs were even called blogs (lol). I don’t always blog every day like I should (I can see you shaking your head “no” in agreement over there, Mike Paetzold!)  :-)

Blogging can be a little bit more difficult and a daunting task for others and require a bit of a learning curve, but there’s another aspect of blogging that can often be a stumbling block for old school and newbie bloggers alike…

How do you get traffic to your blog???

What if I told you there are a relatively small number of free and easy to apply methods you can use to magnetically draw tons of traffic to your blog? And not only traffic – but super highly ultra-targeted traffic?

You’d like to get a hold of something like that, right?

Well, if you’re a struggling blogger, a newbie blogger, a thinking-about-starting blogger, or just a blogger who’d like to get more traffic streaming into their blog – it’s your lucky day.

It just so happens that the ace team of Jerry (Master Copywriter) Reeder and Mike (“The WordPress Guy”) Paetzold just released 21 Ways to Beam Traffic Directly to Your Blog the other day, and now you can get it too.

With 21 Ways to Beam Traffic Directly to Your Blog, you’ll find out:

  • How to get complete and total strangers to advertise your blog posts
  • The traffic siphoning methods the gurus use to ethically steal traffic from the biggest and most heavily visited sites online
  • Back doors to getting your blog on the first page of Google
  • Lots more!

The valuable methods in 21 Ways to Beam Traffic Directly to Your Blog are broken down into bite-sized pieces that are easy to follow and anyone can put this info into practice and make it work for them. All of the 21 ways may not apply to you and your situation, but there is definitely something in here (and likely quite a bit of the methods useful and applicable) for everyone.

I’m not just talking out of the side of my mouth pitching this report (and it’s free anyway).

I’m pitching it because it works.

I was given an advance copy of this report, and I don’t reckon it’s a secret that Mike has been helping me break some of my bad blogging habits lately (heh, when he can get through my blonde roots anyway) and try some new things blog-wise. After reviewing 21 Ways, I was pleased to see that there actually were a couple of methods that I had already been doing, but there were several others I hadn’t even thought about or ever heard of.

Between the new strategies suggested in 21 Ways that I’ve been putting into practice and all the good blogging advice that is free to be had at Mike and Jerry’s weekly List Building Conferences, I have seen a pretty dramatic and tremendous upswing in both traffic and results over the last month or so.

In a way, I’d kinda like to know what my results would have been had I been using some of these methods all along – on the other hand, I don’t think I wanna know because I’ll be kicking myself for not having thought to or looked into doing this stuff sooner!

And I still have some of the methods from 21 Ways left to get started on putting into practice – so there are surely more good results ahead! Thanks to Jerry, Mike, and Jay Hines (the cool dude in the group who takes ideas and makes them real) for putting 21 Ways together – it will surely help a lot of people find their way (and get tons more traffic!).

In any case, this stuff just plain works. It’s a very brief report and an easy read (and again, free) – and full of very, very useful stuff.

So whether you’re just thinking about blogging, just started blogging, or been blogging – check out 21 Ways to Beam Traffic Directly to Your Blog and get ahead of the blogging game – and get ready for rivers of ultra-targeted traffic when you put some of those 21 ways into practice!