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Today’s a pretty special day. Let me tell you why…

As you probably know, Jon Olson and I go back a pretty long way now. Even back before TE Live ever existed.

Before I stumbled across TE Live on its inaugural day in 2009, a while before that I was stumbling, like the silly starry-eyed newbie I was, into places like the old SWAT and Affiliate Funnel conferences nearly eight long years ago now. Soaking up all the information I could like a sponge from folks like Jon, Tony Tezak, Paul Kinder, Mike Paetzold, Tim Linden, John Guanzon, Jerry Iannucci, the late great (and always funny & loud) Jerry Reeder, and so many others.

I’ve probably heard every single Jon Olson “nugget” there is umpteen hundred bazillion times by now, over all those years. Still, I go listen to what he has to share most every day, even sometimes still learn something new. Most definitely I often get reminded of things I forgot about – or things I do know and did learn long ago, but should be paying more attention to.

Jon’s been working on a secret project for a little while now, but it’s something he’s been wanting to do for a decade or more, and something he’s super passionate about and always has been. When he told me what it was all about – and especially some of the extras you can get access to in addition to the basic product – I was just like, “Wow, that is just SO you!”

If you know anything about Jon Olson, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that what Jon and TimTech are launching today is called +1 Success.

+1 Success is based around a concept Jon talks about and encourages others to do all the time regarding improving daily, doing something better the next day than you did the day before – and rinse and repeat. He not only believes in “+1 daily” and walks the walk, but he talks the talk about it ALL the time and tries to motivate others to improve daily too.

The base product of Plus 1 Success will give you a 30-day action plan of really simple, tried and tested things you can do daily to improve your business and get better results day by day. It’s literally stuff that anyone can do – and most of it’s not only easy to do if you just decide to do it (some super easy!), but most don’t even cost a thing.

And if you really want to get serious about improving and learning, there are some extras you can grab that will totally blow you away – including an exclusive private networking and learning experience with other like-minded people in the community that is truly unlike anything there’s ever been before, in this community anyway.

Depending on just how serious you want to get about your business, there are several opportunities available – some very low or no cost, some higher, but there’s several varied opportunities within. (Oh, and there’s the potential of up to 100% commissions too.)

But the 30-day action plan inside +1 Success costs nothing – zip, nada, zilch. So hey, that part’s a total no-brainer to check out.

(Word of warning: If you’re interested in any of the first offers you see once you log in, you’re NOT going to want to skip them. I know we all sometimes skip past them sometimes thinking we can probably get the same price later – yeah, I’ve done it too – but that won’t be the case this time. If you pass the first time on something you’re interested in, it’ll be significantly higher later.)

Anyway, I’ve held you here long enough.

Go check out +1 Success right now, it’s really cool! And my challenge to you is to find something in the action plan inside to do today that you can do to make your business better – and just do it!

Wow, I really hadn’t realized how long it had been since I last posted here. One of my mentors several years ago (who is never seen around TE Land anymore), Mike Paetzold, was known as “the WordPress Guy” and made part of his living operating literally hundreds of blogs, mostly all in different and extremely varied niches.

Between this blog (the one you’re reading now), my Win 10 With Lynn blog, and my bi-weekly posting over at the Lucky 13 blog, I can barely keep up lately when it comes to blogging. I can’t even imagine trying to keep up with hundreds of blogs.

So here it is, the last day of 2014, and I guess one of my New Year’s resolutions should be to try and make a post here at least once a week, if not more. We’ll see how that one goes!

And even before the old year has ended, already there’s been one big change in my life, having now taken on the leader role of the Lucky 13 team in CTP Teams in the wake of the resignation of our first and so far only team leader besides now me, that fine fellow Tom Wacker.

I really can’t even hope to truly fill those very big shoes, but I’ll strive to do the best I can do, and I figure Lucky 13 (which came in second for the yearly/first season prize) in 2015 will just do what we’ve always done – same things we’ve been doing consistently since CTP Teams began last spring, and maybe a little better. (Key word there being consistent – that’s exactly why our team finished in the top three.)

Anyway, as usual, I’m behind and chasing my tail so I’m gonna try to wrap a few things up and get caught up today (or at least attempt to), so off I go. I hope you all have a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year in 2015 – see you back here then!

So, one day shortly before Thanksgiving in 2010, I set my clock to get up in time for TE Live… and woke up almost three years later.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


OK, sure, there’s more, but most of it’s irrelevant, and some of the reasons for my absence I’ll probably touch on in the near future. Especially regarding what it’s like to come back and try to get back in the swing of things after so very long away, and how it’s a monumental (HUGE!) undertaking to try and pick up again where one left off, but I don’t think at all impossible.

I feel a little like Rip Van Winkle these days, but that’s OK.

It’s a headache trying to get reorganized and situated again. I have updated so many downline builders in so many programs in the last month that I can just about rattle off my user IDs in every program by memory now, and backwards and in my sleep.

Nugget of Advice: If you’re thinking of taking a break from your own activities, DON’T. Or at least make it short. It’s a major pain in the neck to have to re-start. Stay the course and stick it out. You may never know it, but you’d thank me later.


As for this blog, I was able to restore the old posts (only thanks to Mike Paetzold’s proactive assistance with this blog years ago, whew!), though they look a mess since the photos are missing, but that’s OK too. The memories are still there and that’s really all that matters.

The last month I posted, Traffic Exchange Live was celebrating its one-year anniversary, and now it’s going on four years come this November. Wow.

Right now I don’t have subscription to the blog available but will work on that soon. But I expect the RSS feed subscription works fine, so there’s that for now. (UPDATE: Thanks to the kind and magical genius wizard of techy wonder that is Tim Linden there is now a handy-dandy subscription form in the sidebar! Subscribe and you’ll get an email whenever there’s a new post on the blog.)

And I actually was able to locate a handful of old TE Live screenshot photos, so you can look forward to a little retro nostalgia here in the coming weeks. I’m trying to see if I can locate/still have all of the old pics, but not sure if I do, we’ll see.

For now, it is what it is. And here’s a flamingo.

Yep, that’s a flamingo.

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