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Yeah, so I borrowed the stranger part of the title of this post from an old David Bowie tune… for lack of coming up with any better post title that made sense. (LOL.)

And now for something completely different, as they say…

I was probably last “fashionable” in the middle of the Eighties, during my last couple of years of high school and first couple of years away in college. Those were the days when hair was big and full of mousse, and all clothing, jewelry, and makeup came in just about every color and shade of bright garish neon imaginable.

Esprit was stamped on well over 50% of the pieces of clothing I owned at the time, and the only jewelry I had that wasn’t big and clunky and bright neon were those hundred-odd little black rubber bracelets made famous by Madonna. Because even if you didn’t particularly care for Madonna (just wasn’t my kind of music), you still owned a few dozen of those silly little bracelets.

So me writing about anything fashion-related now, when I’m a couple of years away from being half a century old and the best I can do most days is pull on a clean pair of sweats or shorts (depending on the season) and a sweatshirt or t-shirt (depending, again, on the season) that doesn’t match, is both pretty ironic and somewhat tragic, really.

But now that today is the last day of the CTP is 3 birthday badge hunt at ClickTrackProfit, and I’ve been meaning to go after Badge #101 ever since the badge hunt started and just hadn’t gotten around to it ’til today, here goes…

Virginia Herron (better known as Ginny to many TE Live and CTP folks) runs this little jewelry boutique called Poshperity, an online business that has one of the coolest logos ever. Ginny had another badge available during the hunt for purchases from Poshperity, so I went shopping last week, mainly looking for a potential gift for a relative.

Poshperity has a really excellent selection of jewelry and accessories, and all at very reasonable prices. I had just about settled on a pair of dangly red earrings (it’s kinda a family in-joke that this particular relative wears a lot of red and black), when I ran across a silver owl pendant and decided to snag that instead, seeing as how this same relative collects – yep, you guessed it – owl stuff.

First things first – shipping from Poshperity is super duper quick. My purchase arrived from California within only a couple of days, so that was the first big plus regarding my experience with Poshperity.

Then I went about opening the package. Now, if you do much online shopping (and I do as much online as I can to keep from having to shop offline because I hate shopping offline with a passion) – you know there’s always that question in your mind about whether something is going to be as good when you have it in your hand as it looks on the web page, right?

No worries here. I was highly impressed with the item I purchased from Prosperity, and the quality and appearance was even better than expected. I expected the owl necklace to be pretty great anyway, but it was even better than I expected and hoped when I actually had it here and in my hand.

At such a low price, I kind of expected it to be just fine, but nothing terribly extraordinary. Instead, for one thing, it was heavier than I expected – it feels like excellent quality jewelry, instead of something light and cheap – and it really is rather stunning and sparkly in person (and looks much better than my crummy photo below came out).

What Does The Owl Say? :-)

(Please excuse my seriously crummy picture-taking skills here.)

To sum up, I’m very, very happy with my purchase – extraordinarily so! – and the relative the little owl will soon be going to is gonna love it too, no doubt. From the quality of the item to the extra speedy shipping, my experience with Poshperity has been super excellent all the way around, and I can highly recommend Poshperity to anyone and everyone.

As for Ginny Herron, Poshperity’s owner, I’m really excited for her, because now especially since I’ve personally experienced doing business with her directly, I feel more certain than ever that she has the potential to really take her business to the proverbial top.

Ginny is also just the nicest and a super sweet young lady (as anyone around the TE Live and beyond sphere well knows), and she is one sharp cookie. I fully expect that she will probably be able to take the larger part of her business far beyond our little TE Land community someday and be tremendously successful out in the world, and we’ll all be able to say we “knew her when”!

So thus ends the probably blessedly brief fashion portion of Lynn M Dot Net for 2014. I can’t imagine there would possibly be any reason I would have a reason to write about fashion again this year (or ever, and probably that’s a good thing), but there ya go.

And as I mentioned up yonder, today is indeed the very last day of the CTP is 3 birthday badge hunt, so if you haven’t grabbed all the badges you meant to yet, you better hurry and do it today! (I snagged another badge with a special 50 cent prize behind it early this morning, so they’re still out there!)

Happy final day of badge hunting, and have a great weekend, y’all! :-)

Sigh. I’m a lonely little CTP is 3 birthday badge hunt badge that nobody’s claimed, because my Badge Master hasn’t added the hints to claim my badge yet.**

I don’t think my Badge Master understands what a HUGE opportunity he or she is missing out on. I wonder if he or she has any idea.

The birthday badge hunt at ClickTrackProfit is more than half over now, and my Badge Master could have added well over 100 new subscribers to his or her list by now. Probably more like 200 or 300.

Or if my Badge Master owns a program, he or she could have brought in literally hundreds of new members already.

If my Badge Master is an affiliate of a program, he or she could have probably added a hundred, or a couple hundred, new people to their downline by now.

There are SO many wonderful and awesome things that can be done with me. But if I just keep sitting here lonely and without any hints on my badge so lots of those nice CTP members can claim me and keep me company, then I’m afraid my Badge Master has wasted the money they spent to own me.

There’s still time to get some great results, if my Badge Master hurries up. But there’s not much time left, if he or she doesn’t fix up my badge hints soon.

I’m so very terribly sad and lonely. Oh, Badge Master, won’t you add my hints today?



… (sigh.)


** (This doesn’t apply to John Novak, Russell Stockley, and Lisa Woods, all of whom I am certain have plans to unleash theirs soon. But everyone else… YES!!!)

Here is what has to be the best outside promotion of a CTP is 3 birthday badge I’ve seen yet.

I was trying to clear my mailbox last night before I went to bed, and was going through some safelist/mailer mail.

And ran across an e-mail from Andrew Stark asking folks to get his badge so he could beat Jerry Iannucci.

The e-mail was sent out by… Mister Safelist *giggle*

Well played, Andrew. Well played!

(And Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great weekend, everyone!)

YOU COULD WIN $500: ClickTrackProfit’s CTP is 3 birthday badge hunt is still on, and runs through February 28th, with a $500 top prize, and $500 in $0.50 money badges being given out randomly with badge claims.

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