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Sigh. I’m a lonely little CTP is 3 birthday badge hunt badge that nobody’s claimed, because my Badge Master hasn’t added the hints to claim my badge yet.**

I don’t think my Badge Master understands what a HUGE opportunity he or she is missing out on. I wonder if he or she has any idea.

The birthday badge hunt at ClickTrackProfit is more than half over now, and my Badge Master could have added well over 100 new subscribers to his or her list by now. Probably more like 200 or 300.

Or if my Badge Master owns a program, he or she could have brought in literally hundreds of new members already.

If my Badge Master is an affiliate of a program, he or she could have probably added a hundred, or a couple hundred, new people to their downline by now.

There are SO many wonderful and awesome things that can be done with me. But if I just keep sitting here lonely and without any hints on my badge so lots of those nice CTP members can claim me and keep me company, then I’m afraid my Badge Master has wasted the money they spent to own me.

There’s still time to get some great results, if my Badge Master hurries up. But there’s not much time left, if he or she doesn’t fix up my badge hints soon.

I’m so very terribly sad and lonely. Oh, Badge Master, won’t you add my hints today?



… (sigh.)


** (This doesn’t apply to John Novak, Russell Stockley, and Lisa Woods, all of whom I am certain have plans to unleash theirs soon. But everyone else… YES!!!)

As of the last time I looked this (Friday) morning, there were only about 16 badges left for the “CTP is 3” birthday badge hunt at ClickTrackProfit, which starts on Monday (well, midnight EST Sunday night, technically).

If you were thinking about grabbing a badge and being a badge holder during the hunt but hadn’t yet – or been on the fence – now is the time to get yours before they’re sold out.

Being a badge holder during one of these legendary badge hunts can be huge for you, whether you’re a program owner or not. If you own a traffic exchange or any other program, you’ll be able to bring hordes of new members in a flash. If you’re building a list or have a blog or anything of the sort, it’s the fastest way I know of to bring in new subscribers and get new eyes on your stuff.

In any case, don’t delay, because they’re liable to sell out quick today, and before the day is over!

On another note, I just wanted to add a word of huge appreciation to traffic exchange owners and other program owners who are always prompt and diligent about notifying their members when there’s been a change and a new program has been added to their program’s downline builder.

I have had three or four such notifications come across my desk this week, and as an affiliate, I am always so very much appreciative of the heads up. Thank you, thoughtful program owners who make a habit of this!

A lot of folks like to make the claim that downline builders don’t work, but that’s just not entirely true. Sure, it’s never a guarantee that everyone in your downline’s going to join something else in a particular program’s downline builder, but I’ve seen plenty of it happen in mine over the years.

Not only that, but I myself am a prime example of how downline builders DO work. Most of my earliest signups to many traffic exchanges, safelists and mailers, and some other programs were through one of the “funnel program” downline builders, and under that one person I joined that program under.

That person used to be a major player in not only the traffic exchange industry (and a TE owner), but the larger Internet marketing industry as well. This was way back when I was a super new newbie.

He doesn’t seem to really be around anymore (or at least not much), but he’s certainly been paid a fair amount of affiliate commissions and received an awful lot of credits over the years because of me, and thanks to the fact that he’d filled out all of his referral IDs in one particularly large downline builder. It works!

So being able to keep your various downline builders updated is important, even it’s a chore sometimes. It wouldn’t be much of a chore if ALL program owners made a point of notifying members when they’ve made a change or added something new to a downline builder. There’s little more frustrating to me than logging into a program for the first time in a while to discover several programs I’m a member of have been added, that I didn’t know about.

But in the end, it makes me all that more appreciative of the owners who do make a point of it and make the effort to notify their members of such changes, and there’s quite a few of them around who do it regularly. So thank you, those of you that do!

In any case, have a great weekend, everyone – and Happy Badge Hunting at CTP next week!

(By the way, since I started writing this post another badge has been purchased, so now there’s only 15 badges left – get yours NOW!)

P.S. Here’s a new program fairly recently launched from some owners who make a regular habit of notifying their members of downline builder changes at their various programs. Eric Abbott & Randy Howard, I certainly do appreciate that you guys do that!

Eric & Randy launched E Brand Profile during the first part of January, and I’m really excited about it ‘cos already it’s solved some issues and problems I had been worrying and fretting over lately. (Hint: You are going to start seeing my E Brand Profile pages circulating VERY soon, LOL.)

It is super easy to work with and use, and another great branding tool. All members get one free E Brand Profile, but if you upgrade to the Basic membership, you get five profiles (and five rotators with statistics).

If you upgrade to Premium (which I have and love), you can make UNLIMITED profiles, have unlimited rotators with statistics, AND they give you web hosting too. Neat, huh?!

If you’ve been wanting to do video splash pages and squeeze pages, or wanting to fix up some cool pages to rotate for your Spreecast, E Brand Profile is a super option. Check it out sometime!

So I got up this morning and sat down at the computer to discover that yet another big CTP badge hunt is on the way – this time, to celebrate ClickTrackProfit’s third birthday.

First, I sighed, because I knew that meant that, come next week, I’m not getting much sleep until March. The birthday badge hunt starts on Monday, February 10th, and lasts through the end of the month.

Then after sighing about the lack of sleep ahead, I got really excited, because participating as a badge holder in a CTP badge hunt can do wonders for your business or your list – the possibilities are endless. (Keep reading to find out how!)

Like CTP’s Spooktacular badge hunt last year in October, there will be cash prizes. However, this time the top prize to whoever finds the most badges is $500, and there will also be 1000 $0.50 random prizes given out when users claim badges.

I made a good stab at the top prize during Spooktacular – I think I got somewhere between 150 and 160 badges – but I realized before the first week was over that I wasn’t likely to land in the winner’s circle. That was okay, ‘cos the hunt itself is a tremendous amount of fun, even if I didn’t get a whole heck of a lot of sleep in October. I also joined several programs that were new to me, many that I dug a lot and am still using today.

But the REAL value in any CTP badge hunt is taking action and buying a badge (or two or three or four or  however many more). Like I said, the possibilities are endless as far as what you can do for your business, your list, or anything else you want if you become a CTP badge holder during one of these special event badge hunts.

Here are just some of the ways becoming a badge holder during the “CTP is 3” badge hunt can help you:

  • If you’re a program owner, you can put countless new members in your program. You can also spread good will to your current members by making the badge available to the members you already have.
  • Have an unfinished or not-yet-started program or project you have been sitting on a while? Right now is an excellent time to get a badge, then work on getting your project rolling this week and ready by the time the event starts. You’ll be able to put a bunch of new members (or new subscribers or new participants or whatever) into your new project immediately!
  • If you’re a traffic exchange owner already, you can get some folks surfing. Most badge hunters go for the surfing badges and having a badge is a great way to get your activity up. (However, I would be very cautious about how high you set your requirement – see more on that below in the next list of suggestions.)
  • You can add numerous new subscribers to your list. I can tell you from past experience that offering one of these special event badges to new subscribers will likely add at the very least 100 new people to your list, and probably more like 150 or even 200 or more. (It’s also a nice gesture to give the badge to those who are already subscribed, and I would highly recommend doing that and sending the badge out in a broadcast once the badge hunt goes live.)
  • Don’t have a list yet? Start one! You could simply start a new list in your autoresponder just to give out the badge, and then take it from there.
  • Have a blog? You can add new subscribers to your blog as well. Just like with adding new subscribers to your list, give the badge to those who sign up for updates to your blog. (And again, consider giving the badge out in a broadcast mail to those who are already subscribed once the badge hunt goes live. NOTE: You probably don’t want to put it ON your blog, because then people wouldn’t have to subscribe to get the badge.)
  • Brand yourself (or in the case of some folks, brand yourself some more). Offering one of these badges is a great way to brand yourself, and you can offer the badge in numerous ways. You can send the badge code to people who send you new friend requests on CTP in a message (although if you decide to do this, I would recommend also sending the badge code to any of your current CTP friends who request the badge). Or you could just put the badge on a splash page and set it into rotation for folks surfing to find it.

One of my favorite badges during Spooktacular 2013 was done the latter way by Keith Butterworth, who put his badge on a splash page that was in rotation in some traffic exchanges. Now, if you do decide to try that method, I would recommend doing what Keith did in his badge hints, letting people know in which TEs they might find the badge (in the case of his badge, there were three traffic exchanges the badge might have been found).

There are lots of other things one might do with a “CTP is 3” event badge. Use your creativity!

Now, all of the above said – having been both a badge holder and a badge hunter in the last (Spooktacular) hunt, there are a few things I would caution potential badge holders about this time around, when trying to decide how to offer their badge(s). Here are my recommendations:

  • Keep it simple. The harder you make the requirements to get the badge, and the more hoops people have to jump through to get it, the less interested people are going to be in going for your badge. Some of the steps required for some badges during Spooktacular bordered on far too much trouble and way too time consuming. KEEP IT SIMPLE. And along the same lines of keeping it simple…
  • If there’s a surfing requirement, keep it simple. There are going to be dozens (maybe hundreds) of badges, and these hunts are pretty time consuming even for those who don’t try to go for the top prize. Having people surf 25, 50, 100, 250 pages – those are reasonable. Asking people to surf 1000 or 2000 or 5000 pages at your traffic exchange is just going to tick people off (and quite possibly they’ll remember that indefinitely and never surf your TE ever).
  • If there’s a purchase requirement, consider making it very low and inexpensive. It’s perfectly okay to require a purchase for a badge, whether it’s a credits purchase, upgrade, or something else, and many program owners did last fall. Remember, though, that doing so is going to likely mean not too many are going to go for your badge (and if it’s very high at all, probably only a handful will go for it, if anyone). I won’t say don’t do it, but if you want your badge to be popular and to get a lot of activity, keep the cost low (or perhaps offer a “make any purchase” deal).
  • Automate whatever you can as far as giving out the badge. It appeared that some badge holders had some difficulty keeping up with requests during Spooktacular due to the demand and due to the fact that they were having to manually respond to each badge request. It’s going to be a lot easier, and a lot less time-consuming on you, if you do things like put the badge on your site if you have a program (whether you put it in the main member area or hide it somewhere for them to hunt), put the badge code in the welcome e-mail of your autoresponder series, etc. There will be hundreds of CTP members hunting badges, and if you have to manually respond to each and every badge request (and try to do it in a timely manner), you may wish you hadn’t.
  • Make receiving your badge timely once the badge hunter does what they’re supposed to. There were a few badges last round of hunting that weren’t immediately available once the member did what they were supposed to to get the badge – for instance, I missed out on a badge because I was supposed to do something, which I did, but the badge wasn’t going to be sent to me until an e-mail the next day. Unfortunately that e-mail arrived the day AFTER Spooktacular ended. Remember if you set up your requirements as such (or if you didn’t automate your badge and are having to respond to every request manually), members that might come along in the last few days of February might not be able to get it, and you might miss out on some new members/subscribers/etc.
  • Building your downlines with a badge is okay – but consider how many people that will disqualify. Granted, a special CTP badge hunt like this can be a good opportunity to build your downlines in a program (or several programs), but remember that doing so will disqualify anyone that’s already a member of the program from being able to go for that badge. If I was going to go that route as a badge holder, I think I might consider giving the badge to anyone that requests it that could show me they’re already a member of that program with their affiliate link, maybe. I probably wouldn’t go that route anyway, though – like most of the other recommendations in this list, this situation is yet another that would probably make your badge less popular.
  • Don’t buy a badge and not do ANYTHING with it. Every badge hunt, there are some left that never had any hints and requirements added to them. It’s somewhat annoying for the badge hunters who are trying to go for the prize, but even worse, it’s a missed opportunity for the badge holder to do something really great for themselves, and their business and/or activities, with the badge. Don’t miss that opportunity (and waste the money you spent on the badge).

Of course, we already probably know that ALL of the badges won’t be pretty simple to get and/or free, likely, and that’s why there will likely only be one or two or three people who get all, or almost all, of the badges by the end of February.

But probably the most important thing of all of the above is keeping it simple. The most popular badges during Spooktacular were most definitely the ones that were simple to get, didn’t require badge hunters to jump through a dozen hoops (or surf a bazillion pages) to get the badge, were free and didn’t cost anything to get (or at least not very much), and, for the most part, that badge hunters could claim immediately.

If you want a lot of exposure and activity on your badge, then I’d strongly suggest following all or at least most of the above points of caution. The badges that had few people claiming them mostly required hunters to jump through a bunch of hoops, so more than anything else, again, I’d just recommending keeping it all pretty simple.

The more difficult your badge is to get, it’s just going to annoy people… and probably they will remember the experience negatively, too. When folks see your photo or your brand later on, you want them to think positively of you and your brand – not recall how much of a pain in the neck your badge or badges were to get during the last CTP badge hunt. Really, it should all be about spreading good will – not ticking people off.

Anyway – At least I know two people that may be getting less sleep than me during this upcoming badge hunt: Sunny Suggs and Tom Wacker, who will be doing another badge hunt update blog and list of badges this round. There will no doubt be an announcement about where you can find all that good stuff very soon!

Whether you want to be a badge holder or a badge hunter, you’ll have to be a member of ClickTrackProfit to participate in the badge hunt. If you would like to offer a badge and get new members into your program or new subscribers and aren’t a member already, this is a fantastic time to become a member of CTP and build your business or your business efforts some more.

And if you just want to hunt badges and maybe win some money, but aren’t a CTP member yet – here you go!

Happy hunting next week!

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