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So another ClickTrackProfit badge hunt is afoot, the event having kicked off going on close to 12 hours ago now… and once yet again there are lonely badges sitting there without any badge hints, and therefore cannot be claimed by all the searching badge hunters.

This unfortunately happens every single badge hunt… but this time with the CTP Easter Egg Badge Hunt there seem to be more pitiful clueless badges than ever.

I really cannot stress enough the importance of getting your hints on your badge pages this early in the game, if you’re an owner of a badge in the hunt. Why?

Because the overwhelming majority of the activity in the hunt will occur in the first 2-3 days of the hunt. Sure, the badge hunt continues for two more weeks, but after the first few days, it’ll be mainly the hardcore badge hunters still going for badges.

A majority will have finished most of the badges they’re going for, other than ones that won’t be available ’til later (and I guarantee you they’ve already gone thru the list and made note of the ones that have, very smartly, specified a date or time period those badges will be later available).

It’s one thing if you have a badge that’s not going to be available ’til later or next week, but that’s not usually the case. And every hunt, shockingly there’s always a few that NEVER get their clues added (which means money on the badge completely wasted).

The first day, today, is especially important – but in any case, the first two or three days are just CRUCIAL. If you don’t have your clues on your badge’s or badges’ page today and wait very much longer, you will indeed have missed out on the primary & large majority of the hunt activity.

And depending on what your badge is for, that means you will have missed out on signups to your list, new members to your site, sales, or any number of things that you could see loads of today (and tomorrow and the next day) that might not be there later in the week and through the rest of the hunt.

So Badge Hunt badge owners, if this is you – get your badge hints on your badge page NOW Badge hunters can’t read your mind, and with no hints on your badge’s page, the majority of the hundreds of CTP members and badge hunters have no idea what to do to get your badge.

Y’all have already missed half a day of dozens of potential signups, sales, new members, and other activity – DON’T miss out on any more. I really, really, really cannot stress it enough how important it is to get those badge hints up ASAP.

Anyway, so there’s that. And on an entirely other note – I’m offering a free, one-day Login Spotlight Ad at Sound Surf Live for joining and becoming an active member of Charles Smith’s newly relaunched site, Advance Safelist. (This offer will be good through the end of March.)

If you haven’t already joined, just sign up here with my link (or the banner below), open a few e-mails from Advance after you’ve joined, and then send me a support ticket through the SSL help desk (the Support link is under the “Home” section at SSL) with the URL of the page you want to promote as your Login Spotlight, and I’ll get it set up. Easy peasy!

In any case, again – PLEASE get those badge hints on your page if you’re a badge owner…  happy Egg Badge hunting if you’re a hunter… and have a great rest of your Monday!

So I heard a rumor that Brad Webb (he of the fabulous and ultra-responsive State-Of-The-Art-Mailer) may be appearing on Traffic Exchange Live with Jon today, so set your clocks for 4pm EST. Brad has been lately becoming one of my favorite TE Live occasional visitors to watch and listen to, and it’s always fun, entertaining, and informative when he’s on. Don’t miss it!

On another note, I was trying to organize some more of my online biz stuff over the weekend and trying to get my referral links for a lot of the stuff I wound up joining during Spooktacular last month at CTP added to some downline builders here and there in preparation for an upcoming project.

What a mess that was and what a train wreck it was turning into, trying to rustle up all those links. And then I remembered I had a SECRET WEAPON in my arsenal, which helped immensely!

My secret weapon is an awesome tool called All of My Links, created a few years ago by my pal and fellow blonde Southerner Sunny Suggs. You’ve probably heard of it (or maybe you’re already a member).

What you may not know is that All of My Links underwent a major makeover recently – it looks really spiffy and sharp with its new face on! And it’s more helpful and useful than ever, especially when you need to wrangle up a bunch of links and banners and whatnot for your promoting efforts.

If you’re like me and are a member of a bazillion online programs and resources and traffic exchanges (and if you’re like me, so many you’ve probably forgotten you’re a member of some of them), All of My Links is just a super handy dandy tool to have in your affiliate toolbox, because it keeps everything you need right there – not just your referral links, but banners, graphics, e-mails, and other stuff too.

And even if you’re not a member of a gazillion programs and traffic exchanges, All of My Links will still help you keep all of your links and graphics and such organized and right there in one place, whenever you need them. And if you know or know of Sunny, you know she doesn’t put out junk – everything she creates is useful, helpful, and ultimately incredibly valuable

And this awesome resource is available at a super great, reasonable and very low cost either monthly or yearly, and gives you UNLIMITED referral links – if you’re a member of a hundred or a million programs, you can keep all your links and related stuff handy right there! There’s also a great lifetime option as well that can’t be beat.

In any case, whether you’re already a member or not, I invite you to go check out the new and improved and super spiffy looking All of My Links right now. If you’re not a member, then I certainly do encourage you to sign up and check it out further, ‘cos this is just one of those resources that can really improve your efficiency online and help you a lot!

P.S. Pssst… No promises, but there’s a slight chance that yours truly might make an appearance @ TE Live sometime this week as well.

Slight, because more often than not I wake back up ten minutes before it’s on (or ten or twenty minutes after it’s started), plus unlike GUYS who can throw on a shirt & comb their hair and get on camera (GRRRRR)… well, you don’t want to see me with bedhead and no makeup and in my pajamas or sweats, trust me.

But depending on how my week goes, I might show up… you never know! Stay tuned. ;-)

As far as I’m concerned, Darren Olander is like the king of viral list building and mailers, and I’ve always been a big fan of Darren’s stuff. I use most of his programs regularly and usually get a great response when I do, and he’s been paying me commissions month after month, without fail, for several years now since I took part in the launch of the fabulous Adchiever.

I’ve also really enjoyed using List Surfing both as a traffic exchange and mailing resource for years, and more recently have been making good use of his Viral Nugget, which was re-launched last year. If you’ve gone through the List Builder Training videos in ClickTrackProfit (which every CTP member should), then you already know Darren really knows his stuff when it comes to viral list builders and mailers.

So when I found out Darren was re-launching one of his older programs that’s been around since 2008 and has been one of my favorites for many years, BuildMyDownlines, I was super excited. Then I got even MORE excited when I saw what he’d done to it!

BuildMyDownlines has now not only been completely remodeled, but it now has an additional aspect to it that wasn’t present before. In a nutshell, you can now literally build your downlines in ANY program with BuildMyDownlines!

And I’m not talking just about building them through the downline builder that’s on the site, oh no.

What BuildMyDownlines has now is a unique “offers” area where members can earn cash or credits simply by joining programs, and advertisers can advertise any site they want to by offering as much or little as they want in order to get signups.

I was already excited about the remodeling job on the site anyway, but as you can see, this new feature is really special!

Check out this very short video that pretty much explains it all:

The mailer aspect of BuildMyDownlines is still intact as well, which makes me happy because BuildMyDownlines has always generally been very responsive for me. I took a lifetime upgrade offer there many years ago and (with the exception of my long vacation away, of course) have used it ever since, and always been very pleased with it each time I mailed out.

So I have no doubt that this revamped version of BuildMyDownlines will probably be even better, and definitely with the new feature of the offers area to boot! I expect the new feature is really going to be rocking and active for a long time to come.

In any case, the new version of BuildMyDownlines has just opened this morning. Click HERE to check it out… and go build your own downlines with BuildMyDownlines!

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