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Seems I let nearly the whole month of January go by without a new post – oops – didn’t want to let the month end without something. I’ve sorta set a new goal for the rest of 2015 to try to write something new at least once a week, knowing full well that I’ll probably slip up a time or two or three (or more) before year’s end, but hey – that’s human nature, I suppose.

I’ve kinda had sort of a writer’s block lately, but it’s not exactly that, either. More like I’ve had a couple of posts bouncing around in my head for a month or two that have been simmering in the pot on the back burner, but are just not quite ready to be plated yet.

One in particular is about people who make money online vs. people who don’t make any, and it seems really important to me to scratch that one out soon. Mainly because I pretty much see the same mistakes that generally lead to NO money making, over and over again, every time I surf.

So, maybe that post will finally be fully “cooked” come Monday or Tuesday. It’s been baking in my head so long I feel like it’s about time to get it out of the oven!

For now, though, I did want to help spread the word that my pal Russell Stockley’s excellent and super valuable daily show, Fresh, has moved to a new time slot at 5pm Eastern, just after TE Live usually ends. It’s currently on Vokle every weekday except for Thursdays (when Russell holds his Cuppa Time game show at 8pm Eastern).

Fresh usually lasts around 15-20 minutes, sometimes a little more, and is centered around learning in the industry, especially about four of the more important aspects of online business in the traffic exchange industry. Mondays are devoted to marketing in general; Tuesday is about branding; design talk happens on Wednesdays; and Friday is all about list building.

It’s a huge opportunity to learn new things or better ways of doing them as well as just hanging out with others from the TE community, and often there are opportunities to win something (login spotlight ads, startpages, squeeze page design & more). Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to check it out.

I’ll be back here in the new week and new month of February next week with new thoughts, new posts, and a renewed motivation to do so, fingers crossed. January just kinda flew by without me really realizing it.

’til then, have a great weekend, and hey… feel free to go Click Your Face Off while you’re at it!

(Sunny Suggs did not pay me to say that – however, a happy Sunny is a happy Lucky 13 team room, so please feel free to help me keep Sunny happy, and Always Vote Sunny. Otherwise unicorns cry and that would be bad.)

Well, I’m just under the wire almost in posting this today (forgive me, I’m still running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to catch up, chasing my tail, and all kinds of other cliches I’ll not bore you with… but I wanted to get this posted this afternoon so anyone interested could come.

Russell Stockley’s latest venture, Fresh, is beginning tonight at 8pm ET on Spreecast, and will be on every weeknight (except for Thursday, when Russell hosts Cuppa Time at 8pm ET on Thursdays) at the same time. You can check Fresh out (and subscribe to the Fresh newsletter) here:

==> Click here to check out Fresh (and be sure to subscribe for updates while there!)

What is Fresh? Well, it’s going to be around a 30-minute broadcast daily with Russell (who we all know is one of the best online broadcast hosts around), where there will be discussion of marketing, branding, list building, design, and whatever else that can help you push your business to the forefront. There will also be guest speakers from the TE and mailer industries and other such stuff most days, Russell says.

There will also be prizes given away daily (and you know how much I like giving away prizes myself, well, I like winning them too tho!)… so you really, really, REALLY want to try to attend Fresh when you can. Russell says there will be prizes given away such as Splash Page Design, Startpages, Login Spotlight Ads, Featured Site Ads, advertising banner impressions, and more.

So be sure to stop into Fresh tonight at 8pm ET if you can, you might win something! As I am typing and posting this now, it’s only about 30 minutes away right now. And be sure and subscribe to the newsletter while you’re on the page, and add Fresh to your daily to-do and where-to-be list!

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably are quite aware that ClickTrackProfit kicked off yet another of their famous badge hunts on Monday – this time being the Bigfoot Badge Hunt.

That said, everything in TE Land is pretty much wild and crazy, as usually goes with such badge hunts, and nobody’s getting any sleep this week much, inluding myself.

I haven’t even been able to do all that much badge hunting myself as yet – and I’ve usually done a majority of it by now, but not this time. I’ve been here all morning trying to re-remind myself what day it is (or what day it is not) and don’t really have a clue what I’ve done or not done in the past 24 hours, ‘cos I’ve been so busy with other stuff that mostly doesn’t even have much to do with the badge hunt!

And on top of all the other four million things going on all across the TE community this past week, my dear friend (and one of the sweetest people I know) and Lucky 13 teammate Elina Balashova, along with her partner/slash/surf slave Pat vd Toorn, launched Sunshine Surf Club in the middle of the night last night.

Now TE Land’s undisputed surf queen and badge queen has her very own traffic exchange! And I ask you this – who better than a super-active surfer and active affiliate knows better what surfers and advertisers want, and what they need? How great is that?

There are several things very much still under construction right at the moment so please excuse any construction “dust” at present, but Sunshine Surf Club is indeed open for business and it’s already rocking like crazy – especially since it’s the CTP Teams Daily Challenge today.

Sunshine Surf Club is also one of the several options on my CTP Bigfoot Badge Hunt badges #127 or #128, if you join and upgrade through my referral link. AND I’m giving away CTP XP if you join and/or upgrade (5000 XP for upgrading or 1000 XP if you join as a free member. (Please contact me with your CTP username if you join and want your XP.)

So there’s that. I have had another blog post in my head that’s been trying to get out for weeks, maybe I’ll get back here sooner than later this time.

In any case, happy hunting if you’re Bigfoot badge hunting this week, and good luck with the hunt!

(Oh, and P.S. … I heard a rumor that maybe Bigfoot might show himself and make an appearance at Russell Stockley’s Cuppa Time game tonight, so you might wanna be there! It’s at 8pm ET.)

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