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A typical day at old Traffic Exchange Live, with illustration provided by the  Previous Most Famous Marker on the Internet (R.I.P. – it’s since been replaced per Jon):


  • POST TITLE: Just In Time For Valentine’s Day, Cupid Is In The Air At Traffic Exchange Live
  • DATE: February 3rd, 2010
  • HISTORIC FACT: Tim Linden had an idea for ILoveHits that was discussed in length among everyone at TE Live that day, which eventually resulted in ILH’s Bracket Surfing.
  • JON OLSON FACT(S): We watched Jon open his mail live on cam. He worked out for 30 minutes the night before instead of just 20. Jon also sang a song about William Brant.
  • FUN FACT: Tim has a trick coin that never loses (Tim said he and Jon would have to flip a coin to see whether their then-programmer, Austin, would work for ILH or StartXchange that day).
  • WEIRD DISCUSSION TOPIC: Talk about banks, going to banks, robbing banks, etc. Tim told Jon he could get a good workout if he robbed a bank and had to run from the SWAT team. (groan…)
  • ALSO: Jon banned a UStream user who was kidding around with John Guanzon and calling him “Wonton”, thinking dude was a troll. Turned out to be a friend of John’s from high school.
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “TE Live: Bring Your Friends, We’ll Ban ‘Em.” – Lynn M

What to say about Traffic Exchange Live the last few days? I don’t know, it’s been kind of an oddball week or so, lots of mostly just chit-chat, Jon feeling blah a couple of days so he wasn’t really on, and we’ve done some different things like watch someone besides Jon cook for a change. Just sort of a mish-mosh of stuff this week… but I have pictures!

Oh, and pssst… something BIG is coming on Monday that all TE Live regulars have been preparing for… so be watching your e-mail box (and this blog) on Monday. Just saying!

Anyhoo, let’s see what’s been up at TE Live this week and last Friday…

The Week (so far) That Was on Traffic Exchange Live:

  • Jon Olson’s been on board most days, even though he had a blah couple of days this week and wasn’t on cam much. John Guanzon’s been on quite a bit. Tim Linden has sort of been around, although he said on Monday he was on sort of an anti-work kick this week.
  • We took a look Friday at StartXchange’s new design, which all of us at TE Live had already seen a preview of.
  • Tim said Jon had been making fun of the new design all day.
  • Most of the TE Live’rs seemed to like it and many commented on how clean it was.
  • Jon came on cam Friday dancing to The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black”.
  • Much commenting on Jon’s new major haircut – Jon said he’s being a virtual Marine with his bigtime shaved head, which was kind of an accident.
  • Speaking of which, we then listened to several sound bites (courtesy of Jon) from the film Full Metal Jacket.
  • I had been trying for several days – but kept missing Randy in the rooms – and finally got a chance to congratulate Randy Ritter publicly and comment publicly on how fabulously I’d noticed traffic was moving at Top Flight Traffic when I did my weekly rounds of checking credits.
  • Randy mentioned and thanked Jon for a comment of kudos he’d left about Top Flight Traffic being one of the most well-managed TEs around. Everyone in the room agreed that TFT is doing swell these days & is a terrific traffic exchange.
  • And hey, here’s today’s dose of Jerry Iannucci for your viewing pleasure:

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

  • For some reason that pic reminds me of the whole Sad Keanu thing. Sad Jerry, mayhaps?
  • We’ve spent quite a bit of time in TE Live the last several days discussing the thing that I can’t tell you about that’s coming out on Monday, but it’s being released by Jon Olson & John Guanzon and you can find out right here on the blog on Monday, November 22nd.
  • We discussed probably having Monday’s (and maybe Tuesday’s) TE Live in the UStream room instead due to this thing on Monday (Tim’s idea, which Jon said was a good one).
  • We also discussed the crazy lady at I Love Hits… probably the less said about her, the better, but she’s obviously a special kind of crazy.
  • Jared Silver will surf for food:

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

  • Jon made a new post at Hit Exchange News on Monday and was thrilled to see a comment on the post from old-school marketer Nick Martin.
  • Then Jon was talking about how when he was starting out that he was “timid” (I can’t EVEN imagine) and just listened to guys like Nick Martin and James Grandstaff and never said a word (I still can’t even imagine) back in his days starting out in online marketing and in MPAM.
  • Pretty long discussion about AlertPay vs. PayPal vs. StormPay and how AlertPay is really rocking, PayPal sucks but what can you do (hopefully AlertPay will continue to grow stronger and “take over”?) and StormPay just sucked.
  • Jon’s been having some work done on his basement and, on Monday, took us via his iPhone on a tour.
  • Dakota approves of the new carpet in the basement:

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

  • On Tuesday, Jon was feeling a little blah and mostly laid back and stayed off cam. John had a friend over who John’s been helping film for a cooking show, so we watched John’s friend Josh Mafnas cook Potatoes O’Brien in the wok (he also had barbecued chicken cooking on the grill):

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

  • Josh has started his cooking site and YouTube channel to bring Chamorro cooking and dinanche to the Web. He and his wife are headed back to Guam soon and John Guanzon and his wife have been arranging marketing and shipping plans to get the peppers Josh uses specially in his cooking to Guam, and there’s this whole big marketing plan going on there which we all talked about for a while. Josh has a special super secret (and apparently VERY hot!) sauce he makes with these peppers that he’ll be selling online.
  • Not too much was going on Wednesday, but Jon drank Old Tyme ginger beer (which led to a long discussion of ginger beer vs. ginger ale, Vernor’s, etc.).
  • Jon also had his Zola acai downstairs, and James Holmes drinks Kombucha and talked about that.
  • And in the ongoing tradition of TE Live pets, we got to meet James Holmes‘ buddy Baxter:

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

  • GIVEAWAYS: None this week.
  • I CALL YOU OUT ABOVE, YOU GET LINKAGE: Sweeva (Jon Olson), ThumbVu (John Guanzon), TE Toolbox (Tim Linden), Top Flight Traffic (Randy Ritter), Safelist Marketing Tactics (Jerry Iannucci), Jared Silver, (Josh Mafnas), SWAT Traffic (James Holmes)
  • ALSO SEEN ON THE SCENE: Brenda Broyles, Carl Bailey, Charles Smith, Darrell Whiston, Dorena Begonia, Ellyn Weber-Bynum, Emma Jones, Justin Ledvina, Paul Brown, Stephen Whittle, Tom Canzoneri, Faith Brooks, Anthony Shenberger, Lynne Sherman, Beth Allen, Diane Merriam, Ken Locatelli, Gary Calvert, Lisa Woods, Shawn Mackey, Neil Grippa
  • QUOTE OF THE WEEK (so far): “Tim has good ideas.” – Jon Olson

* (sorry, photo is no longer here)

*** Traffic Exchange Live broadcasts live weekday afternoons from 3-4 pm EST ***

I’m a little later than I should have been today getting this posted, but just wanted to send out a quick reminder that both Tezak Traffic Power’s bi-weekly conference and SWAT Conference are tonight… and it’s special tonight as both TTP owner Tony Tezak and SWAT owner James Holmes are offering 100 credits per friend you bring to each if you bring a friend – and the friend gets credits too!

Tezak Traffic Power Conference is at 6:30 pm EST here:

==> TTP Conference Room

and SWAT Conference is at 8pm EST here:

==> SWAT Conference room

If you’ve never been before, I invite you to join me at either or both and say you came as my friend – heck, I can use the credits and I’m sure you can too, right? Hope to see you there! :)

Lots of stuff going on in TE Land and thereabouts this week… let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Today is Thursday, so that means Mike Paetzold and Jerry Reeder are having their weekly training conference for Get Referrals Fast on business building… but you don’t have to be a Get Referrals Fast member to learn how to build a business from the experts as the weekly training is free and open to the public.

And it just so happens tonight re-starts their four-part series, the first session tonight being about Creating the Big Red Easy Button (you know, the one everyone who’s trying to make money online is looking for).

They’ve also addressed some of the occasional questions and doubts people sometimes have about the GRF training this week on their blog, so if you’ve been wondering some of the same stuff, you might want to give this post at the Get Referrals Fast training blog a look-see (sorry, post is no longer available).

In any case, feel free to drop in and join the conference tonight (Thursday) at 8pm EST here:

==> Get Referrals Fast Conference Room (sorry – link no longer available)

Again, it’s free, totally open to the public, you can just listen and watch if you want – and if you have any questions at all just about online marketing in general or the program itself, bring them – Mike loves to answer questions! And… there are turtles! (For real!)


A DOWNLINE BUILDER HERE, A DOWNLINE BUILDER THERE, DOWNLINE BUILDERS EVERYWHERE: I mentioned the other day that new SWAT commish James Holmes had added a new downline builder to SWAT Traffic – well, it’s grown pretty huge since I first looked at it early in the week, and James said last night at the SWAT Conference that he’s got even MORE programs to add. So again, if you’re a member, you should probably go check it soon (Friday would probably be a good day) and update your own downline builder at SWAT.

Cookie Jar Hits also recently added a new downline builder to their site, so you’ll want to check that one out as well, especially since you can add your OWN choices of programs to it. I’m not entirely sure how many programs you can add as a free member (probably just one) but if you’re upgraded, depending on your upgrade level, have several options – 3 programs for Sugar Cookie Basic upgraded members, 6 programs for Chocolate Chip Pro members, and 10 programs for Fortune Cookie Elite.

Owner Marcy McManaway is a TE Live regular (though we haven’t seen much of her in a while and we miss her!) and Cookie Jar Hits is sweet (pun intended), so check it out!


YOU GOTTA HAVE FRIENDS: Last night’s SWAT Conference in the SWAT Traffic room was wildly interesting, by the way – and a very informative presentation by owner James Holmes and some really good discussion afterwards and I think we were there for nearly two hours almost, which, among other things, included Jerry Reeder asking Tony Tezak if he could bring his imaginary friends to Tezak Traffic Power conference next Wednesday. Ha!


BRING A FRIEND… OR TWO… OR THREE! Speaking of which, Tony Tezak has put up a challenge to anyone planning to attend Tezak Traffic Power conference next Wednesday – he wants everyone who attends to try and bring a friend, and if you bring a friend with you to the conference, he’ll add 100 credits to their TTP account AND 100 credits to the friend that brings them’s account.

In fact, if I’m not mistaken (Tony, please correct me in comments if I’m wrong and I’m sorry if I am!!) – I think he originally said he wanted to see everyone try to bring THREE friends and that he would honor the credit deal for up to three friends and their sponsor. (And if I totally got that wrong, please disregard that… my mind and my hearing may not be what they once were in my advancing age!)

So bring a friend to TTP conference next Wednesday night and get credits! It’ll be right here at 6:30pm EST on Wednesday, November 17th:

==> Tezak Traffic Power Conference Room


THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK ARE HOPPING: Word on TE Street is that activity and traffic is really hopping at two of TE Land’s newest traffic exchanges, John Bell’s Traffic Swirland Eric Holzwarth’s Lucid Leads. Traffic Swirl also has surf chat for those of you who are into that. If you’re not a member of both, you should be, because both of these TEs seem to be really growing fast and super active!


OK, well, my offline life has once yet again taken a sudden and unexpected crazy turn so I’m really not sure how much I’m going to be around and posting the rest of this week and next (though probably most of next week except for the weekend).

Have a good Thursday, everyone, and don’t forget to come by Traffic Exchange Live this afternoon! Ask Jon to say “Polish sausage” for you (that’s exactly what he’s saying here):

*** Traffic Exchange Live broadcasts live weekday afternoons from 3-4 pm EST ***


ATTRACT PEOPLE TO YOUR LIST WITH THE LEAD MAGNET: Unless you were hiding under the ol’ proverbial rock again, you probably know that Stefan Berg’s new program The Lead Magnet came out yesterday.

Now granted, there have been several viral list building/mailer programs that have come out on this same script in the last six or so months (and actually, just about all of them have been performing extremely well for me), but The Lead Magnet has some really cool stuff that’s all its own. Stefan is big on making helpful informational videos and there are a BUNCH of them in the site, as well as several other goodies you won’t find anywhere else.

(Oh, and be sure to watch the video on the first page when you log into the site in its entirety too – you can get some MORE bonus credits on top of the bonus credits you get on signup if you watch the video!)

Check out The Lead Magnet today and get some magnetizing mojo going for some new leads!

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