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Greetings & Happy Holidays! Here late in the afternoon on Christmas Eve when I’m getting ready to embark on family season festivities this evening, it’s occurred to me what an absolutely terrible blogger I’ve been here in the latter half of 2017, so I thought I’d make a quick blog post as somewhat of a present to myself (for getting a post done) & any readers still with me, LOL.

This past summer & fall were real busy offline & online with us at Sound Surf Live, and things just got crazier and more time-consuming with, as you are probably aware, the Great PayPal Disaster of 2017 that left many advertising platforms, both large and small (and most that had been good honest online business owners that had never missed a commission payment and always paid on time), floundering and many searching for a new payment processors so we could continue doing business after PP decided they don’t want to do business with our industry.

Talk about painful. I know it hurt me to have to cancel subscription payments totaling in the thousands per year, and I can’t even imagine how devastating it was for big groups like KRM to have to cancel theirs. At least I still have a PP account, unlike some good business owners who were permanently limited… but my account is really mostly useless now for anything except for, like, buying groceries at Kroger or ordering pet supplies from Amazon. Nothing business-related, and that sucks.

That all said, a lot of your favorite advertising platforms are probably hurting right now. Things have certainly slowed all around and in almost every aspect, and the situation is somewhat compounded by the fact that there are still programs active in the industry out there that are not paying commissions with any method but PayPal, so there’s the issue of those who can no longer use PayPal having commissions due to be paid to us sitting in limbo right now as well.

So when the post-Christmas rush dust settles, I’d ask you to remember your favorite advertising platforms & not forget about them (that is, unless you weren’t getting results, of course!)… not necessarily us at Sound Surf Live, per se, but whatever programs that have always been your favorites that got the PP slap this year. Everybody has their favorite TEs and I would expect that most anyone in the community has at least one in their group of favorites that had to cancel all their subscriptions this year.

We at Sound Surf Live are most likely going to be able to continue providing advertising services indefinitely even if things remain slow as they have and we’ll roll thru the punches, but some others probably won’t be able to. This has been tough on everyone, even programs that didn’t get hit, since they do business with those who did and those who did have been struggling.

Industry support & the community continuing to come together in the face of this disaster is going to be crucial in 2017, I believe. Many industry folks, both large & small, have been working behind the scenes to find ways to make this all better for everyone, but there’s still a long way to go.

There are many things that could be done that could help improve things in the overall picture. As a member & user, if you had a favorite program you didn’t re-upgrade in that was a program that worked for you, perhaps after Christmas or New Year’s you might re-up again. As an owner, if you haven’t made arrangements for your program/programs to pay commissions through Payza or another processor yet, perhaps that could be looked into in the new year.

Little things & baby steps. I know a lot of the big guns & experts have a lot of very good theories about things that could be done and changes that could be made to improve the situation overall, and a lot of them are very good ideas & there’s very capable people considering and working towards creating them. I’m just thinking about little things & baby steps today

In any case, I wish you & all of yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy (and much better) New Year in 2017! I am basically of the opinion at this point that things can’t get much worse than they did at the end of 2016, so they can only go up for the most part! Happy Happy & Merry Merry! :-)

If you’ve been around the traffic exchange and related community very long, you likely know my very good friend and fellow blonde Southerner Sunny Suggs.

Sunny is out there in the online trenches every single day working hard as well as being social, day in & day out; is one of the hardest working folks in this industry; & has helped sooo many people. More than I could name in a week, and that’s only the ones I know of!

If you’ve been around the TE community very long, whether you’re a surfer or owner, she’s probably helped you with something sometime, and if you’ve been in online marketing elsewhere you may have run across her and her happy helpful self as well.

Sunny has singlehandedly put out some of the most consistently helpful programs in the industry, for many years. A while back she had a great program called All About Traffic Exchanges, you may remember.

Well, now Sunny’s brought that same concept back in another, even better site!

==> (click here to check out What Are Traffic Exchanges?)

What Are Traffic Exchanges? may not only show you things you may not have known before about TEs – it also includes in-depth videos and e-books outlining all the details (and I do mean pretty much literally ALL) about a few special traffic exchanges (including the traffic exchange I co-own, Sound Surf Live).

Even if you’re an old hat at TEs, here’s where it’s really valuable to current members and TE veterans – you can re-brand the e-book and give it away to your new and potentially new downline members. That’s a great way to help build your downlines and really help your new folks!

Show your support for one of the hardest-working and most consistently helpful folks in our community and check out Sunny’s awesome new program now:

==> (go grab all the helpful e-books & videos included in WATE now!)

P.S. (If you’re a traffic exchange owner and interested in having an e-book/video/e-mail series created for your traffic exchange like the ones currently in WATE, just give Sunny a shout!)

When I came back to TE Land a couple of years ago and started the long process of re-building the business I had started laying the foundation for way back in 2007-2008, sometimes people asked what my new plan was.

Would I have another traffic exchange? Nope, I said. I said had no plans for another traffic exchange this time around. Thought I’d go in another direction this time with something else affiliate-related, but not a traffic exchange.

So I opened up Commission Scoop in May, and at the time I thought I was done with opening any other programs for a while. I’d launched the funnel program I’d been working on and planning for well over a year at that point, and thought I was through, at least for a while.

Then Brian “Scooter” Cullen, my other and rather talkative half who’s been DJ’ing for many years, started entertaining a portion of folks in the community on the fly with his DJ riffs. People seemed to like it, so he kept doing it occasionally, and it kept getting more and more popular.

Our friend and colleague Robert Arnold saw some potential in this, and he and Brian started talking and throwing some ideas around. They brought me into the mix and the three of us started brainstorming together, and Arnie dived into codeland for the next two and a half months.

It was kinda a case of the idea & opportunity just coming up out of the blue, so we just ran with it.

After spending pretty much the entire summer since late May on our secret project (which by the time it launched had probably been one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry for at least a month at that point, LOL), finally it was ready to open this past Monday.

I first got so behind last week getting ready for Monday, and then stayed so unbelievably busy since Monday (and had had next to NO sleep for most of the past two weeks) that it’s pretty much literally taken me this long to be able to even stop and catch my breath long enough to make a blog post.

I had decided Monday that I was so behind anyway I might as well let the affiliates get a good head start before I started heavily promoting myself – though I really didn’t intend for it to be almost a week’s head start, ha! And yesterday I finally, FINALLY, got to sleep until I felt like waking up for a change. Yay!

So at this point most of you have probably already been there and checked it out already, but just in case you haven’t, I wholeheartedly welcome you to see Sound Surf Live for yourself. The surfing & counter problems that were affecting a small percentage of members right after launch have been fixed since Monday afternoon, and it’s been rockin’ & rolling all week!

We’ve tried to make it fun and interesting, we’ve added some unique features you won’t find anywhere else (mobile surfing, audio ads users can purchase and upload, and more), and given it a custom design that’s so completely customized it looks like no other TE out there right now.

I get tired of joining new TE after new TE so I don’t very often anymore… but SSL is just the kind of unique TE that I look for and get really excited about as a new member. I hope y’all will too!

We’re pretty psyched and thrilled about Sound Surf Live. I hope you will be too. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to check it out! (And have a super weekend too.) :-)

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