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If you’ve been around the traffic exchange and related community very long, you likely know my very good friend and fellow blonde Southerner Sunny Suggs.

Sunny is out there in the online trenches every single day working hard as well as being social, day in & day out; is one of the hardest working folks in this industry; & has helped sooo many people. More than I could name in a week, and that’s only the ones I know of!

If you’ve been around the TE community very long, whether you’re a surfer or owner, she’s probably helped you with something sometime, and if you’ve been in online marketing elsewhere you may have run across her and her happy helpful self as well.

Sunny has singlehandedly put out some of the most consistently helpful programs in the industry, for many years. A while back she had a great program called All About Traffic Exchanges, you may remember.

Well, now Sunny’s brought that same concept back in another, even better site!

==> (click here to check out What Are Traffic Exchanges?)

What Are Traffic Exchanges? may not only show you things you may not have known before about TEs – it also includes in-depth videos and e-books outlining all the details (and I do mean pretty much literally ALL) about a few special traffic exchanges (including the traffic exchange I co-own, Sound Surf Live).

Even if you’re an old hat at TEs, here’s where it’s really valuable to current members and TE veterans – you can re-brand the e-book and give it away to your new and potentially new downline members. That’s a great way to help build your downlines and really help your new folks!

Show your support for one of the hardest-working and most consistently helpful folks in our community and check out Sunny’s awesome new program now:

==> (go grab all the helpful e-books & videos included in WATE now!)

P.S. (If you’re a traffic exchange owner and interested in having an e-book/video/e-mail series created for your traffic exchange like the ones currently in WATE, just give Sunny a shout!)

Whoops! It turned out I was wrong, wrong, wrong yesterday about the upgraded members’ training conference for Get Referrals Fast, so my apologies to any upgraded members that showed up in the GRF room last night. The next advanced training conference will be in two weeks for the month of October. I’ll post about that more thoroughly when the time nears.

However, the open mic night and Downline Builders Town Hall Meeting that’s open to the public as well as all members of Get Referrals Fast, free and upgraded, that I wrote about yesterday IS tonight at 8pm EST and this should be really fun, so I encourage anyone who can to attend.

If you’re interested in building your downlines (in anything!) and want to:

  • Start profitable relationships
  • Discover what is working now
  • Expand of your sphere of influence
  • Find out what people want to buy and join
  • And enjoy whatever other things the discussion leads us to

… then you’ll want to be there tonight. Check out the Get Referrals Fast training blog for more information on tonight’s open mic night and Town Hall meeting.

SWAT CONFERENCES STARTING UP AGAIN: Last night at the bi-monthly Tezak Traffic Power conference (which was great with lots of people attending and tons of good convo!), a lot of discussion about the various weekly conferences that are available came up, and someone asked if SWAT Conference was ever going to start up again.

Well, new SWAT Traffic owner James Holmes was in the room at the time and after a fair amount of discussion and tossing ideas around, James announced the new SWAT room will be open for weekly conferences starting next Wednesday, October 13th.

So this will be cool and full of tons of good info and TE talk, especially when those Wednesdays fall where you can attend TTP conference, SWAT, and (if an upgraded member) the advanced training conferences for Get Referrals Fast all in the same night! Awesome!

AFFILIATE FUNNEL NEWS: I sort of was in my AWOL period and taking a break from blogging when all the big news hit about the Timtech LLC/KRM swap, where Tim Linden and Jon Olson became the sole owners of TE Toolbox and the KRM team of Paul Kinder, Tim Rash and associates took over sole ownership and administration of Affiliate Funnel.

I already posted a little bit about the new changes with TE Toolbox (and have some more upcoming ‘cos I keep finding new stuff added and changed that I’m having way too much fun with) but hadn’t really had a chance to post about the Affiliate Funnel end of it all yet.

If you’re an AF member and haven’t logged in in a while, do log in soon because there’s a member survey available you should add your input to. They are planning a lot of new changes and additions to AF in the near future, and this survey will help steer things towards what the membership would like to see, so it’s important! (And if you’re not an Affiliate Funnel member, well, you should be if you’re marketing your stuff in traffic exchanges and safelists!)

TRAFFIC EXCHANGE LIVE & DISCOVER TRAFFIC EXCHANGES: If by chance you’ve been looking for the Traffic Exchange Live crew this week, we haven’t been in our usual stomping grounds because the Discover Traffic Exchanges podcast marathon with host James Holmes is going on all week and we’ve all been hanging out in the chat room there during the broadcasts.

I expect we’ll all return to the TE Live room next week (well, except for maybe the day my interview is rescheduled & the TE owner mystery guest interview is scheduled) but we’re having loads of fun this week chatting while listening to the podcasts, which have all been excellent and full of useful and good info, and I keep learning things I never knew before!

I especially enjoyed TE Live regular Randy Ritter’s interview yesterday – good job, Mr. Ritter! We also think Randy could easily have a second income narrating audiobooks if he wanted to, he’s got such a smooth, soothing-sounding voice and just kinda has that audiobook thing going on (or hey, that said, he could probably make a pretty good extra career out of marketing voice-overs for sites and pages, hmmmmm?).

Here’s what’s on tap for the rest of this week, a schedule which includes a couple more famous TE Live faces (all times EST):

And again, my interview that didn’t happen the other day will be scheduled for one day next week, as will a twelfth interview with a “mystery guest” (who is probably not that much of a mystery, hehe) on the same day… so I’ll post when I know what day and time those will be.

As always, if you can’t listen in to the live broadcasts, have no fear – they are all being recorded (or in the case of the ones that have already been broadcast, been recorded) and archived for later listening.

You can sign up to get the link and a reminder about it (and all the other interviews for the week) here:

==> Discover Traffic Exchanges

I’ll kind of be looking forward to getting back to “normal” TE Live next week but this has been great fun this week. Still, Jon was gone all week until last night to Saskatoon, but is back now (welcome home, Jon!) so we wouldn’t have likely had “real” TE Live for several days this week anyway.

And I’ve still got a post on tap to update some of the goings-on of the last few weeks (probably will post either tomorrow or sometime this weekend), so I’ll leave you for now with another little preview…

PSSST…DOUBLE YOUR CREDITS, TEXT ADS & LIST ADS BUYS AT TTP: Pssst… so don’t tell Tony Tezak ‘cos I think maybe he forgot (hehe), but yesterday with the bi-monthly Tezak Traffic Power conference going on, he doubled the amount of credits, text ads and list ads you can get at TTP when you buy one of those packages… and guess what, they’re still doubled today!

So go buy some and get double your ads right now – and hurry up before Tony remembers to change it back!

Zip on over to Tezak Traffic Power right this minute!

Well, it figures that during a week when I’m too bogged down in offline matters to get much done, fifty million exciting things happen in TE Land, where nothing much new happens very often, and I get scooped on them by pretty much everyone!

Well, okay, maybe not fifty million, but quite a few changes and other big news around the past week or so. I’ll get to some of it as the week goes on (along with a real, honest to goodness Traffic Exchange Live update – I swear!).

There’s also something VERY cool and unique happening this coming week, which is what I wanted to tell you about today.

TE Live regular James Holmes (who recently acquired SWAT Traffic from Jon Olson & Tim Linden) has become pretty famous in the Internet marketing world over the past year or so, and is well-known for his weekly podcasts with many legends and movers and shakers in online marketing, including TE peeps but also many others.

Well, this week – starting on Monday, October 4th – James is hosting The Traffic Exchange Owners Podcast Marathon and featuring two interviews daily, Monday through Friday, with ten TE owners – including yours truly – and it’s bound to be a lot of fun and very interesting to anyone who surfs TEs or has an interest in the industry.

Here’s the schedule (all times EST):

So there ya go. I think this is going to be a huge amount of fun and really looking forward to listening to them all… especially Tim’s because James has been trying to get Tim on his podcast show forEVER and Tim’s been a scaredy cat (oh, I’m just kidding!!). James is a great interviewer so hopefully I won’t make myself look too stupid since I’m not the world’s greatest public speaker in my opinion (lol), but I’m super excited about listening to everyone else’s.

And if you miss the live broadcast, have no fear – they will all be recorded and archived for later listening.

There are also going to be some special offers at hand at some of the traffic exchanges that will only be available through this event – I know of at least two specials, and there will probably be more – so another good reason to check it out!

There’s more info here at James’ Discover Traffic Exchanges page – fill out the form at the bottom to get the link to listen to the live calls, and you’ll also be eligible for some premium gifts and bonuses from some of the participating traffic exchanges when you do!

So mark the dates down in your calendar this week for the interviews you don’t want to miss while the TE owners take over the podcast world all week!

THERE’S A NEW COMMISH IN TE TOWN: As mentioned above and already been talked about all over TE Land in my brief absence last week (ha!), marketing podcast wizard James Holmes is also the brand new owner of SWAT Traffic traffic exchange, formerly owned by Jon Olson (and briefly co-owner Tim Linden).

Jon mentioned last week that if you’re an upgraded SWAT member, be sure to cancel your current subscription with Jon and re-upgrade at SWAT, as James has some cool stuff coming down the pike with that along with lots of other great things afoot for the future @SWAT.

Not a member? Join SWAT Traffic now!

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