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Finally (finally!!) the secret is out, and it’s just gone live today at noon ET. You don’t want to miss out on this, and finally I’m allowed to tell you about it.

You probably heard that there was something new coming from TimTech.

Well, it’s now here! Kore4 is here, that is…

==> (watch this video & check out Kore4 right now)

Kore4 is the new flagship opportunity from TimTech and its ClickTrackProfit system. It’s simple, effective, and affordable, and it was built to help people grow a real, full-time income online by putting affiliates first, without a massive up-front investment.

Not only is it great for newbies, but it’s of huge value to anyone who is already a member and/or upgraded at any TimTech traffic exchange or ClickTrackProfit, because it gives you a whole lot more… for a whole lot less out-of-pocket cost!

With Kore4, you get upgraded at ALL TimTech exchanges at the highest level possible, and receive many other benefits non-Kore4 members can’t get. 50% commissions at all TimTech TEs and CTP are just one of the huge benefits that aren’t available anywhere else – there are many more!

If you’re already upgraded at one or more TimTech exchanges, all you have to do is join Kore4, and bam! – you will now have the highest upgrade possible at all four TEs, as well as being upgraded at CTP.

You can cancel any of the upgrades you had before once you’ve joined Kore4. If you were only upgraded at one or two TimTech TEs before, you’ll now be upgraded at all of them + CTP (and for a lot less than the cost of a monthly upgrade at each individually).

Already have one or more lifetime upgrades at a TimTech TE? Even better, because if you are Kore4 and are lifetime upgraded at even one TimTech exchange, you get the top level membership in Kore4 with benefits that aren’t available to anyone else (including 50-100% commissions).

Kore4 is the kind of program I think a lot of people trying to earn online have been waiting for. It’s easy to start, easy to promote, and easy to succeed – Kore4 gives you more!

Check out Kore4 today and – enjoy!

(PS – Don’t have time to watch the video? Check this page out instead!)

If anyone asked me what my top piece of advice for program owners is  (or for those who have aspirations of being program owners someday), it would absolutely most definitely be this:

Don’t delete inactive members. EVER.

Why? Because, simply put, you never know when they may return and become active (or even extraordinarily active) again.

Case in point: Yours truly. Gone for a little over two and a half years, yep, and here I’ve been back again since mid-summer, with no plans of going anywhere again.

Fortunately TimTech, as well as some other owners, have a policy of never deleting inactive members. Jon and Justin were talking about this very same subject (and said the same thing I just did, that you never know when someone will return and become active again) during TE Live a couple of months ago.

The Legacy Team guys have a non-deletion of inactive members policy as well, although I was not a member of any of their programs until this year. And there have been other programs I’ve been a member of for numerous years that don’t delete as well. And thank goodness for all that!

Even while I was pretty much totally GONE for nearly three years, I was still receiving occasional commissions from several TimTech programs, from Tony Tezak’s Traffic Exchange Solutions, and from Traffic Swirl, and maybe a couple of others. I brought a fair amount of folks into Thumbvu and Sweeva when they launched… and if I’d been deleted for inactivity, well, I’d never have received any of those commissions, of course.

But that’s not the ONLY reason not to delete folks. Here’s the biggest reason of all, as far as I’m concerned:

If you delete members for inactivity, it’s pretty unlikely that if they DO return and get active again, they’re not going to go out of their way to promote the program you deleted them from (and may even go out of their way to make sure they DON’T promote your program at all if they can help it).

(I should state here that there are a few TEs that I got deleted from that I’m NOT talking about in this post. There were two or three or four traffic exchanges that switched over to LFMTE in my absence and lost part of the member data in the process, and that’s understandable – that wasn’t those folks’ fault.)

In a nutshell, most of the programs I still pretty actively promote, like most of the ones you see here in banners on my blog, are of the we-don’t-delete kind. And while there are, of course, other reasons I continue to promote them actively, the fact that they don’t delete inactive members and didn’t delete me during my years away certainly plays a big part in that as well.

Really it’s just kind of good business practice. Keep your members happy, even the inactive ones, and they’ll likely support you forever.

Delete them or similar, and there’s no chance your program will ever get the kind of real estate that TimTech’s sites and others get here on my blog (and most anything else that I put out there on the Interwebs), and I guarantee you it’s not just me that feels that way.

So a great big grateful and happy THANK YOU to owners like the TimTech gang, John Bell, Tony Tezak, and a number of other traffic exchange owners and other program owners that make a point of NOT deleting inactive members.

While it’s not the ONLY reason I continue to support those that didn’t delete me somewhere between the winter of 2010 and the summer of 2013, it’s certainly probably in the top ten reasons. Certainly another on top of all the reasons I’ve always supported and promoted their programs.

And it’s also a reason I will support, and likely will continue to indefinitely, the Legacy guys as well.

If I get hit by a bus tomorrow and am in a coma for the next five years, I can still feel pretty confident that the commissions owed me are going to continue to get paid to me or my family, one way or another, by the Legacy guys, TimTech, John, Tony, and some others for those five comatose years.

And if and when I wake up from that coma five years later, guess who I’ll still be supporting and promoting?

Three guesses and the first two don’t count, but you probably already guessed it WON’T be those who delete inactive members!

Instead it’ll be folks like TimTech and these guys (click on that banner below if ya feel like it, it’s such an super awesome fabulous thing):

I was trying to better reorganize what I consider my “main” e-mail box, which was in a humongous mess, not too long ago. I have three or four business-related mailboxes that went mostly unopened for a couple of years during my time away, so you can probably imagine what a huge mess they fell into (especially since one was taking in safelist and mailer mail all that time).

I don’t recommend doing so – ignoring mailboxes like that, or taking a long break, for that matter – ever. Almost four months later since I basically returned to the land of the TE living, I am STILL trying to get reorganized and get things fixed back proper.

While I was messing with reorganizing that particular Gmail box, I was scanning the various groups I’d organized many of my Gmail Contacts into at the time, way back around 2009 and 2010… and I had to smile when I saw what I’d named one of those groups.

Action Takers.

There were a few names on the list I was sort of mentoring at the time, even though I was almost as new to everything as they were. A few others, I just had a lot of interaction with over various projects, and some more that I wasn’t working on anything with directly and they weren’t in any of my downlines or my TE Teams (RIP, lol) team, but they were folks I saw regularly in places like TE Live and AF and other online conferences.

Mainly this was my list I kept of folks I knew I wanted to get in touch with immediately if there was something of major importance happening or about to happen. Or people I knew I could count on if there was a project I needed some help with, or something to test, or whatnot like that.

Or folks I knew had some amount of expertise in something that I might need someday. So in that sense at least, it wasn’t just a list of then-newbies and semi-newbies, though it mostly was.

The best description I have for that little Action Takers list was that it was mostly made up of people I had identified as people that were already doing something, whether on a small scale or larger, and had the potential to do more. People that were taking action or would take action.

Folks I felt either had the potential to be in this business for the long haul and would probably be pretty successful, sooner or later, and folks I expected would consistently stick with what they were doing (or go even further) and be successful.

Everyone on that list at the time definitely had shown some potential to be very, if not hugely, successful. And at the time, they were ALL what I considered Action Takers.

Some of those folks that were originally on that list at the time have moved on to other things on the Internet outside of traffic exchanges and such, and have presumably seen some success in those areas. That happens.

There’s a few more names on the list that, as people sometimes do, have disappeared or all but disappeared from our little corner of the Internet here in TE Land. That happens too (and I, of course, did that myself, disappeared for a while).

And then there’s a few other names on my Action Takers list from four years ago that you would probably recognize:

  • Brenda Broyles
  • Walter Mulder
  • Ellyn Weber-Bynum
  • Stephen Whittle

Heck yeah, they all took action – lots of action, over the years. And you likely know who all or most of them are.

I really didn’t even have to type their last names. I could have just said Brenda, Walter, Ellyn and Stephen, and you’d have all known exactly who I was talking about.

If you get yourself out there, and become known in this community as an action taker, as a “do-er”, as a “branding star” on ThumbVu, as whatever else along those lines… everything else starts falling into place.

Slow and steady wins the race, and success doesn’t happen overnight, but it will – and it will likely increase on a consistent basis – if you just DO something and actually take action.

I hope the four of them don’t mind me using them as examples here – probably they won’t, since it’s something one really should be proud of. There were probably 30-35 people on that Action Takers list I had, and save for the couple that have moved on to other areas of the Internet, those four are still around, and have been real shining stars here in TE Land.

Granted, I’m personally not the one who was able to open any big doors for them or give them the opportunities they had, but other people in the community saw them as Action Takers too and did.

Me, having disappeared from the face of the Internet for a long while, I am still in the process of rebuilding, myself. But I’ve also taken a whole lot more action on a whole lot of things, much more so and pretty consistently, than I did in the past, and already I’m seeing positive results just with the actions I’ve taken in the last three months, including regular streams of residual income where there previously were none.

If I’d done nothing, I’d have none of that. I’d have nothing.

Now that I’ve been organizing again and re-organizing, I’ve added a few new folks to that Action Takers list since, newer people who’ve impressed me as having the potential to be successful as time goes on. It’ll change and grow, I’m sure, just like the old group list did… depending on who takes action and who doesn’t, of course.

Get out there and be seen, yes – but you also want to be seen and identified as an “Action Taker”, and take action and DO. Whether it’s starting your own blog, creating some program that will be of benefit within the community, or just simply taking that upgrade in something that can realistically bring income in for you month after month, or any number of other things you could be doing to help yourself and your business.

Do at least one thing every day that builds or helps your business. That thing you’ve been sitting on the fence about or hemming and hawing over that you know could benefit you greatly in the long run? Just do it.

That’s the slogan of the day today… JTA = Just Take Action.

It can’t hurt, and the rewards (whether sooner or later, ‘cos again, remember slow and steady wins the race) have the potential of being awesome. Go for it!

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