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Let’s talk today about the word Lifetime…. as in, a lifetime upgrade (to an advertising platform or any online site, for that matter).

If I purchase a lifetime upgrade to a site, then I expect three things, in no particular order:

1. That purchase is good for the lifetime of the site – no matter who owns the site or buys it later.

2. That purchase is good for my lifetime – i.e., until the day I, yep, die.

3. That purchase means I will never have to pay for an upgrade again. Some ads for lifetime upgrades even say that – what a concept!

If you purchase a TE or other site that has sold lifetime upgrades in the past, then it’s up to you to have done your due diligence and be aware of the fact that lifetimes have been sold, and how many. It’s not the members who purchased the lifetime upgrades problem if you didn’t do your due diligence and make yourself aware.

It’s also not the members who purchased lifetimes problem that they paid the previous owner of the site for their lifetime upgrade, and not you. You should have, again, done your due diligence and not expected members to pay you a second time for ANY upgrade just because you purchased a site that previously sold lifetimes.

Of course, nothing says you can’t cancel lifetimes and ask members that have already paid for a lifetime to pay again, I suppose, unless the selling owner stipulated as part of the sale that you must honor any lifetime upgrades sold. A lot of good owners will do, and have done, that very thing – stipulating the honoring of previous upgrades in the sale.

But even if there is no stipulation as such, the ETHICAL thing to do is honor those lifetimes (and yearlys and what have you) that were previously sold. That is most definitely the ethical thing to do.

Frankly, in my opinion and a whole lot of other folks’, it’s borderline (if not outright) fraudulent if you don’t honor those lifetimes previously sold… not to mention a real good way to ruin your reputation in the industry, hurt & possibly destroy your site, and find your site(s) banned at a lot of other sites that refuse to promote businesses they feel have acted unethically and/or fraudulently.

Better to close a site down, if you think it can’t operate without honoring lifetime upgrades previously sold – or better yet, don’t buy the site in the first place. Some might say closing down a site that has sold lifetimes is unethical as well, but most of us understand that things happen sometimes. Sometimes it’s just best to shut a site that’s failing or having serious problems down. In those cases, yes, a lifetime upgrade turns out to be for the lifetime of the site.

And if a site can’t function without honoring the lifetime upgrades that were previously sold by the previous owner – well, you can probably do the math on that.

Obviously this is something that has recently happened in the community, and I actually don’t personally have a dog in the hunt. I’m not a member (nor will I ever be, now, ‘cos of all this).

But as a site owner and the member of the community, I don’t like witnessing things like this happening because when something like this happens, it just does more damage in an industry that’s had to fight over and over again to prove many of us are good, honest owners that run honest and ethical businesses. I think we’ve had more than enough troubles in recent months with PayPal’s ridiculousness – stuff like this just piles more on the community as a whole.

Bottom line – When a new owner or owners buy a site and refuse to honor lifetimes previously sold, it winds up hurting us all – some way, somehow, whether a little or a lot. It’s still damaging to the industry as a whole, and – unfortunately and sadly – totally unnecessary.

My $0.02. Happy Friday and an invitation to join us at the Saturday Night Surf Party at Sound Surf Live tomorrow from 6-10pm Eastern for music & fun, party-time-only deals, hourly Door Prizes and more! Come hang out with us tomorrow night!

If you’ve been around the traffic exchange and related community very long, you likely know my very good friend and fellow blonde Southerner Sunny Suggs.

Sunny is out there in the online trenches every single day working hard as well as being social, day in & day out; is one of the hardest working folks in this industry; & has helped sooo many people. More than I could name in a week, and that’s only the ones I know of!

If you’ve been around the TE community very long, whether you’re a surfer or owner, she’s probably helped you with something sometime, and if you’ve been in online marketing elsewhere you may have run across her and her happy helpful self as well.

Sunny has singlehandedly put out some of the most consistently helpful programs in the industry, for many years. A while back she had a great program called All About Traffic Exchanges, you may remember.

Well, now Sunny’s brought that same concept back in another, even better site!

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What Are Traffic Exchanges? may not only show you things you may not have known before about TEs – it also includes in-depth videos and e-books outlining all the details (and I do mean pretty much literally ALL) about a few special traffic exchanges (including the traffic exchange I co-own, Sound Surf Live).

Even if you’re an old hat at TEs, here’s where it’s really valuable to current members and TE veterans – you can re-brand the e-book and give it away to your new and potentially new downline members. That’s a great way to help build your downlines and really help your new folks!

Show your support for one of the hardest-working and most consistently helpful folks in our community and check out Sunny’s awesome new program now:

==> (go grab all the helpful e-books & videos included in WATE now!)

P.S. (If you’re a traffic exchange owner and interested in having an e-book/video/e-mail series created for your traffic exchange like the ones currently in WATE, just give Sunny a shout!)

As of the last time I looked this (Friday) morning, there were only about 16 badges left for the “CTP is 3” birthday badge hunt at ClickTrackProfit, which starts on Monday (well, midnight EST Sunday night, technically).

If you were thinking about grabbing a badge and being a badge holder during the hunt but hadn’t yet – or been on the fence – now is the time to get yours before they’re sold out.

Being a badge holder during one of these legendary badge hunts can be huge for you, whether you’re a program owner or not. If you own a traffic exchange or any other program, you’ll be able to bring hordes of new members in a flash. If you’re building a list or have a blog or anything of the sort, it’s the fastest way I know of to bring in new subscribers and get new eyes on your stuff.

In any case, don’t delay, because they’re liable to sell out quick today, and before the day is over!

On another note, I just wanted to add a word of huge appreciation to traffic exchange owners and other program owners who are always prompt and diligent about notifying their members when there’s been a change and a new program has been added to their program’s downline builder.

I have had three or four such notifications come across my desk this week, and as an affiliate, I am always so very much appreciative of the heads up. Thank you, thoughtful program owners who make a habit of this!

A lot of folks like to make the claim that downline builders don’t work, but that’s just not entirely true. Sure, it’s never a guarantee that everyone in your downline’s going to join something else in a particular program’s downline builder, but I’ve seen plenty of it happen in mine over the years.

Not only that, but I myself am a prime example of how downline builders DO work. Most of my earliest signups to many traffic exchanges, safelists and mailers, and some other programs were through one of the “funnel program” downline builders, and under that one person I joined that program under.

That person used to be a major player in not only the traffic exchange industry (and a TE owner), but the larger Internet marketing industry as well. This was way back when I was a super new newbie.

He doesn’t seem to really be around anymore (or at least not much), but he’s certainly been paid a fair amount of affiliate commissions and received an awful lot of credits over the years because of me, and thanks to the fact that he’d filled out all of his referral IDs in one particularly large downline builder. It works!

So being able to keep your various downline builders updated is important, even it’s a chore sometimes. It wouldn’t be much of a chore if ALL program owners made a point of notifying members when they’ve made a change or added something new to a downline builder. There’s little more frustrating to me than logging into a program for the first time in a while to discover several programs I’m a member of have been added, that I didn’t know about.

But in the end, it makes me all that more appreciative of the owners who do make a point of it and make the effort to notify their members of such changes, and there’s quite a few of them around who do it regularly. So thank you, those of you that do!

In any case, have a great weekend, everyone – and Happy Badge Hunting at CTP next week!

(By the way, since I started writing this post another badge has been purchased, so now there’s only 15 badges left – get yours NOW!)

P.S. Here’s a new program fairly recently launched from some owners who make a regular habit of notifying their members of downline builder changes at their various programs. Eric Abbott & Randy Howard, I certainly do appreciate that you guys do that!

Eric & Randy launched E Brand Profile during the first part of January, and I’m really excited about it ‘cos already it’s solved some issues and problems I had been worrying and fretting over lately. (Hint: You are going to start seeing my E Brand Profile pages circulating VERY soon, LOL.)

It is super easy to work with and use, and another great branding tool. All members get one free E Brand Profile, but if you upgrade to the Basic membership, you get five profiles (and five rotators with statistics).

If you upgrade to Premium (which I have and love), you can make UNLIMITED profiles, have unlimited rotators with statistics, AND they give you web hosting too. Neat, huh?!

If you’ve been wanting to do video splash pages and squeeze pages, or wanting to fix up some cool pages to rotate for your Spreecast, E Brand Profile is a super option. Check it out sometime!

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