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Finally (finally!!) the secret is out, and it’s just gone live today at noon ET. You don’t want to miss out on this, and finally I’m allowed to tell you about it.

You probably heard that there was something new coming from TimTech.

Well, it’s now here! Kore4 is here, that is…

==> (watch this video & check out Kore4 right now)

Kore4 is the new flagship opportunity from TimTech and its ClickTrackProfit system. It’s simple, effective, and affordable, and it was built to help people grow a real, full-time income online by putting affiliates first, without a massive up-front investment.

Not only is it great for newbies, but it’s of huge value to anyone who is already a member and/or upgraded at any TimTech traffic exchange or ClickTrackProfit, because it gives you a whole lot more… for a whole lot less out-of-pocket cost!

With Kore4, you get upgraded at ALL TimTech exchanges at the highest level possible, and receive many other benefits non-Kore4 members can’t get. 50% commissions at all TimTech TEs and CTP are just one of the huge benefits that aren’t available anywhere else – there are many more!

If you’re already upgraded at one or more TimTech exchanges, all you have to do is join Kore4, and bam! – you will now have the highest upgrade possible at all four TEs, as well as being upgraded at CTP.

You can cancel any of the upgrades you had before once you’ve joined Kore4. If you were only upgraded at one or two TimTech TEs before, you’ll now be upgraded at all of them + CTP (and for a lot less than the cost of a monthly upgrade at each individually).

Already have one or more lifetime upgrades at a TimTech TE? Even better, because if you are Kore4 and are lifetime upgraded at even one TimTech exchange, you get the top level membership in Kore4 with benefits that aren’t available to anyone else (including 50-100% commissions).

Kore4 is the kind of program I think a lot of people trying to earn online have been waiting for. It’s easy to start, easy to promote, and easy to succeed – Kore4 gives you more!

Check out Kore4 today and – enjoy!

(PS – Don’t have time to watch the video? Check this page out instead!)

As of the last time I looked this (Friday) morning, there were only about 16 badges left for the “CTP is 3” birthday badge hunt at ClickTrackProfit, which starts on Monday (well, midnight EST Sunday night, technically).

If you were thinking about grabbing a badge and being a badge holder during the hunt but hadn’t yet – or been on the fence – now is the time to get yours before they’re sold out.

Being a badge holder during one of these legendary badge hunts can be huge for you, whether you’re a program owner or not. If you own a traffic exchange or any other program, you’ll be able to bring hordes of new members in a flash. If you’re building a list or have a blog or anything of the sort, it’s the fastest way I know of to bring in new subscribers and get new eyes on your stuff.

In any case, don’t delay, because they’re liable to sell out quick today, and before the day is over!

On another note, I just wanted to add a word of huge appreciation to traffic exchange owners and other program owners who are always prompt and diligent about notifying their members when there’s been a change and a new program has been added to their program’s downline builder.

I have had three or four such notifications come across my desk this week, and as an affiliate, I am always so very much appreciative of the heads up. Thank you, thoughtful program owners who make a habit of this!

A lot of folks like to make the claim that downline builders don’t work, but that’s just not entirely true. Sure, it’s never a guarantee that everyone in your downline’s going to join something else in a particular program’s downline builder, but I’ve seen plenty of it happen in mine over the years.

Not only that, but I myself am a prime example of how downline builders DO work. Most of my earliest signups to many traffic exchanges, safelists and mailers, and some other programs were through one of the “funnel program” downline builders, and under that one person I joined that program under.

That person used to be a major player in not only the traffic exchange industry (and a TE owner), but the larger Internet marketing industry as well. This was way back when I was a super new newbie.

He doesn’t seem to really be around anymore (or at least not much), but he’s certainly been paid a fair amount of affiliate commissions and received an awful lot of credits over the years because of me, and thanks to the fact that he’d filled out all of his referral IDs in one particularly large downline builder. It works!

So being able to keep your various downline builders updated is important, even it’s a chore sometimes. It wouldn’t be much of a chore if ALL program owners made a point of notifying members when they’ve made a change or added something new to a downline builder. There’s little more frustrating to me than logging into a program for the first time in a while to discover several programs I’m a member of have been added, that I didn’t know about.

But in the end, it makes me all that more appreciative of the owners who do make a point of it and make the effort to notify their members of such changes, and there’s quite a few of them around who do it regularly. So thank you, those of you that do!

In any case, have a great weekend, everyone – and Happy Badge Hunting at CTP next week!

(By the way, since I started writing this post another badge has been purchased, so now there’s only 15 badges left – get yours NOW!)

P.S. Here’s a new program fairly recently launched from some owners who make a regular habit of notifying their members of downline builder changes at their various programs. Eric Abbott & Randy Howard, I certainly do appreciate that you guys do that!

Eric & Randy launched E Brand Profile during the first part of January, and I’m really excited about it ‘cos already it’s solved some issues and problems I had been worrying and fretting over lately. (Hint: You are going to start seeing my E Brand Profile pages circulating VERY soon, LOL.)

It is super easy to work with and use, and another great branding tool. All members get one free E Brand Profile, but if you upgrade to the Basic membership, you get five profiles (and five rotators with statistics).

If you upgrade to Premium (which I have and love), you can make UNLIMITED profiles, have unlimited rotators with statistics, AND they give you web hosting too. Neat, huh?!

If you’ve been wanting to do video splash pages and squeeze pages, or wanting to fix up some cool pages to rotate for your Spreecast, E Brand Profile is a super option. Check it out sometime!

Hi! And wow, I didn’t really mean to skip the last couple of weeks posting here on the blog, but between the mania of Spooktacular at CTP for ten days, and then suddenly out of the blue getting hit with some weird, lingering bug that not only kept me sick and totally exhausted all last week but also half blind (literally), it was really all I could do to get anything done at all last week, even the bare minimum. Fortunately I have finally improved (and can see again, mostly), but it took an awful long while.

In any case, I’m back today, and boy, do I have something to rave about this time!

What is it? Traffic Browser!

It’s really kind of rare that I get as tremendously excited as I am about Traffic Browser, because while I find useful and helpful stuff fairly often and things that I really like, it’s not all THAT often that I come across something that makes me SO much more super efficient (which anyone who knows me knows efficiency is not exactly my strongest point), and saves me tons and tons of time.

(Well, okay – the Legacy Team Ad Co-Op makes me more efficient also – which, again, I badly need – and saves me tons of time too. Granted, there’s that too.)

But this – this is something I do for hours most every day, you know, surfing traffic exchanges (and you probably do too), and Traffic Browser has just made everything SO much easier, smoother, more efficient for me, and about a thousand other adjectives I can’t even think of right now. I like a lot of things, yes, but this was something I desperately needed. A super efficiency improver, if you will.

And I’m like a schoolgirl with a crush… on, yes, I know, an online browser system. I have become a total Traffic Browser fangirl.

Yep. I am just completely, totally, head over heels over Traffic Browser right now. I tell you, if I wasn’t already spoken for, I’d marry it if I could! LOL.

OK, so I guess I’m probably a little late to the party on this one and a whole lot of you reading this were already using Traffic Browser anyway.

But if you’re not using it, I highly, highly recommend you check Traffic Browser out and try it out and see for yourself.

I mean, I knew it was probably just fine and great and all, and probably same as you, I’d been seeing the ads around and videos for months.

But I just didn’t feel the need to switch from my old standby for years, Quick Tab Change – which is still a great program, and I still use it for what few TEs I occasionally visit that aren’t yet supported by Traffic Browser. I was being a stick in the mud, yup, and not willing or that interested in trying something new.

Oh, if I had only known how much more efficient Traffic Browser would make me, as a surfer, and how much more smoothly my daily surfing rounds would go!

Some of my friends who used it tried to tell me, and had been giving it positive reviews for months, but nope, I didn’t pay it much mind.

Not until Traffic Browser came up as a Spooktacular badge (well, several badges actually) last month, accompanied by some excellent and hilarious videos by the program’s creator and admin, David Eaton.

So I checked it out to score some badges… and in turn, it’s pretty much changed my life, as far as traffic exchanges go!

As many know, I used to really not like surfing all that much, back in the day, and avoided it whenever I could, pretty much.

Then ClickTrackProfit came along and changed all that, I actually started to LIKE surfing again. Yet still, some days (and especially on days when I’m pushed for time anyway) it still seemed like a bit of drudgery.

No more! I can do my daily surfing rounds efficiently and easily and zip, boom, bang – I’m done for the day and I can move on to all that other important stuff I never get done in a day. (LOL.)

And for any naysayers that say it’s ‘cos I can go faster and therefore am not really paying attention – oh, believe me, I pay plenty of attention to pages I surf. That old argument about short timers or faster surfing meaning folks aren’t giving “proper attention” to pages is mostly ridiculous anyhow.

I see and give the same attention to everything as I surf, and if I don’t spend much time on a page, it’s not because I’m surfing too fast or the timer’s too short.

Me and my Internet-induced ADD, it really just doesn’t take me but a second or two to decide if I’m interested enough in a page to look into it further. (Or I’ve seen it a bazillion times already or I’ve already signed up/subscribed/etc.)

As far as Traffic Browser’s efficiency and smooth surfing, it mainly comes down to just the fact that there’s one less keystroke involved, for me. One less keystroke x however many hundreds of pages I manage to fit in during a day’s surfing = bliss for moi. That little bit of extra time left over, it adds up!

In all actuality, I am probably spending MORE time looking more closely at more pages now that I’m using Traffic Browser, simply because I am not having to click another key (and sometimes fumbling for it in the dark) and can just sit back and watch the pages go as I make my one single click on whatever TE’s icons. It’s just EASIER.

The support is fantastic (when there was a bit of a glitch this weekend, David was RIGHT on it and replied to my support ticket practically within seconds). There’s also an active forum and userbase there which David actively participates in, and from the looks of things he’s obviously been very keen on making continual improvements to the system and updating it regularly, with new TEs being added often.

There are lots of other terrific things about Traffic Browser, including its extremely reasonable upgrade options (the yearly and lifetimes are an unbelievably great deal). Even if you don’t want to snag those super deals, though, even the Lite monthly option is one of those things you wouldn’t want to pass up (less than a bag of potato chips!), but I’d go for one of the higher options for maximum efficiency, especially if you do a lot or even just a fair amount of regular surfing.

And, depending on your upgrade level, you can add all of your referral IDs to the traffic exchanges you’re using with it – but even as a free member, you can do that for what is probably for many people a “normal” amount of TEs regularly used. (I wouldn’t know ‘cos I’m not normal that way, I’ve always been pretty much like a kid in a candy store when it comes to checking out TEs, heh.)

So I don’t really want to be taking up any more of your time with me raving here about how absolutely great and wonderful and fantastic and maybe one of the best things ever that Traffic Browser indeed is, when you could be checking it out and trying it out for yourself and probably falling in love with it too, just like I did. (The rest of you who have been using it for ages and are just nodding or shaking your heads at me can ignore this part.)

Check out Traffic Browser right now… and then you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t weeks or months ago. Go, go, go!

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