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So the marketing genius wizard that is Eric Goettman just launched something new today – and you likely already know that’s always, always a great thing!

I don’t know where this guy got his superpowers or what magical miracle vitamins he takes, but you know pretty much everything Eric releases is just plain magic and top quality stuff that lasts.

List Grab is Eric’s latest venture. It’s a new and super rewarding viral list builder, and you are definitely gonna want to check it out:

=> (if you wanna stop reading now, go ahead and click to take a look at List Grab here!)

The more you use the system, the greater the rewards you’ll receive – and the more signups, sales, and leads you’ll be able to grab.

One of the coolest things about Eric’s new system is the Bonus Grab. With the Bonus Grab, you can win stuff like:

  • Loads of free advertising
  • Heaps of mailer credits
  • Real cash rewards (yep, you read that part right…)

You’ll also get some great bonus advertising and a cash bonus when you sign up. What’s not to love about all of that?

(As usual, upgraded members get more and really giant benefits, so be sure to watch for the offer when you log in after joining to grab yourself a really big discount on your membership. Don’t skip it and miss out!)

OK, that’s all the news I’ve got for today, so stop reading this and go check out Eric’s cool and awesome List Grab right now – you’ll be happy you did!

So you probably know TimTech launched ListViral yesterday. I gotta admit, I wasn’t too sure about this one at first… and you know I’ve been friends with Jon and Tim and Justin many, many years and have always been a big supporter of their programs and products, but I was admittedly a little hesitant about the price tag at first on this one. I’m no cheapskate, but eh, I’m pretty picky about recurring subscriptions in general.

And then I saw ListViral in action, and I just have one word – WHOA. What happened during the first hour or so after I signed up just kinda blew me away.

So okay, let me back up here…

Even though ListViral existed before, this week wasn’t really a relaunch of the program – because the new ListViral is truly a whole brand new and different product. ListViral previously, when it was owned by Matt Baker, was a mailer. The new ListViral is not a mailer at all, and the best way I can explain it is that it’s a viral list building tool that’s kinda like list building on steroids.

If you were around about six years ago during the Clickbank Pirate boom (or, more recently, Covert Commissions), it’s kinda sorta a little bit like those, offering different product packages within to promote that came with ready-made promo materials… but different in a lot of ways too.

Still, though, the push-button everything-set-up-for-you that came with those programs is more or less the same, except one of the big differences here is that the list or lists that are instantly set up for you with a click of a button truly are 100% your lists. Yours, yours, yours – you control those lists totally, forever (at least as long as you have RocketResponder).

You click a button and the e-mail series immediately appears right there in your RocketResponder account, a whole e-mail series of about a month’s worth to get you started, that you can always add more to as time goes on. All yours. (That wasn’t quite exactly true with Clickbank Pirate – they mailed for you, but those subscribers were basically their subscribers.)

The new ListViral setup was built to work directly with RocketResponder and only works with it, which I guess might annoy some AWeber and GetResponse and TrafficWave stalwarts but if you’ve already got RocketResponder (I have it and one of the other aforementioned biggies too), that’s a bonus.

And if you don’t have an autoresponder and/or are a newbie, you can’t get much more simple and easy to use than RocketResponder anyway. (And you can always get this super step-by-step program too if you need help with RocketResponder.)

You get lead capture pages and, in some cases, banners for each package you pick, some of which are only available to certain membership levels. There are three levels of membership – Basic, Club, and Elite – the Basic membership level is pretty inexpensive and you get access to a limited amount of stuff, and the Elite level has access to everything the other levels get plus more.

Commissions are 10% for Basic, 20% for Club, and 50% for the Elite level, and the Club and Elite levels have access to something called the Launch Cloud that can help you virally promote if you’re launching a new program or product.

There’s also a pricier one-time add-on to the Elite level you can get where TimTech staff will literally do everything for you – say, if you’re a program owner and want them to do a custom promotion for your program, they’ll do it ALL, as long as you remain on the Elite plan.

But what I really wanted to tell you about was the List Boost Maximizer, that only comes with the Elite level membership. This was the thing that blew me away yesterday.

So I joined, and then I picked my product packages and clicked the button for each that – BOOM! – immediately set up the e-mail series for each in my RocketResponder account. And that’s all I did. I didn’t promote ListViral or any of the products, hadn’t gotten around to any of that yet.

Still, within an hour or so, I noticed I had three new subscribers to two of those ListViral product package lists in my RocketResponder account… without me having done anything at all!

It just so happened I was talking with Janelle from TimTech at the time about a couple of other issues. I told her what I’d just noticed with the new subscribers and said, “Did those come from the List Boost Maximizer thingy?” and she emoticon-smiled and said “Yep!”

Now that’s pretty cool, for me to have done absolutely NOTHING and gotten three new signups to my lists. That alone is pretty impressive.

How does that happen? Well, if you’re an Elite level member, your ListViral products/lists get promoted on the thank you page of other ListViral members’ lists, basically, giving the person looking at that page the option to check out your product/list. That’s pretty doggone viral!

Anyhoo, yeah… I was a little on the fence until I saw that happen in real-time and then, again, I was just like WHOA. Very impressive, that. Whether I choose to remain at the Elite level in the long-term, I don’t honestly know for sure – it’ll depend on my results, which are certainly looking good based on the first hour of membership! – but here’s the thing…

The Elite plan is available right now, during the initial launch, at a 50% discount from what it will regularly be. That’s a pretty humongous price drop and considering what it can do… well, I have worked pretty hard over many years to get subscribers to my lists, so to have that happen literally on auto-pilot like that with me having done NOTHING yet is a pretty big huge plus.

The Basic and Club levels are also currently available at discounts as well, but let me warn you – all of those discounts will only be available for the first two hours after you join. So be prepared for that in advance (and the Basic and Club levels don’t get the auto-pilot-ness of the List Boost Maximizer either, so you might wanna consider the Elite while it’s at the 50% discount!).

I’ll add here before I go that they admittedly probably need to add a little descriptive “what is this?” FAQ-type info ASAP, ‘cos I foresee that as ListViral gets promoted more and more outside of the general TimTech/CTP realm and into non-TE marketing, as well as to people in TE Land who aren’t able to attend the daily conferences, they are probably going to get overwhelmed with support tickets asking what the Launch Cloud or the List Boost Maximizer and other extras are. But I’m certain they’ll be adding FAQ-type info soon (and Janelle, Brenda, Tom and even Jon aren’t generally terribly hard to find anyway).

In any case, yeah, sorry for the long review – I really am trying to get away from very lengthy posts as a rule – but there was a lot to cover here if I was going to give a thorough product review on my initial impressions of ListViral. And now I have!

So if you’ve a mind to, check out ListViral and see what you think! Have a good weekend, and I’ll be back for sure next week ‘cos I have something very educational on the back burner I need to write about before I explode… ha! See you then! :-)

I have had a little bit of a case of writer’s block over here on this blog for several weeks, apologies.

And then more recently, the new CTP Teams has had me surfing more in the past couple of weeks than I have surfed in (literally and collectively) the past seven years.

By the way, the team I’m on, which is the awesome Lucky 13 team, was #1 for a while last night, woohoo. And I blogged over on our team blog today too.

I’ve also been really busybusybusy with Win 10 With Lynn, but in the best possible way. What started out as a little experimental project a few months ago has grown and evolved beyond my wildest expectations within a very short amount of time, and been lots and lots of fun.

One thing I did want to share here, as a bit of an aside, was a very interesting statistic I discovered recently while reviewing some stuff.

I do a fair amount of mucking around with safelists and viral mailers, usually spending a few hours several days a week on such stuff.

I know some folks don’t like to mess with them ‘cos it can get a little tedious trying to stay on top of them, but this e-book can be a real invaluable tool in helping you learn how to stay organized with it all, as well as lots of great tips on what to do with them and how to do it.

Anyway, not long ago I decided to sit down and review my stats on an e-mail series I had been promoting in the safelists and viral mailers and list builders for close to six months. I figured that was a good time period for such a review.

I also wanted to review the stats to see where I was getting subscribers and where I wasn’t, which is another good reason to review your stats once in a while.

There’s no point in wasting time with programs that aren’t getting you any subscribers or signups, and I had acquired quite a few new (to me) safelists and mailers I used over the last almost-year, and was at the point where I was ready to whittle down the list.

It’s also kind of like Christmas, ‘cos you never know what you may find when you sit down to review such things. Some place you thought was working may be getting you zero results, and thus be a total waste of your time.

On the other hand, you may find that places you had no idea were doing so well may be getting you consistent subscribers and signups – those are the programs you certainly want to keep actively using, or maybe spend money to upgrade in or on credits so you can use them even more than you already are. That’s a lot of the beauty in tracking your advertising and promotions.

So I sat down to review my results with this particular e-mail series. Several safelists and mailers I use were doing basically fine with it and I was satisfied with the results. And then there were a handful I wound up crossing off my list and basically putting in the “not going to use for the time being” pile, because they weren’t getting me any results while others were.

And then there was what turned out to be the clear-cut winner, and WAY ahead of all of the others. And no real surprise to me here – it was one of Darren Olander’s programs.

Really all of Darren’s programs had consistently been performing respectably well for me over that six month period, especially Adchiever and List Jumper.

But the clear winner in this particular round of result by far was Build My Downlines.

And by clear winner, I mean this: Build My Downlines got me SIX times as many subscribers as my next best performer.

I actually wound up with a lifetime top upgrade at Build My Downlines several years ago when it had grown kind of old and didn’t seem to be being used very much, and was rather in need of a site makeover. I had some so-so results from there back then, but it wasn’t anything really that stood out or was outstanding.

Since they did the major remodeling job and relaunched Build My Downlines last fall, though – wow. 6x the results of the next best performing program I use? Yeah, that’s outstanding.

And not only can you use Build My Downlines to email your promotions to its membership, but it is also a tool where you can literally build your downlines in any program or build your list by creating offers for people to do so. Or you can use it the opposite way and get paid to join websites yourself!

If you’re interested in taking your promotions to safelists and viral mailers and viral list builders and such, and are not already a member of Build My Downlines, then I can easily highly recommend you join and use it. Six times the good results of the next best performer is absolutely nothing to sneeze at!


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